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  2. Hi I am looking for a manual to help a buddy restore this Locomobile (also a clutch would be good too). Do you know of anybody who might be able to help please? Thanks Tim
  3. Old cars says a 31 Chrysler four door phaeton is worth $61,500 in #1 condition, $85k was a great offer !
  4. Sorry, but I don't have the right to Ooraahh. I was heavy weapons infantry and National Guard at that. It was so long ago, the NAM hadn't even started. (that we knew about). But I did have a lot of rocks thrown at me by protesters before it was all over. Little did I know how good that training was for a BCA Secretary.
  5. It is worth whatever someone will pay for it, list on ebay, high bid is the correct value.
  6. Ok, this is ridiculous, I worked with a Vietnamese guy for ten years (a legal immigrant), we were going to lunch one day when another employee asked my coworker to provide the winning numbers for Fridays lottery (the requestor was serious, he thought we had the skills to do this ), my coworker patiently explained why he was not able, I kept my composure during the whole incident.
  7. Assuming you have the original two-barrel manifold, you will get BETTER driveability, power, and fuel economy from an original two-barrel than you will with the e-clone running through an adapter. But your call. Jon.
  8. Thanks for the interest & kind words guys. The Speedster is sold - Happy Easter to anyone celebrating and happy Springtime otherwise. 🙂
  9. I just did a quick survey of information posted on the Durant club-site. They suggest that Locomobile was purchased in 1922 and was added as the "top of the Line" car for the Durant conglomerate. I am not sure if Durant had other involvement earlier than that date but would be very interested to know. Al
  10. Hagerty thinks the splits on these cars are $8,300/Fair, $14,800/Good, $22,900/Excellent, and $33,500/Concours. As I write this, it's been bid up to $20,600 in two days, but hasn't met the reserve. If the car is really loaded, why not include a scan of the window sticker?
  11. A nice American lady we met in Europe a few ago said that she and her family would arrange a European trip around the purchase of a new vehicle every several years. The manufacturer (in her case, Volvo, I think) would give discounts (since there's no dealer markup) and travel vouchers to American and Canadian buyers to encourage them to go to Europe to pick up their car. Volvo is one of several Scandinavian and German car makers who do this. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like VW has an equivalent program.
  12. I'd love to see the work you're doing, Don. I don't think you'll get many complaints from purists, since you're keeping your car "in the spirit" of original, which, in my opinion, represents most of all the cars in the AACA today--not perfectly original, but functional and not significantly modified (engine/transmission/suspension/brakes/etc.). If you're not going for a trophy but want the car functional, then you are providing a solution that would be relevant to a lot of members, myself included. We're aiming to put A/C on Melanie's '56 wagon and I'm very interested to see how the factory might have done it, as well as any upgrades, so that I can create a system that looks right and works properly. Also, I find posting my work here on the forum helps keep me motivated. The discussions surrounding my work often leads to new solutions and/or answers for someone else. If for no other reason, this is why you should continue to post: share the knowledge to keep the hobby moving forward. Keep it up and keep us posted!
  13. Does anyone have a spare flywheel off a mid teens Locomobile 48? Or one that could be used to recast one? Al
  14. Ron, When you have a few spare moments, could you share with this group a short course on the gauges used on a Locomobile steamer and suggest what each gauge does to assist the operator to control the vehicle. Then add some verbage that will suggest parameters that should be used on each gauge. Which of the gauges would be considered the most key and critical gauge to keep an eye on? Al
  15. This happens frequently when someone who is actually "flipping" cars with some success decides to branch out into an area in which he has little experience. Flipping an El Camino is just like flipping a '31 Chrysler, right? So they buy a car that looks lovely and think, "Those old guys who like old cars will pay big for this!" and ooops! You've misjudged the market just like that. I've done several trades with other dealers who have something like this in their inventory and don't know what to do with it. After unsuccessfully flogging it, they call me, I trade them a muscle car for their pre-war car and everyone is happy. Expertise matters. Without the knowledge merely pricing a car can be difficult, but talking to a buyer without the knowledge can make selling it impossible. It's exactly why I don't deal in exotics.
  16. Hello Ron, I am not strictly sure about when Durant first was involved with Locomobile. I had thought that he was a big player with Locomobile and his equivalent of General Motors starting about 1923. I am not real well versed in Later Locomobiles or the "behind the scenes" story that is now history. I wonder if Riker took with him stock ownership when he left Locomobile? Do you have any Locomobile historic literature that would suggest engines and transmissions used in Riker and Locomobile trucks? Al
  17. Oh no, I better hold on to that. But Jack seems to have a pretty good arsenal and ammo and uses it quite well I might add. Ooraahhh
  18. 1982 Oldsmobile Toronado with the TH325-4l. Computer deleted. Installing a vacuum switch to operate the lock up solnoid since the previous owner did not. The fluid was clean with no metal shavings or much friction material. Problem. It drives fine in first, second, and reverse. Slips in 3rd, and 4th. Won't engage or go anywhere in 3rd or 4th. Is this a torque converter problem because of the lock up? Could the clutch in the converter be toast from being constantly locked up and abused by the previous owner. Just bought the car and sorting things out. I understand there is no band adjustment possible on these so if it's a band then I'm gonna have to rebuild. Should I try the vacuum switch first and hope for the best? 3 wires on the square plug which one do I put the 12v switched power to? I will be rebuilding the transmission in the near future as it's not beyond my skill level. I'd just like to keep it going until I have time for a full rebuild. Also what is a good torque converter for replacement? Thank you.
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  20. I would be interested,for the cave.
  21. Thanks, but I would hate to see a rock bounce off me and hit some innocent person. Does the battle gear include weapons?
  22. shims...made it worse! Time to put it back where it was and dump in some STP. Then see if I can live with it or trust it to take me a long way from home this summer.
  23. Frank, All of the listings links I gave you yesterday shipped to Germany. I don't think you will have a problem finding someone that will ship to you directly. Media Mail (books,brochures etc.) is only available domestically in the US. You will have to go 1st class international. As discussed above postage through e-bay is very reasonable. Especially for such a small piece as an owner's manual, which could be shipped in a large envelope. Bill
  24. You might consider getting an electronic copy in addition to (or in place of) the actual manual. IMHO, the real thing is easier to read, but the ability to enlarge illustrations (e.g. wiring diagrams) and to print pages or sections (so you can refer to them while you work without getting your original dirty) is well worth the small cost. I have no idea if Rock Auto ships internationally, but I can recommend the manuals from Dave Graham Auto Literature that they sell. They (or others) might also have the manual available for download, so there would be no worries at al about shipping. You might also think about sending $10 (or whatever) to Tom Mooney to get copies of the various service bulletins that he has.
  25. Thanks, but I would hate to see a rock bounce off me and hit some innocent person.
  26. John_Mereness

    Barn Find!

    Were you able to get your new Stutz home yet ?
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