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  2. They are BIG, and I mean BIG. A friend back home has an unrestored one with 150 miles on it. Rides like a brick bouncing up and down on a concrete wall...........but they are COOL!
  3. The hub cap may be Dodge but the rest of the wheel is perhaps "Motor Wheel" or one of the other wheel manufacturers. I do not understand how a hub and/or felloe would be different from each other another. The spokes look like they might be new and if so the photo is showing a space at the end of the spoke that should not be there. From the photo if this were my wheel and it was newly re-spoked I would want it redone at no charge and certainly would not drive the car on this wheel.
  4. George, the article was on 1934 Packard 12’s........which is what I was implying. Which, by coincidence is what I will Be working on tomorrow..................stop by and I’ll give you a ride.
  5. I trust you're not referring to 1938-39, Ed.... 🙂
  6. As I stated in ad. NOT MINE. I have never seen it.....But if I was 40 years younger.....Hmmm
  7. Also........let’s hear about the paint you invented. Sounds interesting..........thanks. Ed.
  8. This is the issue " the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole" . What I have are .pdfs of compete service manuals for 89-91 Reattas, a parts aand accessories manual, and some period Delco Radio manuals. The only limitation is that the .pfs are scans and not searchable. I have been sending people/ forums individual pages with no charge for "teaching purposes" but each SM is over 1000 pages. Today only the 89 paper manual is available from Helm. That said it is much easier to just tell someone with a question what page in the SM to check for the answer to their question. Bishko has a number of manuals on CD and is a valuable resource but only for some cars.
  9. Trigonometry being what it is, the further apart the posts are the less front-to-back adjustment you have. But if you're going to be constantly unbolting and moving the lift, why not put in three sets of anchor bolts? You could put one set by the wall, a second at 105", and a third at 135". That should cover all your bases.
  10. I would not think 500 miles as being broken in. My 1953 Buick took nearly 5,000 miles before the performance and mileage improved to what I thought was normal. It was almost 3,000 miles before the mileage started to improve from 9-10 mpg, then there was an improvement at almost every fill-up.
  11. That's a great deal... driving down prices for me and @MrEarl. Ha ha ha. JK
  12. Nice! Yes, Walt and I do a lot of business together. One of my favorite guys. He has somehow amassed a massive collection of Grahams, although by his own admission he never set out to do it. Walking through one of his facilities, we kept finding cars he forgot he owned. LOL
  13. And we think 20’s sedan projects are tough selling...
  14. One way to eliminate the tape line is to overlap the tape on a sharp edge or high crown and fold back 1/2 of the tape. That will make an air dam and not to much paint will get in there. Then lightly buff the line.
  15. Tap the dash in front of the fuel gauge with a couple knuckles before you start with wrenches
  16. I actually have a sample of the 1931 Pierce Arrow paint you are talking about. It was called Platinum Silver, and had a light metallic in it, it was very, very fine metallic. It was NOT color stable, and shifted to a darker color ending up in a very muddy brown/silver final color after a few years. It was used on a 1931 Pierce Arrow Series 42 Dual Cowl show car. I think it originally was a bright silver, and the sample I saw in the early 70’s was about 90 percent turned, except under some tape. That still looked pretty good, and within a fer months shifted brown to dark brown. Pierce was owned by Stude at that it’s a good bet the two colors are the same. I have a newspaper article saying the Platinum Sliver was “brilliant and bright”. So I think a nice silver today with a very, very small metallic flake would be a fair representation. Thanks for the color lesson.........and I agree, build your to look different than all the rest. 👍
  17. Cleaned, straightened and painted the sash channel. Phil
  18. The code numbers for the wheels that @steelman mentioned above are: No code for the 65 only wheel 802 code for the 66 - early 67 wheel - drum brake cars 853 code for the late 67 - 70 wheel - disc brake cars 895 code for the 71 - 78 wheel - disc brake and a different back spacing than the previous ones. There's a chart on the Riv Owner's website in the Tech Tips section that gives all of the dimensioins. Ed
  19. It is in storage. I will take a photo the next time I am there, and will then post it here.
  20. No price. was drivable before I fixed it. Now it’s all apart. Notice it doesn’t say it swam before he took it apart. Lots of strange and crazy systems in a DUCK, and when they are perfect restorations, they drive like sxxt.
  21. There used to be this semi mental homeless guy that always seemed to like his spot on the right side of Nathans. He was always talking to the fire hydrant or yelling at the telephone pole. But for years he was always there and we always bought him a dog and fries with a coke. It was like like you flipped his switch and he would have a conversation with like a hedge fund manager while he ate. We would turn onto surf avenue and there he would be. Year after year, 3 times a year, till dad passed. And he remembered us. Been 12 years now since I was last there. P.C.Richard roofing ( not the appliance place which my grandfather also started) roofed half of Coney Island I think starting in the 30's. Richards Hardware started in Bensonhurst.
  22. Who builds a Packard 12 motor, weather for Pebble or not, without replacing the crappy timing cover that is junK? Seems the 4K for the cover is just too expensive........another “budget” Pebble Beach restoration. Wonder if it will finish the tour. Last time I checked, Packard 12’s are fairly common, unless they have a split windshield. 🤔
  23. These are NOS Foxcraft skirts that were in the original sealed box marked to fit the 53 Buick. They do not fit my 53 Roadmaster 2door. Any idea what they might fit?
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