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  2. Also the '50s was when European cars got disk brakes while except for one blimpmobile, Americans had to wait for the 60s. I remember fading a '61 Caddy 'vert out to nothing on one hard stop from 70. Personally preferred a DOHC 6 of over three liters but had a lot of fun speed shifting a FIAT 1500 and with my '55 MGA RHD (had a second steering wheel for the passenger to wave around). I never met a car I didn't like but would make an exception for a Daimler SP250. Back then I thought a big Healey and a Merc 190SL were ladies cars (Merc was a popular graduation gift). Have to remember that Florida is a big state and almost anywhere was a 100 mile round trip, the city was an overnight thousand miles, and 710 to Sebring was dead straight (except for the curve at Indiantown) two lane shell road. Was a different time.
  3. My '31 had a thin piece of brass under the slightly rusted out water jacket cover. You could do that as a last resort.
  4. Guy Bennett Jr. wrote a piece fully describing the situation and reasoning behind the adoption of the 400 point judging system. I think the BCA Fingerlakes Chapter kicked it off at the 2005 Nationals in Batavia. I can't find Guy's writeup in my files. Maybe someone saved it. This would be a good place to post the reasoning. It was a compelling statement. Bernie
  5. Photo #2 has an oil control ring. Are those the new ones?
  6. That is a great die cast Buick. Where did you find it?
  7. Very nice car at first sight , but only one picture ..Who will spend 32.000 $ on one picture and zero feedback ...not me ...
  8. Having a car judged is optional. Nobody is forced to have a car judged. People who do so have their reasons, among which, I believe, is a certain amount of " fun " in their view. Likewise, spectators (which includes those who enter a car) will judge each car against what they want to see. If someone enters a car in 400 point judging, and then looks at other cars, it is likely that they will judge what they see against the 400 point scale. That is just human nature. That happens in every event, including Cruise-in's. BCA judging is not one car against the other. It is all cars against a standard. And it is also very generous. I know that in the Cadillac club if your car has an option the owner must prove that it works or it loses points. Think about all those AC empty systems and power antennas that Buick guys can skip by on. Derek makes a good point. The main thing is EVERYBODY wants to feel that their car is worthy of recognition. Modified judging was set up so that it was car vs car judging with only a few winners in each class. I had heard that that was adjusted to something where more awards could be earned, but do not know it to be a fact, nor how it is supposed to work. But ultimately it is the responsibility of the participant to understand the rules of what they are getting into. Not everyone will be a winner, and that does not means their entry lacks value. But it has somehow come to mean that to the guy who walks away empty handed. While another class or category could be beneficial for those cars which have been personalized, it might be better to issue clear guidelines so that those with personalized cars can understand how their choices will be evaluated during BCA judging.
  9. As a machinist toolmaker in Detroit, I've worked in and around several auto plants. It's amazing how much improvisation goes in to the manufacturing process. These notes are probably from the plant, the word "fixture" is telling, the manufacturers use many fixtures in the process. What it means exactly? Who knows. My guess is this frame was used in some sort of proving out phase of some tooling and they were recording the results i.e. noting which chassis came off what fixture and how it fitted up with the rest of components on down the line. Looks like it says "Deck on something" Deck is a common term for bringing the part to the line. The bars you see in videos with chains to lift various components, generally engines are called "Decking bars". There are hand built prototype vehicles generally called "A-bodies" we toolmakers occasionally use for reference and have markings all over them, but those vehicles are never completed and are eventually scrapped. It is amazing how much they throw away. Engines especially, once they've been pulled out of the system, they will never go back on the line for fear of contamination. I worked at one place where we designed and built shipping racks for all types of vehicle components, they used to send us 20 or 30 brand new engines that we used for reference and testing and then we were instructed to destroy them with torches and sledge hammers. Big V-8 diesels with turbo chargers, brand new, never ran, destroyed. It's their property to do with as they see fit. We did as instructed for fear of losing their contract, everyone knew that trying to take any of that was theft and immediate dismissal. -Ron
  10. Seller's asking top dollar for a car based on one photo. No mention as to whether the car is actually driveable; after all, the car's 80 years old. Scam, or seriously uninformed seller?
  11. I’m occasionally frustrated by the lack of a cup holder in my 63 and don’t like drinks rattling around in my center console. I’ve seen solutions on Amazon that slot a pocket between the seat and center console. Anyone ever try one out (or have other ideas? Thanks in advance... Inovare Designs Car Seat Gap Filler Organizer Crevice Storage Box
  12. i have some 38 buick 16 inch wheels for sale call george 406-5432591
  13. I believe it is the same car. I was told it was exported from the US to Sweden and restored then sold to Fred de Barsy in Begium. It was then purchased by Gerd Hermann and returned to the US. Gerd Passed 4 years ago and I have purchased the car from his wife. It is now in Wisconsin. If you could email me any info or articles you have I would enjoy reading them. Thanks, Dave,
  14. I thank you Derek for your comments. It was so good to connect with you and Ben at his 1950 in the parking lot just gabbing . "One thing that came to mind is that the club needs to look at something between 400 point and Modified judging. There are a number of Buicks out there that aren’t modified enough for Modified judging, but they are different enough that they don’t stand a chance in 400 point judging. Perhaps we could create a “Personalized” class where we could recognize those that have changed wheels, added pinstriping, etc to personalize their cars. I’m not about hardware, but either the Mild category of Modified judging is too wild/radical, or we ought to create something in between so that these Buicks and their owners can get some recognition." I totally understand the other's comments also. As a judge and Team Captain in the A-B and sometimes C class we have quite a span of technology to deal with in evaluations. We did all the A-B and C. The Barrett's beautiful 1927 Sport Roadster at the event center on display was a joy to behold and I repeatedly told friends that I was glad that we did not have to judge it on the 400 point basis. I assumed it was for Display Only. They restored it to be a period modified car. The techniques and skill employed were admirable. Imagine my dissatisfaction when after completing our duties on the field and hurrying to get our results in for tabulation, I was told by the Meet Chief Judge that our team had to now judge that car! She told us that the Modified team would not do it. We agonized over how to moderate things on the 400 point scale to give proper credit on their outstanding achievement.
  15. Properly tuned they will do that. Just keep your foot out of it for the first 30 miles after filling. That should bring you down at least two gallons.
  16. J Dallas Dort was a friend and business partner of William C Durant and both owned the Durant-Dort Carriage works in Flint, Michigan. When Durant took over Buick, Dort was there, but later broke off to create his own car company. Dort died in 1923 and his car company too soon after. Dort Cars are covered by the Durant Motors Automobile Club ( In Canada they were built as Gray-Dort. A nice little car to have for sure.
  17. Used , not working, for parts or repair $20 plus shipping Send a Private message Thanks Roy
  18. Definately some events here in CT area with a prewar focus this one really would be fun to bring. And, none of that worry with unproven and potentially dangerious 4 wheel brakes that started to show up around that time! 😂
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  20. I don't have many problems out of my car. One of the reasons for that is when someone writes about having a problem I go out and check my car to see if I have any signs that I might have the same problem happening soon. This is a good example. You had a hose go bad so I intend to go out today and check all my hoses. One of the good things about this forum is you can learn from other people's misfortune.
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