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  2. Be careful marketing these, many of these repros were miniaturized versions of the originals. Be sure you state the sizes in your auctions.
  3. Try "Rare Parts Inc.". They had a suspension part I needed for my 35-58. Fair pricing and for my part, it was better designed than the original - better grease groves- - - .
  4. Looks good- seems to be a little darker than original (mine lights up more yellow than orange) but it doesn't look out of place. I need to get me one really, mine looks like Clint Eastwood after he's been dragged across the desert...!
  5. Shops that rebuild in brass are out there, you might have to send to to another area to get it done. You don't want any aluminum cores like new cars have as they will rot away in time. Also aluminum usually have plastic tanks on them. Mos vintage Lincoln radiators are brass all around and the core can be soldered into the tank/frame and give a long service if you keep coolant in them. Proper radiator caps are also important!
  6. Yup, and Dick beat the French by a year with his wrist radio. 😁
  7. My registration went out today. Two in HPOF, one if DPC, all of them red. In terms of Hershey, if it gets cancelled, when will final decision be made?? Currently, depending on what state you're coming in from, New York may be forcing you into a two week quarantine as you're entering in the state. At this point and time going from Pennsylvania to New York isn't a problem, but North Carolina to New York is. In the event Pennsylvania gets added to the list, it won't be worth having to be quarantined for two weeks to go to a two day show. My only concern is that with a lot of our national directors and judges coming out of North Carolina, that could be a problem for people going to or coming back from a meet.
  8. What a great car! Lot of good advice, especially about getting manuals, doing research and only doing one repair at a time. IMO the FIRST thing to do is make a checklist in prioritized order of what is needed, safety items like tires and brakes at the top. Because the car has been sitting outside unused for so long, all fluids and filters should be changed, everything should be lubricated and an engine tuneup should be included. As you work through the list you will find other things pop up that will be added to the list. Run and drive it as much as you can once the safety items are done and the use will improve the feel of the car. Good luck with it.
  9. So why can’t he just tape off, and cover the entire side of the car, leaving that molding exposed. Then work on sanding, priming and repainting that molding while it is still on the door? Your description leaves us with a vision of minor surface damage to the molding alone. Is this an accurate evaluation of your problem? Imagine how informative a picture would be!
  10. Ok, great picture! I know of one, maybe it’s that one, where the new owner bought it in CA and returned it to PA to be part of his truck collection.
  11. Currently, I am looking locally to find a shop to do a re-core. I did have Skip rebuild both water pumps. Thanks!
  12. The door glass, driver's front and passenger rear are fractured and I need to replace them. Thankfully all vent glass is good. Phil
  13. It looks like that might be the issue. It’s a nest of wires in there! Not to mention, it’s just about impossible for 6’6” guy to contort himself to where he can get at it!
  14. Thanks, we did flush the block when we pulled it and you are right-a lot of gunk did come out. We did not tank it however. Everything looked good to the naked eye-knock on wood! I had an in-line fuel filter that somehow got twisted and it wasn’t allowing fuel pickup from the tank. I definitely need to get the choke unstuck. The radiator is going to have to be on hold until then. That was the first time I ever ran it that high but not by choice. It might be worth replacing the cable. Is there supposed to be any lubrication on the slides for the choke and the throttle? It looks like metal on metal.
  15. I've never seen the top picture before!!! Where did you find that? I think the bottom one is the one in circulation? Or maybe I haven't see that one before either.
  16. We should count up the number of cars with triple wipers. The long chassis 320 Cab A Mercedes is another that comes to mind. The common denominator with this car is the low raked windshield.
  17. Do you know exactly where this stamping is located on the frame?
  18. 1922 Austro-Daimler Luxuswagen in Finland. Well, there is preserved over here a late 20s bus on International chassis and with Ford Model A Engine and the radiator beeing a similar Austro-Daimler Spitzkühler...
  19. Next question. How does the glass come out? Remove the quarterlight to allow it to tilt outward out of the channels? Phil
  20. I'm sure in 1947 it demonstrated how ridiculous television could make our lives if we let it, but instead all of it looks very normal to us today. I think that makes me sad.
  21. Bought a set from Bobs buick and they are way to long can't get dust caps on, no grease gloves and they won't take them back. So I'm looking for a new set that's the correct size. These old ones measure 5.655" length and 0.873 diameter but are worn. tired of the death wobble.
  22. Greg-Dad like a lot of guys thru the 50s and 60 bought lots of cars when they were relatively cheap($100 or less) with good intentions of doing things with them. But owning a Body Shop/Rad and Towing business and then having 3 kids, life kind of interferes with the good intentions of fixing/restoring many of these cars. The McLaughlin is a neat Canadian car but it is hard to justify putting 30-40 grand into a car that does not have that value when done.
  23. Driving my car is one way to for me to continue a family legacy and honor my father and grandfather.
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