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  2. Better than no pay like I work for. LOL
  3. If I thought the cars or gent was still around I would have done that for you already. Tail end of a very active time of hobbyists in my home town of west hartford, CT. Guy was in big circle of car folk, darned if i can recall his name. Brace road if you have any old directories, one sat outside as I recall. Probably long since moved down the road Seeker...
  4. I saw it on ebay and put a link in Buy/Sell Looks pretty good for $20k
  5. On ebay $20k!!
  6. I also removed the fenders today. One had an amateur repair.
  7. So, is a 54 International positive or negative ground?
  8. Fast forward a few decades, and all the sports sedans are making a big deal about their "manual/automatics", "clutchless shifting", and the like -- and I'm thinking, "Hell, I've had that years."
  9. 1932 distributors, but no distributor weights for them. Pete
  10. I have lots of 1932 Buick 50-series distributors (they should be the same for all series), but no distributor weights. Does anybody have some? Willing to buy a whole distributor if I must. I"m sure other nearby years are the same. Trying to get this car ready for the national meet in Midwest City, OK. in June. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  11. Not my listing:
  12. They will help you in any way they can. There is an incredible amount knowledge that can be obtained. Many purchased parts cars to aid in a restoration and may have what you need
  13. Beautiful Buick. Love the color combination. I also live in MD. Maybe I can see the beauty one day at a show! Enjoy!!!
  14. It seems aside from the mechanicals, a Cord might be cheaper to restore than alot of cars. They are fairly simple in design, very little extra stuff. There isn't a lot of trim either once you get paste the grille which is stainless and the windshield assembly. Bumpers can be broken down into small pieces. That impressive dash is one big facia panel. I scored mine either NOS or a perfect reproduction for $100. As long as you start with a pretty complete car, it doesn't seem like it would be too bad. If mine hadn't been converted I would be driving it by now. It's the mentality of some of the guys with the cord parts stashes, that if you need a part, well it's a Cord so the parts are going to be expensive. It doesn't seem to follow the normal supply and demand process. I think if there are say 1000 cords on the road or intact, (I have no idea what the number really is). there are atleast enough parts people have saved to build another 1000 cars. Seems every Cord guy saved everything. I met one fellow that restored twenty something that sold me rechromed show quality bumper guards cheaper than I could buy Ford bumper guards. He was the exception to alot of the guys I have met and I bought a few thousand dollars worth of parts off him including stuff I didn't really need because it was nice and very fairly priced. If you go by what the market will bear price wise, sell some Cord parts on ebay. That shows you a true market value. Many will be very disappointing. I sold a few extras and they did terrible, but on the other hand I have bought some nice stuff pretty cheap on there. One of the reasons I haven't chased down an engine or parts car real hard yet. Too many other projects and the right one will come along. One thing I have found. Cords are not very rare. Somewhat desirable, yes, rare definitely not, you just rarely see them out at anything but concourse events. I had never seen one until I bought mine.
  15. I live in western Colorado. Would very much like to spend quality time with either (or both) a Kissel Gold Bug speedster, or a Daniels speedster. I would like to observe details, measurements, and take digital photography. Is there a owner of such a Kissel or Daniels closer to me than the Kissel museum in Wisconsin, who would be kind enough to permit my reconnaissance mission? If not, I know where the Kissel museum is, even though I have not been there. I have no idea where to locate a Daniels. The general automobile styles I hope to inspect are 1924 Kissel and 1921 Daniels, although not necessarily the specific cars in the attached photos. I am interested in the body styles, dimensions, and integration of components.
  16. I've removed the old thread. Too many personal attacks. If you want to discuss BOD minutes great, but remember to follow the forum rules. All posts that break the forum rules will be deleted without comment.
  17. Thanks for posting the picture. John, do you have any additional information on the car, the people , time or the place that you can share? Al
  18. I would like to put an overdrive in my 1913 Cadillac four-cylinder. Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks.
  19. The master cyl / junction is on the same side, and the line is around 2 feet long. with the engine /bellhousing /master cylinder mounted on rubber, it and the fuel line is the only solid metal connections. so all torque and front to back movement of the engine will be transferred through it. I do agree my circle is bigger than the original and should be flatter, so it can't trap air, but it seems dangerous to put that much stress on a straight pipe,? I think it could fatigue and break..
  20. If it has heads installed it is a long block. Yes I have bought a few. No bad results. The only downside is that you don't know what parts they used to do the rebuild. If you call the remanufacturer they will tell you most of the time.
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