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  2. The best source for 1936-1941 Buick parts such as that is Dave Tacheny. You can best reach him by calling him between 4 and 7 pm Central time at 763-427-3460 on weekdays.
  3. With the exception of getting out to go to a food stand, what do the golf cart people do? Bob
  4. Around here, with a green light, you have to wait for the intersection to be cleared before proceeding .... it's like a choo choo train effect... they are running the red light and they are bumper to bumper while they are doing it - unbelievable ! Steve
  5. I would think disconnecting the positive should be sufficient. As long as the engine is not turning over there will be no voltage generated that can do harm. If you disconnect just the NEG thermal on the battery (on a NEG ground car) there are ways that under the wrong circumstances an alternate path to ground can be established and harm done. The idea of a multi-pole switch makes perfect sense when the need to completely disconnect a running car is required. As mentioned, a competition car would need to completely shut down the electric connections especially when an accident might have happened.
  6. 1989 Bentley Turbo R
  7. 80 Vette with 3rd it really goes!
  8. 1977 Maserati Khamsin
  9. According to the program the swap meet is all day Saturday too, nothing with the car show would prevent the vendors from vending!
  10. 1927 Model 8B Gardner Imperial Sedan 299CID on the 125" W/B 8 cylinder
  11. For winter storage, I've been disconnecting the positive terminal on the battery, then once a month, hook it up and attach the trickle charger, run the engine, then disconnect it again.... just wondering if both pos & neg terminals should be disconnected during storage ? Thanks Steve
  12. Would you consider donating it to the Dodge Brothers Club? I am chairman of the Historical Research Committee and I know we don't have one in our literature collection. It would be a good addition to our collection. We are a 501-c-3 and I will make sure you get a tax document, you add the value. contact me by PM. Doug
  13. 1939 Buick Special, I need the front nose, body assembly, that goes from the hoods, down the middle, between the head lights, between the grills and attaches to a panel that goes across the bottom of the grills. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks Gene
  14. Well, I am a rube. As I get older, I follow the rules of the road closer, because I don't want to have lived such a great life and end up a highway statistic. I look both ways on green lights, drive slower than a lot of people, and am constantly checking mirrors and on ramps and other lanes for fools, or as the song goes, gunners, who think anyone in their way is a fool...ever been passed on the right, while being in the right lane, at an exit? I don't give a flying flip if he endangers his own life, but when it comes to endangering me and my family, I get really pissed. I had a fellow tailgate me, and he was so mad he followed me into my subdivision. There's a T where I could make a U-turn, did so, stopped him and said what's the problem? He said you're impeding my progress, you're breaking the law. I said I was going speed limit. He said I don't care, I wanted to go faster and you were in my way , I should call the cops. Please do, I begged.....
  15. I picked up this antique master switch at Hershey this past week, and I'm looking for help in finding out more about it.
  16. I enjoy Hershey every year and thank all those who put on a great flea market and great car show. There needs to be someone managing traffic at the PA 39 end of Boathouse Road in the evening. On Thursday and Friday evenings at around 5PM, there is traffic from spectators leaving the two lots at the end of Boathouse Road. I went back to my trailer on Boathouse Road those two afternoons and had the opportunity to pull out with this traffic. There is two lanes of traffic headed north and two lanes of traffic going south toward Hershey Park Drive. It is a very unsafe condition for cars pulling out and going south who have to cross two lanes of traffic and merge with traffic going south towards Hershey Park Drive. I was told there was someone there until about 4:30, but then they left. There needs to be someone there until at least 5 or 5:30. Bill
  17. I'll be anxious to hear how your method works out. We all are continually looking for ways to keep these cars in peak operating condition. Bob Engle
  18. Wonder how all the professional car haulers handle this problem with six cars on their way to and from Pebble Beach and other points during the year? Bob
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