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  2. Yes, I am still getting over the shock! Many thanks for your ideas, thoughts and research. I will bear it all in mind, and not decide on the pistons to use, until I have stripped the engine and inspected the bottom end of the engine. At present I am attempting to find a method of fitting a plastic timing disc to easily find top dead centre and the position in the cylinder of the top of the existing piston with a dial gauge. Out of interest, I will also determine the valve timing's while I am doing the measuring. I think the only place I can fit this is on the starting handle. Hopefully, I can use the dial gauge to not only determine TDC but also use it to show me the valve timing of the inlet and exhaust valves. So far I have marked a position of the starting handle connection point to the engine, as it can fit two ways. I have got behind with my posts over the last week or so. This weekend, I hope to post more information regarding the 'coach trimming work' and other 'stuff' I have been doing on the car.
  3. I think you may have it. 1920 Dodge tourer below.
  4. 1940 Packard Model 1803 160 Club Sedan On Ebay
  5. It looks like a Dodge, but I think it's earlier than 1921.
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  7. To whomever would purchase this steering column --- I have a N.O.S. ++ G M ++ Turn signal Switch for it!!!!! Turn Signal Switch fits 1967 - 1968 Buick -- ONLY -- Always best to simply call me -- Craig -- 516 - 485 - 1935..….New York...
  8. I want to thank everyone for their interest and for the photos shown here. It may not seem like it, but each photo helps me to document where the car was and as I study each one, I can usually find something that is helpful in my research. All of the original photos that I have found have had a note on the back telling something about where the car was in the photo and that is why I am trying to find originals if I can. This is a huge project but I am enjoying the task LOL. Thanks again. Bob
  9. Hi All, My 1930 Desoto CF has AC C87H Spark plugs in it, I cannot find replacements or find a Cross reference plug for it .. What plug fits, or do you recommend for Australian conditions. Thanks
  10. You might use the spring to help loosen ball joint studs from the spindle, though. Jack and support the car, remove the wheel and brake backing plate, loosen (but DO NOT REMOVE) the nuts on the two ball joints by a few turns. Rap sharply on the spindle with a BFH beside the studs; they should pop loose. At this point, support the lower control arm, then remove and replace the spindle. And yeah, buy and read a service manual if you haven't done so already. I would also say that if you're pulling the spindle anyway, it would be a wonderful opportunity to check and replace (if necessary) the ball joints. And not to be too free with your time, but how are your springs? You're most of the way there on that one, as well.
  11. That's what I thought at first, but the images I checked had parallel radiator surround sides, where this truck above, the radiator surrounds seem to slope in at the sides? pic, 1923 Dodge Graham Canopy Express.
  12. Good job on that . I got a 1942 Packard Clipper in a trade and I has the straight 8 and it sat in a barn for 40 years and it only had 14 stuck valves . I have it Running now it needs glass and some body work, but we have drove it down to the corner and back. Im working on my 1930 Chrysler at this time
  13. Correct XframeFX - Buick never used gaskets on the exhaust manifolds, and they were bolted directly t the heads. A "used" manifold should be checked for flatness with a steel strait edge, and can be resurfaced prior to reinstallation.
  14. Mine is a 1930 and some on posted on the thread I Axidently deleted said to use soft shoes on it so as to not hurt the steel drums . The drums are 11 inches and the shoes are 1 1/.2 wide. the lining is just getting to the rivets in places. Ive had other things to do but Im getting parts around. I have to put new points in he distributor and I just like that little distributor with 6 wires going in it. I have a 1939 Chevy and I converted the distributor to electronic .Haven’t put it in yet ,I started driving it before it was done .
  15. Betty Jean, posting pics here is almost trivial. If you need help doing that, I am willing to assist. Please let me know.
  16. Price on the OP's item seems excessivle to me based on what's there and its condition.
  17. Because I'm supposed to be giving "guided tours". If you can find a car worth talking about. Unless you like to talk about rice burners and new Mustangs. As a matter of fact, one could argue that the better the show, the less reason to put your car in it. Park in the lot, walk in, see what you want, then leave when you want. All in all, a much more accommodating experience.
  18. i also have a 68 lesabre parts car here, if something is needed
  19. yes i do, its in the garage now as the car was parted out, but yes i still have it my email is
  20. It looks as if it is the same as 37 Buick 80 then. I obtained one of those starter drives from Bobs Automobilia in fairly recent times (maybe 4 years ago).
  21. Wow, great link Bloo. Lots of excellent reference material. dunno about that. Anyway, let it go. Now, interchanges for the starter drive:
  22. ... thanks guys. Your right Al that is most likely the story with the last digit. The boot itself however is actually very pliable and like new so is most likely if not factory than aftermarket boot from the 70's or 80's - perhaps. Anyways, bought the boot without a lot of thought or effort on my part. The ebay seller indicated that the box was to come with the boot but just the boot arrived. The box has the part number but the rubber seal has no I.D. or part number embossed upon it. Cost me $ 15 so no big deal ... did not do my usual due diligence and this is what happens. I know that the 57 does not have an external boot so thought it was something additional and did not look up the part number just to see ... don't know what I was thinking 😴 Al, I know you have a 53 and if you could use this boot let me know and I will ship it out to you free of charge. If Al does not want it then anyone else who could use it is welcome to it. As far as fitment goes I have no idea but It is soft, pliable and undamaged. - dave
  23. From what I remember do not use gaskets between the head and the exhaust manifold. Am I correct? John B.
  24. Interesting idler pulley for the a/c belt. Yours or a previous owner's idea. Tom's suggestion of a double belt setup would allow you to get rid of that homemade pulley. Edit: For you to install a double pulley setup, you'd need a different set of pulleys, crank and water pump, each with double groves.
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