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  2. Got any details on the breaker and/or pics of your 2g set up? I did order a 120 amp alternator and that Year One harness adapter.
  3. And does Parker pick the Packards that get parked at Parker Packards or does Parker have a parker who picks the Packards to be parked at Parker's Packards?
  4. September and October are tough months for our small staff (we are also on person short until Monday). We have to answer hundreds of calls, emails and letters about Hershey and many are time consuming but we do our best to give everyone the time they need. We have hundreds of items to be priced, folded and separated and loaded into two trailers for the fall meet. We have trophies to make up and package for 1200 cars at the meet and then we have all the engraving that we do in-house for the show. On top of that there are a myriad of other normal day-to-day duties. Our software does not allow us to enter 2020 until we close out 2019 membership. We have done that since coming back from Hershey and begun the massive job of separating thousands of replies based upon orders and donations that come in with dues. Data has to be entered and none of this is automated. This is no simple task. We start all this process early so we have a few months to get everything done for the 2020 year. If we waited until later members would not get their cards until later in the first quarter. The staff at AACA is fully cognizant that our members in part pay our salaries. What you do not see is the massive number of hours put in as volunteers by the staff in order for us to get the job done. Nights and weekends are normal for many of our crew. They do this because they care and are here to serve. At this point, adding staff is not in our budget so we do the best we can. Unless you have spent any time in this office you would not have anyway to comprehend how much work has to be done by national headquarters. In fact, we also have two meets left to service for this year as well so sending merchandise and trophies to Mobile and Fallbrook are all added to the mix. No easy task folks.
  5. Hello, I have a 1954 Buick Special with 3 speed on the column and the Trans Control Lever broke yesterday. I have called everywhere trying to locate one to no avail. Does anyone have any idea of where to look? I know I could change the whole column out but I am trying to keep the car original. The problem is they only made a few of these that were straight shift and every old parts place is saying "Good Luck". Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  6. I happened to check mine last weekend, it was a very tight fit also.
  7. I assume after all this time the engine has been sold
  8. Unless you're concerned about having the car look original, i'd replace it with a higher amp version. My charging circuit was burned, I replaced it with a much larger gauge wire. The original is 10 gauge, and according to online load calculators, it was very undersized for future upgrades (electric fans, stereo, possibly air ride). I went with a 140 amp alt (with a breaker), and 2 gauge charging wire (including a ground to the battery from the alternator).
  9. This is what mine in the 64 looks like currently? Is there a reflector housing or lens? My mercury switch and light do work at least! haven’t been able to find any pics or parts listed. Thanks!
  10. Just received in the mail yesterday and I saw a familiar vehicle... Congrats John.....Beautiful Chevrolet ! Steve
  11. So, highly unlikely but possible.
  12. And if the circumference of the tires differs by a hair the cumulative difference adds up when they turn over a few thousand times.
  13. I am surprised I didn't post this when the topic was current. I just enjoy the hell out of this video. It's long, but I have watched it 3 or 4 times. I guess I will watch it later today, too.
  14. I am installing a new engine and dash wiring harness in my 1941 Buick. While inspecting my work I noticed that the two contacts on the starter solenoid relay (one connects to vacuum switch on carburetor and other goes to voltage regulator G terminal) are closed, even with nothing attached to them (and no battery in place). Are these 'normally closed' contacts? (note: the engine started just fine before I started this project so I suspect the relay is OK. I just need to know I didn't mess anything up.)
  15. Question from a dues paying member, who pays their dues on the AACA website: Hi, When should I expect to receive my new ID cards for this September 17th renewal? Response from the office that gets paid by the dues: The same time that the first renewal notice for the new member year is sent to the members we are getting ready for a big national show in Hershey, PA. There is a lot of preparation that goes into getting ready for the Hershey show. This year we closed the office during the show and the whole staff worked at the event. After the show there is still a lot to do. We are still trying to get everything finalized. Starting this week we are focusing on processing the 2020 membership payments that have been received. Membership cards will be printed and mailed in early November. AACA National Headquarters Membership Dept
  16. I really wish that the classifieds on this site would grow some legs and get more action. The potential is limitless. I sold a car here a few years ago, and some parts. I just sold a part to member who saw it in the back round of a photo of some things I was bringing to Hershey this year, so you never know.... There might be room for some sub-forums to keep things from going to page 2? such as: ebay auctions of interest GM parts, Ford Parts, Mopar parts,, other parts. Literature. I realize that this all takes work and also comes with a cost. Maybe even a small charge to non AACA members (sort of like Craigslist does now for cars) and maybe some sort of motivation to get people to join this great club, making it free to members? Just random ideas, I don't want to hijack the post. I came in the house to get another cup of coffee and was checking the site decided if I don't say it now I never will.
