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  2. this car? Cant place it… the square body puts in in the pre 1986, the large tail light should identify it (looks late 80s GM), and the triangle rear window will confirm it. 1976 ford Granada style, two door sedan.
  3. I delivered my 1921 Peugeot Quadrilette to the Simeone Museum in Philadelphia today. This is the first time the car has emerged from my garage. I have no car trailer, and the car is too small to fit a UHaul car trailer, so I brought it on an open utility trailer wrapped like a mummy. The exhibit has a dozen cars, mine being the oldest by 50 years! I will visit when it opens and post a few photos. (It's the same model as in my icon to the left). Phil
  4. Create PETE JANNOTTA AACA Home Forums Gallery Activity Rules Search Leaderboard Unread Content Mark site read Home BUICK PRODUCTS Buick - Pre War - Technical 1931 Buick Series 50 Steering Column Parts 1931 Buick Series 50 Steering Column Parts By PETE JANNOTTA, October 9 in Buick - Pre War - Technical want to buy Γ— Rate this topic PETE JANNOTTA Member Members 0 13 posts Report post Posted October 9 Hi, I am Looking for parts and / or any pictures and information about both the steering wheel throttle linkage assembly and the headlamp and cowl lamp switch assembly. any info or pictures that you may have would be greatly appreciated. Can the rotary light switch be refurbished? The pictures I have attached lack the detail I need to fabricate parts. Thank You Very Much!! Pete Quote Edit Reply to this topic... Go To Topic Listing Next unread topic Unread Content Mark site read Home BUICK PRODUCTS Buick - Pre War - Technical 1931 Buick Series 50 Steering Column Parts Contact Us - DO NOT EMAIL CAR QUESTIONS. Post in the forum instead. Copyright Β© 2017, Antique Automobile Club of America. Powered by Invision Community
  5. That item is the "jack stand", don`t know about color. `41 Pontiac used the same type jack and stand.. It`s a rim jack, I think it was only used a couple years, maybe `41-42.
  6. Matt, all I can say is you have your viewpoint and I have mine. I am not worried about protection and not sure even what that comment meant. Hopefully at this advanced age I can still stand up for myself! The facts are that this was a failed attempt and they are working on finding a better alternative to serving the hobby at a low cost. That was the primary long term idea behind the project and the benefactor who was willing to underwrite it. Personally, I would have like to see it handled differently that it was but the key chain was produced with their technology and something they did not have to do for hundreds of people. They are in earnest but people seem to want to jump gun and not give these folks the chance. So be it... I still will not deter me in trying to find benefits for our members soI still have hope that something very good will come out of this project.
  7. Pretty sure that our American telephones will talk anywhere in the world.
  8. your car has the headlight buckets and bar of a 1931 PA grille a PA and Door handles are a PA whats the engine serial number as I learned before it may be a 32 but a PA model the PB has dif grille and handles and single headlight stands,don't want to start anything Just asking, I also agree with 32plywood you need babbit job poured
  9. Guess I'll just have to thank you the old fashioned way... Thanks for all the great shots and taking the time and patience to post them.
  10. Where's the good deed being punished? Where's this well-known guy stepping up and telling everyone, "Hey, sorry, I wanted to do this but we made a mistake. Here's what we're actually capable of doing." Wouldn't that be better than asking for projects then rejecting them all because they're too challenging and then ghosting us? They should have started with their capabilities and then found a project that matched them, rather than asking for help and then vanishing when we gave it. There's a huge amount of information and willingness to be involved, all at no cost, on the part of the members but this seems like vaporware and promises without much effort or muscle behind it. Everyone's excited about 3D printing and the ramifications for antique cars, and if there's someone stepping up to do limited runs of parts that's great. Are these the guys? All signs point to no. What if I told everyone here I'd sell their collector cars for free. Then when too many cars showed up and I realized I wouldn't make any money and all my money-making cars would be displaced by the freebies, I said, "Sorry, I can't do it. I had good intentions, but there's too much work and too little money in it for me. Here's a Harwood Motors pen for your troubles. Come get your car." You guys would eviscerate me for that kind of stunt. Nobody would call it a good deed. And while I don't think anyone cares about a free key chain, I do think that if you fumble the ball in the end zone then promise to make it up to the team, well, you'd better come through or else the team isn't going to think very highly of you next week when you need some protection on the field.
  11. Dear people Howe are you πŸ‘ I'm looking also to a Dash mounted starting cool with key switch A wire for the choke and gas pedal A compleet windshield,back Window And some headlights originel Airfilter Rubber knops for to close te bonnet savely If somebody find πŸ€”πŸ‘Œ Its diffecult to find the parts David babcock is helping me very wel in the past Last year hΓ¨ sended me a radiator/gooseneck Next year i wil let my rockne spray a coleur Overhere in the Netherlands its quit expensive I wil Say keep communicat everybody Have a Nice living πŸ€— Herman de boer The Netherlands
  12. Mikefit


    I find myself in need of the small glass jar that is attached to the vacuum fuel pump on a @1918DB. Maybe used on other makes also. The top threaded part is about 1 1/8 to 1 1/4 just depends on how you measure it. Thanks. Mike
  13. I think it may work to just hit "refresh" and not log out. Worth a try, has worked for me in the past.
  14. This is a wrong car: On the second pic the traced car is on The Upper Left Corner driving to LEFT direction But your knowledge on the first picture car is amazing!
  15. My 2004 Prius had what was at the time a "spaceship dashboard". Up to the 14 year mark with over 200K miles when it was hit by a truck and totaled, it gave me fewer issues than the '82 Plymouth or '91 Jeep I had before it. I got 186K miles out of the Plymouth and about 200K miles out of the Jeep too but they both had many more things break, both minor and major, than the Prius ever did. Averaged 45 MPG over the life time of the Prius too. If it hadn't been totaled, I'd still be driving it today.
  16. I ALWAYS get punished for helping out, but I will not punish others for trying to help us.
  17. I have come across a fully restored 1955-59 Chevy truck AM radio, it is the real McCoy. Interested let me know.
  18. Awesome project and cannot wait to see the progress. No need to apologize for your English. It is just fine.
  20. In 2006, when we blew the honeycomb core at Auburn Cord Duesneberg festival with the 1935 Auburn 851 Sedan, Shawn Miller drove us to AutoZone and we bought the fine copper colored barrs leak and it worked fine - we drove around Auburn, we did the parade, and we drove from Auburn to Cincinnati - then the Labor Day Monday after we tore the front off the car and had the radiator out to take to be repaired and at the radiator shop on Tuesday.
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