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  2. Steve, Your bodywork skills are impressive. Dick Arnett 29 HUPP
  3. Take a flat file and shine up the copper on both sides of the banjo and also on the top of the tank or vacuum tank, and on the caps. A little Permatex helps too.
  4. 395 point judged 1971 "If you want the best."
  5. I was able to get the center plug out of the top of the vacuum pump tank and I had a small plastic funnel that fit in it perfectly that came w my steam cleaner machine.
  6. Only thing I did bend a little the fuel pick up banjo to get the crush washer out from under it when we removed the old tank. i did not get new crush washers yet as I could not find them locally, I’ll try a little permatex on them tomorrow till I can get new ones in the correct size. Wherever I can find them!!??
  7. Oh. Just south of Keene. In the town of Swanzey. The old gent that had it could get in it. But could not get out after he sat down in the big old low rider seat.
  8. Yes he would. That and the fact that he was a big fan of the Lincoln Town Cars of that era. We had a 72 or 73 growing up and I sold a 79 he had. He bought two 79’s, the ex got the other one. I had a LTD that my grandfather bought me. I think it was a 80 something. I put a lot of miles on it and it was still running fine when I traded it in. Dad grew up outside Detriot.
  9. Nice find Dave! My father raised me in Goffstown, NH, outside of Manchester. Still have family there. What town was the car in?
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  11. Ohh Ohh… It is a Motorsorusus...Rare and before the days of the dinosorususes.
  12. What a Boat, a gas guzzling, over weight, yacht from the days before the energy embargo of 73. A piece of the Detroit Iron Mountain of yesteryear. I'm sure you Dad would love it being a Ford man himself.
  13. I also suggest a set of left handed drill bits. Harbor freight has them. But not for the throttle plate screws, they need to continue through the shaft, like CarbKing says.
  14. No it means I have 4 Reattas already and I really don't need one more. But if you really want to drop the price by $100.00 a day at 20 days it will be too good a deal to pass up.
  15. Circa 1922 Special Six Studebaker Roadster?
  16. I'm going to run some seafoam through my Thunderbird with a non-original mercury 390 2 bbl engine. The engine runs quiet and doesn't smoke at all. The compression numbers look healthy and high, but there's one errant cylinder that's registering wee bit higher than all of the rest, which are about 152 to 166 warm (not hot.) I figured it was probably some carbon deposits in the high cylinder, and reading this thread makes me think that more. Nice Riviera's. I love the first and second generations, especially '63-4 and 1970 versions. I would like to own one some day. Personal luxury rules!
  17. Jim: Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated! I'm going to give it a shot Saturday morning.
  18. It is some sort of screw someone cross threaded into it. Somebody has tried in the past to work on them in the past... but was not patient. I got the main carb almost all the way torn down... the shafts (at least 1) are going to have to be replaced. The one jet of course has had an attempt in the past to be taken out and no longer has a slot in the head... gonna have to get out the "easy outs" (I have never understood why they call them easy... if you need them there is generally nothing easy about it).
  19. I understand the supply and demand idea - just thought maybe they produced a gazillion of them, or that there was something very wrong with them compared to the other series. Curiosity working overtime I guess.
  20. So, Could not help myself. Bought a 1971 Ford LTD Rag Top and have been working a few bugs out of it. Nothing is in full bloom here quite yet but it is not far away. There was still piles of snow over in New Hampshire where I picked up the car and then brought it back the Hudson Valley.
  21. Hey all, I had a nice visit with my dad today. He always enjoys seeing Patsy Cline, as he is a huge animal lover, especially dogs. He asked me who I was and I told him. Then he said, “If you have any problems, just call me. I’m not saying I can solve them all, but I will try”. 💕 (I had been trying not to cry and wiping away tears, while trying to hide it from him. I get very emotional with each visit, no matter how hard I try not to. I’m actually pretty emotional all the time these days.) I completely forgot to show him the pics of the Jeepster, but I will next time. I have to be careful about sharing pics from the past, or reminding him of the past. It sometimes confuses him and brings out behavior issues, which complicates his care. This disease has taken a lot from him, and he’s not really there anymore, but it hasn’t taken his heart. I know some of you have followed my story for years and thought you might like to see a pic of him.
  22. What Edinmass said. I found a couple of possible bearings for you anyway. The Timken Thrust Bearing catalogue is downloadable.
  23. Machine a new collar, and use a modern over the counter will save time and money. Parts are just about impossible.
  24. I would totally drive that. It's no more grotesque than, say, a Hummer limo and at least it's got a personality other than "douchebag."
  25. Timken list this one: and this one:
  26. Anything stamped onto the bearing? and what brand, if so?
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