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  2. I live on a typical two lane rural road. When I rented the 2019 Escape and drove it home, the steering wheel vibrated at times. Even seemed that the steering wheel moved by itself. 😲 Then I discovered that was a new feature. The vehicle saw the line down the center of the road, and when I crossed it,( yes, like my neighbors I drive down the middle!), the vibrating steering wheel was to let me know when I approched the line, and then it corrected the steering to make sure I didn't cross the line. Once I knew what was going on, I had to show my wife how the vehicle would self correct going down the interstate. She did not share my amazement, as if you turn the wheel sort of sharp at 60, the correction is also sharp! A wild ride! "STOP THAT" was spoken several times during the trip!😁
  3. I think this is it, from TJ1935 pics in the Hershey meet photos he took
  4. it's been my experience that stop leak won't help at all with radiator or heater core problems. i is however, excellent at stopping leaks between machined surfaces and freeze plugs. we had a lot of problems with aluminum intake manifolds leaking at the front corners on the olds 260 v8. bars leak wouldn't fix it. but when we replaced the manifold, the new one usually leaked a little. added one can of bars leak, and you could actually watch the stream of coolant disappear.
  5. Hello, I am doing research on this car for a friend's book. I was wondering if anyone might be able to provide any leads as to the make and model year of this car. We believe the photograph is from around 1908, as the Ohio license plate falls within the 1908-1909 range. Any help you can offer is appreciated. Thanks for your time and help. - John
  6. I am concerned about tube quality after the many horror stories seen here. Would you by any chance know a source for 17" tubes for my 525/550 size tire?
  7. before i lay out 30 plus grand for a new hi tech vehicle, i'm reminded of the GM ccc system. sure it was radically different from things on the engine that a human could diagnose and repair. about a month or 2 into trying to repair that dreaded check engine light, we discovered that most of the "problems" in the system were due to the self diagnosing part of it. and now you tell me that dam Hal 9000 computor wants to over ride my brakes and steering too?
  8. We've been hearing quite a bit about the R&L. Might be time for some photos for us that cant make the show.
  9. Hell, as I was looking through all of @TJ1935 s fantastic field pictures I was wondering "Was I at the same swap meet? !!!! So much I didn't see. I will definitely plan on a FULL 3 days of walking the fields next year. This years 2 days of which part had to be spent at my own space just don't get it, actually a bit stressful trying to walk and see it all. Still it was a great time for sure!!!!
  10. Looks kinda like a Nova. Could be a Rambler. Datsun on the other one.
  11. I guess I'm a cynic as well. Any time something has to be kept secret I wonder "Why?". But they tried apparently so for that I am grateful. Had it worked out we would have been singing a different tune. I suspect they underestimated the difficulty of producing needed parts and over estimated the demand for said parts.
  12. It’s not necessary to look at a button or knob. You just reach and feel it. You never need to take your eyes off the road. You push or turn it and it does what it’s supposed to do the same way every time. With a touch screen the “buttons” all look and feel the same.
  13. Amazing how I always look through my pics after Hershey and spot something I phto'd on a table that I should have looked at and bought! Here are a few shots of STUFF - Terry
  14. Typically they didn't. If the car was located in the US, someone probably drained it out in the summer, and then put the same stuff back in later.
  15. Should not need to attend the banquet, they are usually presented on the field. Contact AACA HQ to see what happened. Terry
  16. Using the word "easily" twice and so close together is a big red flag. I am surely a cynic, but I still keep trying new things, even got a couple of patents. But nothing is easy. Any project is an integration of concept and details. For the future, be careful at meetings. There is a tendency to glorify the concept and ostracize the details. The cynics notice that. They also notice throwing out the details keeps the promoters awake. To paraphrase old Orson "When it's time, they will whine". Bernie
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  18. Hmmm...we just showed it at Hershey. 1918 Rauch & Lang Electric. We didn't attend the banquet if that matters.
  19. I will if you come to the TC by Maserati forum.
  20. Yes - if the car is exhibited at an AACA National Meet or participates in an AACA Tour, the President will present it to you personally. Terry
  21. I had an acquaintance once that did a lot of repowers. He told me that GM included a can of stop leak of some sort with every Target Master crate that he bought.
  22. close but I know I have seen the wrap around tail light somewhere... big red lens, with chrome trim, think it is a two door
  23. Did you get a trailer to haul for you yet ??? Might be able to help..
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