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  2. I like brother Heil have a degree from Michigan. Work smarter, not harder.
  3. Flowing only 26 percent. Wow. How did someone manage that, Ed? From MANY years of experience, I believe most "overheating" problems are "under cooling" due to plugged radiators or too small radiators. Easy to check. Ben
  4. I know a collector who has a very early diesel bicycle built in Germany. Interesting how it obtains the high compression necessary. .
  5. I should add "who says new is intrinsically better?" As often as not it is just cheaper. Were pot-metal carburetors better than bronze or aluminum ones? They may have been from a design standpoint but the use of pot metal was a cost saving feature, not an improvement. The same rubric applies to many items in everyday life.
  6. That is the issue ! I will keep researching - I know I found something more appropriate, but have not dealt with the issue in a couple years (and hate to say it but most stuff I have touched recently has the smaller lighter duty ones and I have been more frying other fish).
  7. I would be happy if one of my friends had the money just to buy it. Not my taste but there is A LOT of hours $pent on this one
  8. Great photos......I wouldn't have walked the entire thing if I knew you were going to post all the cars!
  9. Nickel plated brass gas cap with vent stack. Threads are 2-1/2 - 14 ; Hex is 1-5/8; fine knurl around outside diameter What make used a cap like this ?
  10. Nice day today and I'm stuck at home so I broke out the dish soap, 2000 grit and water. Then got busy with 2 grades of polish. Then a bit of wax. Still got a lot to do but it's looking better. Phil
  11. 300 amp starting at 12's easy to pull 800 amps on a six volt big car............I won't get into voltage drop under load to the coils when cranking for extended periods of time............
  12. These people have great products if they have what you are looking for.
  13. Caveat Emptor The doctrine of caveat emptor or “let the buyer beware”—is based on the notion that purchasers must fend for themselves, seeking protection by express warranties from the vendor or by independent examination of the premises. If they fail to do so, they are often without recourse.
  14. They are closed over the weekend. I’ll try Monday morning and see what, if anything, I can do.
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  16. One sold at Hershey this year at RM. They are interesting assembled cars from St Louis. Like Moon and Ruxton.
  17. Somewhere in the forum are some pictures of the 29 Phaeton that sold a few years ago. I'll have to look around.
  18. I don't wish to be impolite.........but the car should be easy to diagnose and repair. I have never seen an overheating car that took me more than three hours to figure out what was wrong. Too many guesses and what if's. Go through the system, step by step, its either right or its not. Recently fixed an overheating issue on a big early car that had been to three shops...........I started from scratch, went through the car, and came up with a conclusion in under two hours, then spent 25 hours proving my diagnosis.........that was the difficult part...........PROVE scientifically what is wrong, then fix it, and CONTINUE to test until all aspects are operating at 100 percent. Today too many people are afraid to get into the project, do actual work, and fix it. It takes time and both are hard to come by. The car I fixed that was in several other shops had a new radiator...........installed incorrectly and would only flow 26 percent of one was willing to pull apart a 100 point car, and properly test it to determine if the new radiator was functioning wasn't. Simple to figure out.......if you're not worried about time...........
  19. 1917 1 ton truck only 4 left about half done, want to sell over 60,000 in it sell for 18,500 extra parts go with it, new wheels, tires and a lot more. Thank you
  20. Thank you John, my friend is the one looking and he thought there was a third model with the 3 piece rear glass and he told me skylark. I have owned and been around classics for a while. Own 57 Chevy Cameo RestoMod www.parisbradley.US
  21. NOT MINE I have a 1954 Packard Clipper dash for sale, in very nice condition with everything there, looking to get $500 OBO
  22. NOT MINE I have a 1954 Packard Clipper dash for sale, in very nice condition with everything there, looking to get $500 OBO
  23. I agree with Ransom Eli: A very nice, elegant solution. Thanks for posting the photos and your comments. (I like the truck, by the way.) Phil
  24. There was a Diesel racer built and run in Indy in 1922 if I am not mistaken. They ran a catylatic converter to knock down the smell and smoke.
  25. I have limited knowledge on the interchange between 1936 and 1937 but I doubt that they interchange. I do think that 1937 and 1938 fenders are much more likely to interchange and likely a Dodge, Plymouth, small Chrysler and DeSoto could be made to work. I am anxious to learn what you eventually learn for my own confirmation so please do a follow up post. Al
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