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  2. Couple of pictures from different DA's that I have seen (note that they have different rim clamps). Hope it helps.
  3. Was the crankshaft exchange done to cars that were already built or a factory modification during production?
  4. The light output of the dual filament headlamps on my '29 is quite good, actually. They provide plenty of light out front, light up the road well with a nicely focused beam. And I will get flashed by other drivers if I don't manage to take them off high beam in time.
  5. I don't remember where I saw the name Conquistador, but it is very possible that I am getting the name wrong at 81, I sometimes don't remember what I had for Breakfast. The Fed co # shows it was built in the 1st or 2nd week of Oct in 1928. and is a K model 6 cylinder. I cant read one number of the fed co. But what I can make out is KC then something that might be a 2 then 940. KC_940
  6. I have this one available. I is not exactly what you are looking for, but if you can't find the correct item....
  7. 1955 Ford Heater Control With Cables. $75 For more information or photo's give me a call 406-543-2591
  8. Try this one! It has the size and speed. Matt Harwood is a member of this site.
  9. Thanks guys I may take you up on it, if I can find a pic of the original I’ll post it, Dave
  10. keiser31

    1930 cf fuse size

    Check to see if ant wires are resting on the oil pressure gauge line. That could give you problems. My wiring roasted because of that. Got a new harness and all is good.
  11. Ugh, I think I found the cause of the rough running. Does anybody have the service sheet for a Delco-Remy 1110818 1A8 distributor? Phil
  12. Thanks John 348 I’ve already put it there,don’t know how to describe the knobother than it looks like it has vertical wings on trans ltsides,dodge 1934 if I can find a picture I’ll post it, Dave
  13. old car, how are you? Nonsense to your post from what I saw at an enjoyable Hershey. I have entered a car since 1998 at Hershey and cannot recall ever seeing what I believe you are exaggerating as a crisis situation. Usually you complain about your neighboring vendor as he sold aftermarket lights, etc. for more modern cars if I recall. Did you ever get him removed?
  14. My fed co number tells me it was built in Oct of 28 but first sold in 1929.
  15. Jay, we have the results BUT we need to verify things and make sure we have everything perfect before posting. Hopefully tomorrow.
  16. With whitewalls it might have struggled to break 50k. I will echo Matt: 1. RHD is a killer in the USA for cars that were available with LHD. 2. Reproduction coachwork is usually 20 to 25% of the value of a real car. If you look at the real white one of these (with LHD) that sold at Greenwich a few years ago you will see it brought around 180k for similar tatty condition. Take #1 and #2 and multiple them and the 55 doesn't look too bad. Remember the vig, so it was really 60k.
  17. We have two car's that will be ready for next year.I was on the field early.did not see a problem.Hershey seen,with pictures,of carts by the car's,.we will not chance it.something has to change.nothing is enforced.No one have seen these car's,maybe never will with crap like this.swap meet was terrible
  18. MAG473

    Metz chain cover

    Has anyone made new chain covers for a Metz 22? I have one good enough for a sample. It appears that the sheetmetal seams are crimped. Not alot of room to work in. Would have been interesting to see how they were put together originally. Wayne
  19. jpage

    1936 Pedal seals

    Steele has the rounded ones as I wasn't sure what the Plymouth used. I have no Idea why WPC used so many different parts.The Steele no. for the rounded ones is 50-0066-24.
  20. I made another bushing... And I mis-measured the hole again. This one was also too small but only by a few thousandths. Rather than do it a third time, I put a coarse knurl on it. And glued it into the hole with Locktite gell super glue. While it was setting I cleaned up the mill. Then I put it in the chuck and faced it off. My only concern was that the Locktite might not hold it firmly enough but as I'd driven it in with a plastic hammer, it was tight enough. I faced it down until the two pieces were flush. Then took it out of the lathe and drilled two holes for Dutchmen. For this I used #4 tapered pins. That will hold the bushing very firmly in place. I might have second thoughts about this technique if the backing plate was going in a lathe but to hole a chuck on a dividing head it should be fine. I then put it back in the lathe and faced it off until everything was flush. Next I'll bore and thread the bushing but it's already 5 PM so I'll leave that for tomorrow. Now I'll go home and work on my book.
  21. When will Hershey result be posted?
  22. For my '35 Dodge DU the originals appear to have been ovals but the available replacements are rectangular.
  23. Here's a photo of my 1911 Torpedo at Hershey this year (thanks to TJ1935). I think there were two 1920s Hupps, also. Phil
  24. I told them I only have money for cheap beer and pretzels. The other stuff they are selling is 50 years too late for me 😀. I’m sure I would enjoy the beer and pretzels more at this point in my life.
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