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    I went to and they say the 1987 LeSabre is the same. Should work.
  3. Ed looks like your Instrument panel is going bad. One thing to try is to remove the panel clean the contacts and replace. If that doesn't do it buying another is in your future. [Or use your GPS for speed calculations]. I have one extra with a rebuild sticker, but am reluctant to sell it. If it was an '88/89 I would have one to sell.
  4. Have you looked at Mustang Project's sequential tail light kits? A four bulb kit with flasher unit might work for you. Give them a call. Mustang Project 300 Brushy Creek Rd. Suite 304 Cedar Park, Texas 78613 Phone: 512-828-6417 Email: 800-631-0507(US Only) 512-828-6417 Worldwide
  5. Wow, she's a beauty! I visited Scott Air Force Base a couple of years ago and the surrounding territory looks exactly like your picture background! Cornfields in every direction!
  6. If Dave does not have them, let me know. I will do some research and find an article written by someone two or three years ago for the Torque Tube II. I don't recall which year his car was, but he made some similar transmission synchronizer detent springs. I don't recall the details but I am sure I can find the article. Finding some original ones would be best, but reproducing them would be another option if you can't find any.
  7. Several years ago we needed pistons for a '49 Olds Rocket 88. We contacted Egge and they told us they had had a fire and their foundry pattern for the particular size piston we needed had burned up in the fire. No problem. We called another of the nationally known piston "manufacturers" and coincidentally they had also had a fire that destroyed their pattern for our pistons. A third call was made to another national piston supplier and lo and behold they also had a fire and lost their pattern. Finally we contracted with Ross to make us a set of forged piston. Nice people to deal with, still a family business. Moral of the story is do not confuse piston resellers with piston manufacturers. To be fair, we have used many pistons and other parts sourced thru Egge and have had only one problem, a set of Packard pistons that came with several cracked wrist pins.
  8. I suspect OSHA rules prohibit anyone under 18 from wandering around a "salvage" yard. I know it is illegal for someone under 18 to even be in the same room with a paint booth or to operate any sort of mechanical equipment.
  9. More proof a TV is NOT a babysitter for kids! Craig
  10. Sir, I would like to buy a tank. And it not for resale, will be used on a 1913 REO. Do you have the brackets? Mike
  11. This Is Dale in Montana I do have a picture of my Rio hubcap nowIs Dale in Montana I do have a picture of my Rio hubcap now
  12. Exit strategy for aging out of the hobby?
  13. Today
  14. Thank you for the photos, it looked good Indeed Citroen DS, ... ,are bigger than 2cv, ...
  15. So has calling black people "the N word" but that doesn't mean we have to keep doing it....
  16. That's really nice. What will they think of next!
  17. When I get the parts in hand I will determine the price. Listing will be updated then. Thanks for your interest. Mike
  18. oh he knows he is getting the friday check in calls !! and they are only 10 minutes down the road from my work, so no answer gets a drop in visit. but they do not mind and will show me what is going on and where everything is at.
  19. January 13, 2010 The « under wheel covers » were easier to do, even if the thinner material (0.2mm) gave more trouble that the brass used for the wheel covers (0.3mm). A completed wheel cover is on the first picture; it is attached on the wheel with a system which came to me during the night. The system is shown on the remaining parts: these parts have the same shape as the main wheel cover because they were done with the same tools. I flattened the outside surface at the end of the apertures; this way, the wheel cover with stay on the wheel. Sure, this system will damage the paint, but real wheel covers do the same! The apertures have a specific usage: I will soft solder the parts to the wheel covers through them. Now, I just have to polish the parts, let sand blast the recesses (I came away with silver painting) and let chrome the wheel covers. January 19, 2010 The wheel covers are now polished and almost ready to be chromed. Almost ? Why ? Well, I have to cover with masking tape the surface which will be shiny. Once the task done, the plating company will media blast the surface which will be dull. Once the masking paper away, the tree with the wheel covers will go into the various bathes. The copper wires have been soldered before the masking paper was set on the parts to avoid that the glue is burning.
  20. This won't help!! My 1928 to 1946 Master Parts Book agrees with Bloo. However my year specific parts book for 1936 models lists the following GRP 4.400 Part No 1291266 Spring, synchronising detent ( 3 per car ) 1936 Series 40 Maybe a part number change?
  21. trini


    Hi tinindian, Thank you very much. Have a nice day.
  22. Yes. The image is from 1928-1941 parts book. I also have 1928-1952, but no transmission image in that book Agree pg 90-A 4.400 is a typo and should be 4.413 (part 1300501) The 1928-1941 has an image of a 1936-37 60-80-90 transmission Pg 92-A. In that it is labelled as 4.413 and shown far better, but not in the sleeve In the 1948 Olds Master Chassis Parts Book group 4.413 parts 1300501 is listed as "1934 thru 1938 all" and cost $0.12 I would ask NWTransmisson
  23. Tinindian


    Clincher rims hold the tire bead in a groove eg the blue wheel. Most common usage of the term split rim is incorrect. A true split rim has a split across the rim, allowing it to be collapsed to change a tire. Various locking devices are used as shown. Higher class cars had two or three piece rims (should NOT be called split). see pictures. The rims that are referred to a "widow makers" are the two and three piece rims.
  24. Larry, the reason I put my zip in the ad, so you can figure shipping. Btw you are close by and could just drive up. Im outside of Philly.
  25. some good stuff! never saw an FJ pu many.
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