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  2. It's missing the biggest, IMHO, part of the GS package for the 67 - the Starwars Aircleaner. And, according to the 'How to ID a Gran Sport' article on the website, the GS did not have chrome valve covers. But lots of other hard to identify pieces.
  3. BTW - Love that car. Thanks for sharing the photos.
  4. You can buy your air cleaner:
  5. My only thought would be to listen to what others have used before doing anything. I wouldn't, however, use anything that you would lay down in a ribbon and expect it to flatten out completely. I'd be more inclined to use a spray adhesive. There are enough others who've done this to render their opinions.
  6. I should apologize for being too dismissive earlier - some of the opposing points are well-considered. I suspect that Matt is absolutely right that CAS technology has the greatest marginal benefit for the inattentive or simply inept driver. But I think that even the best and most attentive of us falls into these categories on occasion, whether through fatigue, too much happening around us, or whatever. Nobody bats 1.000 and everyone makes mistakes sometimes. The backing-up from between parked SUVs experience is one I've had in real life, and fortunately the system worked. A sensor mounted at the rear of the car can look laterally along the traffic lane 10-12 feet before the driver's seat occupant. It is virtually impossible to avoid having to back out with limited side vision in an urban setting like a mall or parking garage. Also, the CAS is a failsafe system. No one is arguing that it replaces prudence and attentiveness. Perhaps these systems may lull some drivers into a false sense of security but I think theis "crutch effect" is being oversold in the group. Even if this really was a factor, the net effect of CAS is positive, as reflected in the 7-15% reduction in accidents. Matt is quite right that the new car CAS systems are much more powerful than the retrofit ones. Mobileye, in fact, is simply a warning system. It has no autonomous braking capability and does not have other sensors I would most liike to have. Still, at $650, it earns its keep if it avoids one deductable and the hassle of getting even a deep scratch fixed. Peter S.
  7. She loved the ride. It is a bit of a step for her to get in and out. She said it was a Humdinger.
  8. Roberta. Not sure exactly what you are saying/asking but let me attempt to answer. The BCA website contains the BOD minutes. They are there passively for distribution and without any means to comment on them. You can find the BCA minutes here: This forum is a please to discuss Buicks and the BCA. This specific thread is focused on discussing the BCA minutes as posted on the BCA website. Hope that clarifies things.
  9. Hmmm. I have not seen a Daniels touring car like that. I surely doesn't have nearly the same glitz as the '21 D-19 "Submarine" speedster. The Daniels had a 130 inch wheelbase, which makes it appear longer than a similar Kissel. The hood on the Daniels appears to be long enough to cover a straight 8 engine. When the hood is open the V-8 looks like it has plenty of space in the roomy engine compartment.
  10. I did locate my original brake line from the master cylinder, the loop is put in so its below the level of the inlet/outlet to prevent air entrapment. it looks professionally made, so I'd bet its from the factory. it would be interesting to see other original '38s and see how many have loops and how many not, vs production date. its hard to know for sure...
  11. It might be just me, but I have been trying to access the link above for about an hour without success. It had worked well. Just Google Toby Knoll Garage. - CC
  12. Thanks so much for all your suggestions guys I’ll go back and start from scratch using all your ideas on getting it rite. I’ve looked at quite a few YouTube videos and they make it look so simple. And I guess it should be I’m just screwing it up some how. I have even set up a plum bob chain behind the main chain to make sure it’s as true as I can get it. I went and bought a better set of scales and some new bearings to fit the small end perfectly.
  13. Marmon speedsters have a similar body. Not common either but not as rare as the Daniels and possibly not as rare as a Gold Bug. Greg in Canada
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  15. I was thinking of using Permatex Right Stuff for adhesive. I have used it on weather strips moldings ect, it holds anything. It is a gasket sealer, but does it ever hold tight. Any thoughts?
  16. Thanks John. I haven’t been doing much for the past two weeks because I had something a little strange happen to me. After putting up all the cabinets and working like a crazy man screwing all kinds of things together using both my right and left hands, I woke up one morning in severe pain in my left shoulder and my left triceps. I could feel a huge knot in my shoulder blade area and it was all swollen. My wife works as a physical rehab assistant and at work the therapist gave her a small hard rubber ball for me to roll on to work the knot out. So on Thursday night I did just that and it felt better. On Friday I woke up in even more severe pain and had lost strength in my left thumb and forefinger. I couldn’t even open my hand completely and had a very hard time working on my laptop for my job. Needless to say I got very worried but I was in too much pain to even worry that much. There was nothing to ease the pain which was the worse pain I have ever felt and I’ve damaged my body pretty severely in many ways. There was nothing I could do to relieve the pain and it was constant, 24/7. I started icing and Advil’s, hot showers, more ice, and nothing, no pain relief. I actually hurt to much to even want to eat and have lost a few pounds.(actually a good thing!) I decided to go to my chiropractor to see if he could help me. That was last Friday. When he checked me out he said my shoulder was bad and it would take a few visits to get right. After my visit I felt better but Saturday morning the severe pain was back, this time even in my armpit area and left lat. Sunday again was murder and waking this morning it was still there, painful as ever. My chiropractor appointment was 8:00am this morning and when I told him how much pain I was in he said he expected that to happen because of everything he moved around. When he worked on me this morning, my neck really cracked more so than it ever has and myuppback cracked well. I got home and started working. Within a couple hours after my visit, the majority of my pain is gone and some strength has come back to my hand. Tonight making the battery plates, I can feel my hand is getting more normal. It’s still far from 100% but it’s better and that makes me feel a lot better. My buddy joe had sent enough 14 gauge steel, all cut to size , to make up two battery plates (one for me and one for him) and my passenger side floor board plate. Feeling better tonight I decided to make them up. I used my tig welder to weld a 3/8” rim around the oval hole after I made the hole using a 4” hole saw and reciprocating saw. I then drilled all the holes where they needed to be and then used the finishing washer die with my 30 ton hydraulic press to form the washers. It worked well even on the heavy 14ga steel and another project for the Olds is done.
  17. John: I let my friend from Gridley, CA drive the car on that tour and we drove the blue '39. I'm glad you like it. Now I just wish somebody with a jingle in their jeans liked it. I've had my love affair with it. It's so rare, I can't understand why it hasn't attracted more attention. The same dealer just sold a '38 Ford phaeton for 55K and it went on down the road smartly and quickly. Thanks for your thoughts on my health.
  18. Not mine. Looks clean. Has GS badges, don't know if it's a real GS.
  19. My faves are the 50’s, but that’s a pretty nice one!
  20. So tell me what sets apart McLaughlin Buicks from US made Buicks?
  21. Does the DA6 have sleeved cylinders? The attached photo is of a DA6 that is in my scape heap bone pile. When I was removing pistons I found this thin rust scale and crack. It appears to be a sleeve. If there are sleeves can they be replaced?
  22. Interesting its stamped CALI I wonder if there were special steering boxes for California?. I'll check mine, and compare numbers, when I can. just going on memory it looks the same as yours... except yours are cleaner.😂
  23. Thank you, Alen. Great info and thank you. The truck is looking great. Talk to you later. Dave
  24. Book shows them as part number 39868 and for a Big Six. Same illustration for the Light Six part number 120398. They look the same but must have some differences...maybe rim width. I was just questioning as they look just like my Light Six rims but they are for a Big Six. Scott
  25. No I don't. I didn't do it myself. But the mechanic who did it told me what he'd found and showed it to me and told what he'd be doing to mount it. Looked good and worked well. If I remember correctly, this is what it looked like. A Google images search turned up this picture. The vendor was OPGI. So you know it can be found elsewhere for less money.
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