  17. I am looking for the licence plate illumination lens on a 37 Buick coupe. They are on the top of the left hand tail light. Sedans never had them. Maybe someone who is customizing their car would have a "donor" for an original restoration? Thanks in advance.
  18. I happened to drive a v. similar car back in Sept, 1998, at the 25th Dutch Lancia club meet : These are very expensive cars to repair/restore, and the then current owner was worried about a engine knock that would appear... The greatest problem is that many Flaminias just don't bring much when its time for resale, with the exception of the Zagato bodied version, which has entered into silly money levels. Here is another article concerning a Flaminia Touring boded coupe, which is a real beauty when finished : I still have a pair of Lancia Fulvias, both 1967 US versions, a 1.3 Coupe and a 1.3 Zagato. Well made, interesting, fun cars to work on and drive. But very different from the larger Flaminia series.
  19. If you bring your Packard to Parker's Packard, find out who parks your Packard, Parker, or does Parker have a parker who parks your Packard at Parker's Packards? I asked him on another forum and I think Parker might be a parker.
  20. Actually this is not the first time I heard this question asked, and it is a good question. There really is no such thing as a bad question, if we never ask we will never know.
  21. Just roll her out and have a look inside. It is not that big a job. I had a little squeak, squeak, squeak at slow speeds, only one way to figure it out. And I never would have found this looking and listening. That's my '60 with a different configuration but a worn out piece buried deep inside. It's a $15 part and a few hours of work. The dangerous part is getting carried away and doing a bunch of other stuff. It doesn't have to go back in like this
  22. Also, in a turn, the rear wheels track a more "inner" line than the front wheels (with the possible exception of 4-wheel steering) , so all four wheels will have traveled differing amounts in any one curve or turn.
  23. I think Dave is right about the instrument panel going bad. The following is from a how-to guide on my website. It mentions the key as possibly being the problem. You might want to check that. The dashboard goes dark and Speedometer shows 00 and the word ERROR comes on. The orange idiot light also comes on showing "Electrical Problem". This is a common problem that is usually caused by one of three things: A bad connection at the dash, a bad key switch, or a bad dash unit. First clean the key and spray some cleaner in the switch. Try another ignition key. If that did not fix it, remove the dash unit and make sure all of the contacts on the back of the dash unit were tight and clean. You might find this helpful: Digital Dash Panel [IPC] Removal - '90 & '91 Models
  24. Or you could "settle" for a 63 or a 64. Subtle differences. Mechanically the 63, 64, and 65 are mainly different in their transmissions. The 63 has the Dynaflow; the 64 has the ST400, and the 65 has the ST400 with variable pitch torque converter. 63 and 64 share the same body whereas the 65 has the hidden headlights and the tail lights in the bumper. Others may chime in with the other little differences but most are cosmetic only. Once you're behind the wheel and on the road, there's little, if any, discernable differences. The 63 that you pictured is a base model if I've ever seen one.. The only option shown on the data plate is the provision for a radio. Things like a tilt wheel, power windows and seats, air conditioning, and tinted glass make your ride a little more comfortable.
  25. The crossover buyers are dying off. That market is for the aging population that can't get in and out of low setting vehicles. The height of my '60 Buick and the contour of it's seats make it about the lowest vehicle my wife can handle. I am still flexible enough for any container on wheels, but for a new one I would have to be looking at something with an ass high seat. She has a Tahoe now and that will probably be her last personal car. Gearing up for the millennial market will be interesting. I think you will see two car couples. The low mileage driver will lease and the higher mileage driver will buy an off lease 36 month old car. That seems to be the new routine I have seen develop. A clean off lease car is selling for a little less than sticker price on the used car market. For a couple of years I have been watching $70,000 trucks coming of lease at $35,000 in nearly new condition and under 30,000 miles. Bernie
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