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  2. Lack of flashing caused the leak. I'm running all my own power. I'll have about 1k in it when done. But not having a whole new service from the electric company just a sub panel off my other garage.
  3. I've also had enough of the doowop stuff and think that a mix of music from different eras might be nice. Note, however; that I do not think that rap is music! Cheers, Grog
  4. Thursday lineup in front of the Gooding tent is free and open to the public. I never said going into the tent.........for that you need a bidders pass.
  5. Lebowski; Thanks for posting the video. Cheers, Grog
  6. This original clear back door glass was removed from a 1949 or a 1950 Pontiac sedan delivery. It is in very good used condition and has a slight bow to it. Comes with the intact stainless surround trim and the rubber gasket but the gasket is full of tiny cracks and should be replaced. Price is $150 and the location is in Elizabethtown, PA, close to Hershey. Available for local pick-up or I can ship it to the lower 48 states.
  7. Chrysler emblems are not too difficult to come by so you might be able to find a decent original on ebay or at a swap meet. Terry
  8. Not exactly a brush, but 35 years ago it was still possible to paint like this in a backyard garage (really an oversized lean to), using an ancient single stage compressor and simple Lacquer. This picture is a year old taken by Ed, and the work has held up great. BUT, the guys that can do that job, and are willing to show up to your garage are all gone now. I'm guessing a 100k to do that paint now.
  9. Yes, there was a time when Indy was a big party-all week long. I remember seeing some custom-built rigs that were strictly for Indy viewing and partying. Remember the old infield parties, and the "snakepit" very well. Even though it's been cleaned up a lot, it's still one heck of an adventure. It need to be on every car lovers bucket list. Seeing it in person is vastly different than watching on TV. Nothing can describe the velocity of those cars going by you at over 200 MPH like being there in person. Terry
  10. Thanks Mark, is it marked "Lucas King of the Road" on it anywhere? It just doesn't look like a typical Lucas horn to me. Clearer pics of the mounting bracket and emblem on it would be very helpful. Terry
  11. I have two lots of literature comprised of about 26 File Folder boxes each of car literature that I recently Acquired. One is in Rockport MA and the other is in Skowhegan ME. I need them both moved either together or separately within the next month to me here in Lake George NY. Both are paid for and ready to go with a few days notice. These would be a great back haul for someone headed to Maine then back again toward NY state. They would each about fill the back of a full size pickup with an 8 foot bed with a cap. Figure around 50lbs or less a box so each load should weigh around 1300 pounds. They also could be moved seems easily in a one car hauler or smaller enclosed trailer. If you are interested in moving both or either lot, let me know. Some care would needed to be used in loading just so you don't stack them in a way that will damage any of the literature in the boxes underneath. There is a huge Motorcycle Rally in Lake George the week after this coming one. If you or a friend had extra room it would be a good way to help pay for the trip or make some extra spending cash. Looking to spend about $600 per lot for shipping. So $1200 for the pair if you decided to haul both. I don't have the time to run after them.
  12. Yes, it was one of the best I've seen. Exciting, real racing to the finish, as it should be! What a tradition! Terry
  13. My dad was too young to be in WWII but he was in Korea before the Korean conflict, 1949 I believe and also spent some time in Japan. I recently found this photo of him in front of a 1946-48 Chrysler. He always preferred Chrysler products his entire life.
  14. Thanks for the interesting insight. It was a fully restored 1901 locomobile until it was in the Napa California fire two years ago. Sincerely George
  15. No problem in 2016 and 2018, must be due to the great looks of my daughter. Bob
  16. With a fan like that I can only conclude that NY is as hot as TN right now. (Currently 97* as I type this.) Just kidding. Great photos of your car!
  17. 1935 and 1936 Auburn convertible sedans, convertible coupes and speedsters were among the most beautiful cars ever built. I you can own one of them, I don't think your value will ever go down much. Regular cars that your family and friends might have owned when you were growing up are a different matter.
  18. That's right, cheaper to paint your self by brush. An old pickup can be painted with house latex; I've seen it done.
  19. This one is an older restoration with Patina for 12,000
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  21. You can get away with a lot of sub-par work. All you have to do is distract them with some big, blatant error. Shortly after I met my, in her fairy tale life, Wife, I painted her '68 Falcon wagon with a brush. It looked pretty good. The first thing she saw it she asked why their was a big daub of red paint on the rear window. "Keeps 'em from looking for perfection" I told her confidently.
  22. Agreed, Lincoln market is sort of all over the place, but generally I would say soft and has been really forever via my experience - and I think it has to do with the volume of survivor cars matched to the club(s) serving a broad range of years (with the exception of the Suicide Door 60's cars being "cult" and a good one going higher than most people realize, but equally they are a true challenge to maintain). Sidenote late 30's through 40's Zephyrs and Continentals have have their mechanical quirks/challenges too matched to many suffering "tinworm: as they say Personally, I tend to more nitpick on the cosmetics as with anything I buy I figure I have to aggressively attack it mechanically and the mechanics to get a car truly roadworthy tend to eat through the pocket change to the point I never get to all the cosmetics. By the way, I equally an not one to beat up on a seller (not really needed as most understand generalities). Add'l Sidenote: I pulled all the gold off a 40 Continental and replated - surprisingly by the time I was done it was pushing a 5K project with me doing most all the work (the parts have to be chrome plated prior to being gold plated).
  23. Got to love having power. I'm running off the other garage with a 100 foot extension cord. I can't wait for the day I can have outlets every 4 foot and lights on a switch. It will be nice to get my big blast cabinet out of my storage trailer and put it back to use. Of course that's after I pour my floor most likely and scrape up the 10G it's going to cost to electrify the shop as I have to run a new service quite possibly a few hundred feet through our nice solid rocky soil. \ You mentioned you had a leak on your floor when you finished it. What caused it?
  24. Correct, spark control (so you can retard spark upon starting) and hand throttle so you can control the acceleration off the steering wheel.
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