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  2. thanks for the input, I/we are familiar with all 3 of those, unfortunately, none are present---we have pushed in the escutcheon as far as we can and there is no clip or pin. i've searched until I can't see straight and can't find anything specific on these, I'm hoping someone on here will have some personal experience with them. thanks
  3. Mine is all brass colored, the background is darker in appearance due to "patina". Love that word!
  4. Good suggestion, I am afraid that some of the hot tank stuff could attack any softer metals inside the gearbox. I likely could fill it up with the molasses mix and stir it around with a stick once a day. How is the procedure to remove the molasses, use pressure washer?
  5. I am not familiar with Essex specifically but there are only three was the are retained. A machine screw through the handle (very obvious), a pin or a horse shoe spring clip both of which you can see and remove by pushing the escutcheon in against the upholstery.
  6. The clutch disc may be stuck to the flywheel. This happened to mine while it was stored for a couple years. We towed it slowly with it in gear while pushing the pedal in and out and it freed itself. That's the first and essential step, free up the clutch. Then as trimacar says, take off the body sheet metal transmission cover and manually push or pull the lever into neutral while the clutch pedal is depressed. No electrical power or vacuum is needed to do this. Old timers who drove Cords for everyday transportation when they were just used cars carried a "clutch stick" to hold the clutch pedal in when the need for manual shifting arose and no one was there to help. Some Cord owners even just left the sheet metal cover off after a few episodes of being stuck in gear! The sheet metal cover on my Cord was neatly trap door'ed by a previous owner so access to the lever could be easily had. A more sophisticated approach is to re attach the Cord medallion so it swivels out of the way to access a hole drilled behind it, to allow a rod crafted to either push or pull to enter through it for manual shifting. There is an excellent transmission manual obtainable from the ACD Club that would be very helpful for sorting out the car's gear box problems. A little cussing could help too....
  7. I purchased a pair of vintage doors from an estate sale.The owner used to collect vintage cars, which included 1970 Porsche 911, 1957 Ferrari GT 250, Mercedes, etc, etc. I thought they might be from a Porsche...I cannot find any markings on the door? Any id help would be greatly appreciated. The door measure 15" in height x 30" Thanks in advance
  8. Ok, Here's a '39 Chev Sedan Delivery, but yours has a center bolt hole....we're getting warm.
  9. I'm attempting to make a computer model of the Zephyr engine. I did this with the Ford Flathead V8 using factory blueprints, but have none for the Zephyr engine. I'm using a gasket set and photos, but there are a few important dimensions I need. I don't have a block, crankshaft or camshaft to measure. If any of you guys have an engine apart and are willing to take a couple pictures with a ruler in place I'd appreciate it. I 3D print the Flathead V8 block and want to do the same for the zeyphr V12. Anyone willing to help with this project in a more detailed fashion will be rewarded with printed models of the results. Thanks, Ray Federowicz
  10. I can't tell from your avatar do your bumper clamps have the red on them too, and the black paint on your rad shell?
  11. A serial number with a "C" prefix was built in Southgate, California. Style No. is Series 26 (Chieftain Six), 2-dr sed.-cpe.-5P weight 3400 pounds. From the Standard Catalog of Pontiac 1926-1995. Sorry I don't have information on trim and paint. "VIN" numbers as we know them today did not come about until 1981. Between the 60's and 1981 we were working towards what we now call a "VIN" vehicle identification number Double-check to make sure that you have the right VIN and have copied it down correctly. Once you have verified that the VIN is definitely less than 17 characters, the VIN is most likely from a pre-1981 vehicle. Prior to 1981, VINs varied in length from 11 to 17 characters. AutoCheck can only report on vehicles that use a 17 character VIN. Therefore, information on vehicles manufactured before 1981 is limited.
  12. Hey gang, My buddy has a '29 essex that he will be doing some interior work to, we're trying to get the interior door latch handles off so we can pull the door panels. we can't find any clips or pins anywhere and don't see anything obvious that will help. if anyone has any experience pulling these off please chime in, also, pictures would be helpful. thanks,
  13. I don't think so, but I am sure it's just a fad! 🙄 At least that is what will happen if I ever join it.
  14. Just thought Id share these photos. Whoever came up with trim for 41 sure had an artistic bent!
  15. Yeah that makes more sense. Maybe a rubber hose from the over flow on the cap? -Ron
  16. Don't those metal containers sweat a lot? It appears to me that the sealed containers cause rust and corrosion issues.
  17. Give us a few pics of the distributor and if you can get one down the hole, with and without tape measure. Remember, pictures are worth a thousand words. When you measured down the hole and the distributor shaft were the measurements the same? Maybe it will take a bigger hammer???? LOL
  18. Love the body style, but that not running part is always a little scary. Hope for needing a tune up, but budget for an expensive comprehensive rebuild. Interior will cost some $$ as well. Doesn't look like there is anything but springs left. Atleast it's rust free looking.
  19. You might try checking the various Buick Parts groups on FB. There have been several 71 & 72 Rivs listed as being parted out. The groups are searchable for keywords.
  20. Use the vacuum hose to the wiper motor. Ben
  21. I think JohnD is pretty close. The shop manual shows only one model in the Super, 56S , 2 door 6 passenger Jetback Sedanet. Ben
  22. I did a bit of further checking because of the ask relating to Volvo P1800. There was early on a friendship developing between Luigi Segre of Ghia and Virgil Exner of Chrysler, partly because Segre could speak fluent english and Chrysler wanted Ghia to build some show cars. Segre had begun work on the KG concept about the same time Exner was doing concept work for Chrysler, including the Chrysler d'Elegance in 1952. Historians have not been able to attribute the design influence of one on the other, as they were working collaborativly on the d'Elegance at same time the KG was in design. Clearly some elements of the d'Elegance (in particular the curved coupe style rear quarters) are also on the KG, but whether those were Segre's ideas or Exner's is for debate. Suffice to say both cars evolved at same time, and Segre and Exner were close friends as well as concept designers. The P1800 Volvo was a "later sister project" coming out of the Frua/Ghia design group, starting with a mid-late 50's prototype and eventual; production in 1961. Volvo's own designer Petterson had a role along with Segre and others from Frua/Ghia, thus the common elements. In this snapshot of "design influence" of one designer on another, the results are not dissimilar to the sharing/stealing/influencing/etc that has gone on for decades in automotive design. While some unique car designs seem to come out of nowhere (the first Beetle for example) or appear to be revolutionary in shape (late 40's Hudson/Packard), most cars evolved from the gradual adoption of features appearing elsewhere, 1950's Fins being a glowing example.
  23. I would try molasses and water. It works great and is totally biodegradable.
  24. Not my listing: 63 64 65 Buick Riviera Gas Fuel Tank 1963 1964 1965 Buy It Now: US $350.00
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  26. Is there anyone that has the ability to reproduce old Stewart Warner speedometer and tachometer needle pointers? Or even better yet NOS !
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