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  2. If still available I will pay the $8,500 for the Stutz and will take as is without the pink slip. I will prepare a bill of sale. I can fed ex or bank wire the money. Can someone pass that on to the seller. Thanks George Albright Ocala Florida. Cell 352 843 1624. Email
  3. Looks like the fitting has broken off inside. Remove that. Ben
  4. You might possibly can get one made. There is a local guy here in NJ called Mr. Driveshaft. He can make it
  5. Just curious,will a hood from a 40 series fit a 60 series 34 Buick?
  6. I thought 34 60 series had four horizontal hood vents,wind splits,and the 40 series had three. Please correct me if I'm wrong.Thanks,Greg.
  7. The other day got an E mail from a friend in Real Estate business,,,,,,,the source E mail was correct and it had her office address. I was asked to do her a favor that was out of keeping with out relationship.....was asked if I had a local Grocery store near me ,,,,,this was because they were on lockdown and could not get out,,,,I responded asking the purpose of the request and mentioned some mutual business we were involve in also mentioned a large food chain in the area that is near her office.......the response came from her same Email address @ a different domain name, and no mention of the food chain or mutual business,,, just instruction on purchasing certain cash cards for $ 300.00 and send her the code this was to be a gift to her niece when I went back and said I would not be able to help her the request stopped--------As the world changes and gets more crazy and we depend on electronic communication to stay in touch and buy and sell------------------------------ we must be careful
  8. Thanks Hemi, I suspected you would chime in with your expertise. I'm surprised that it could be a bearing also but a couple mechanics I know say it happens?? straight a little whining, turn right a little more even slightly to the left no noise. I do have a couple friends with presses but I ordered a part listed under Rock Auto under 89 Chrysler Maserati DOHC But Im getting it from Amazon because if its not right its free returns, I've had problems with Rock Auto returns in the past. Timken 518502 Should have it in a week or so, then I'll mach them up, if they dont match up I'll have a shop do it. Thanks for the advise, I'll let you know.
  9. I think there is, or has been, a slight flaw in the software. I have seen newcomers with only one posting BEGIN with 10 "likes." Normally, a user builds up those numbers when someone "likes" his postings.
  10. For all this time he must have been fat and dirty indeed . I wish you good luck for the future !
  11. those often have a thin nut on the back of the fixture. feel back there with your hand and you should find it. you may be able to loosen it by hand. if you follow the wire back you may be able to test for power, and then you will know it is the bulb.there also has to be a device that activates the light, so that could be the issue. trace the wire back and you will find it. hard to work under there. a wiring diagram will help. skyler
  12. Thank you bloo, that was very helpful, now I know what I'm looking for.
  13. I will try some east coast junkyards. should be one somewhere. the brackets look spot welded to the radiator frame. skyler
  14. I wouldn't, under any circumstances, do any in-person investigating. Contact the police department local to where the car is now and have them look into it. Assuming there has been some some fraudulent activity along the way (your original car may have been wrecked and this a stolen car re-VINned with your VIN plate) someone's feathers are going to be ruffled.
  15. I often wonder how that effects the desire for some to even stay in the hobby in my age category? Dealing with these type of vermin is one of my biggest pet peeves in the hobby. We all know fair market value especially now with the internet, but some of the crotchety ole farts will take some of these parts to their graves. I just don't get how it helps anyone, especially when their family members usually sell for pennies after they pass away. As for the OP question, I'd have to say: Trying to find the bucket that held the lost or unknown parts I stumbled on while restoring... For someone with OCD, the irony is brutal at times lol...
  16. I am sure these photos are buried in the first 100 pages - This car was one of two used in the original film version of “The Great Gatsby” by Alan Ladd in 1949. Hervé Pannier Une autre vue de la SJN J533 le même jour avec un des deux personnages
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  18. No title. Needs bumpers. Likely needs tune up. You older then me guys (I’m 56) crack me up. The old car hobby has been - generally - too expensive for too long I can barely afford $14,000 now. The correction - for lack of a better word (thanks Gordon) - is good.
  19. Its a 1935 653 or 1936 654 six cylinder convertible sedan, note the relatively shorter hood and fenders.
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