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  2. College painter is going to have more wrapped up in transportation than he bid on the cars.
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  4. Monday,October 14 was Canadian Thanksgiving Day and the last day for advanced polls for the soon-coming federal election. We drove the '29 McLaughlin-Buick to vote. We obviously voted for the only political party that is campaigning to push through more pipelines and keep Canada's economy steady. That old Buick needs an assured supply of fuel !
  5. Looking for a front fender as the title reads. Excellent original prefer in the Ohio area for pick up. Will consider other areas if you're willing to ship. Please PM price and photos. Thanks Charley
  6. I was looking at my new OPG sale catalog and noticed that there two styles of sill plates. Which style is correct for 64 short ribs running the width or the long ribs that run the length? I have the long rib, but that does not mean a thing. What is correct? Art
  7. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Thanks,Ive contacted the administration of aaca...I was half asleep on the job.
  9. Hi Steve, This car is equipped with manual windows, thanks for asking.
  10. My dad felt the same way about Ford until his dying day. I have little or no brand loyalty, Ed. I've owned German, Jap, American, Korean, Italian and as far as I'm concerned everyone of them within a given price category are pretty much the same. Little more than an expensive commodity assembled from parts sourced from a common supplier offering adequate quality at the lowest price...........Bob
  11. Wait a minute!! Are you really saying a gap of .0050 or is it .050, there is a huge difference here? Art
  12. When you are speaking to potential employers and shop owners please be very clear and honest with your own personal abilities. Not having experience doing something is not a bad thing but over selling what you can sucsessfully complete is. Be very clear what your strengths and weakness is. It will encourage rather than discourage that you have realistic goals and abilities. it also show humility and a willingness to increase you knowledge and skills. Also you must understand that the learning curve to get good at anything that involves skill has a whole lot of sucking before it starts to pay off. Don't give up. There is huge reward in this industry, not just in being able to be the guy that can repair what others can't but a industry that is in desperate need of skilled people. This equates to job security. Good Luck
  13. Rodi

    Floor mats

    New in the plastic front and rear carpet floor mats for a 1986 Riv red/ maroon color. $100.00 plus shipping Bloomsburg PA.
  14. Hi Does it have power windows? If so I need the rear regulators. thank you steve
  15. I realised immediately after sending the Ad' thru,very tired & nearly asleep. How do I transfer these ads to "For Sale" or to Cancel them ?
  16. special build coupe deville with experimental AC..we have GM historical factory pixs of system being tested during installation orig build sheet states 'send to styling after F-20 mechanical' and lists mods as follows: color, trim 'changed by styling to 0-00 orlon simulated 'convertible' tan roof cover gold flake 16 cylinder 1936 special mix BLACK paint gold plated interior trim with veneer faced dash and door panel toppers U S Royal Master whitewalls solid car, spent most of its life in Calif but needs total restoration and deserving of the best $35,000 firm see add'l pixs on los angeles craigslist autos for sale search '1951 cadillac' email owner Menlo park,cal
  17. Nice manual. This manual is for the first Auto with a 346.3 cubic inch 90 degree flathead V8 with detachable cylinder heads that was released on January 15th of 1915. Completely different than the Cadillac V8 released in October of 1914 that had a 60 degree solid cylinder heads configuration and was much smaller. It is a good read on one of the important V8's in automotive history.
  18. Hi Doug ... I would like to consider doing that but I actually live in a suburb of Toronto Canada. Any Tax Receipt is not of any value what-so-ever. Would you please consider writing to me directly >>> ... Thanks for any courtesies ... Lorne Shields
  19. I adjusted the throttle and gearbox linkage- smooth, gentle gear changes at light throttle are possible. I just need to work on getting the free play out of the connecting rods because they're worn and a number are missing their springs. Phil
  20. It is an Ohio plate...1908-09. The numbers are 1924. Also note the slight upturn on the rear fender.
  21. Here is another 1913 model M, Engine number 6410
  22. That, $500 of dealer options (a large portion goes to the salesman), and closing the deal on the last day of the month will get you the best deal in the house. I am pretty receptive to technology, but rubbing fingers on screens just seems fidgety. I'll stick with the voice command on the BMW, am old one.
  23. Everything is too much money.........just saying..........
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