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  2. One of GM's first casualties. Got the axe in 1915. Craig
  3. Did they design it this way out of convenience/cost savings or was there some other reason?
  4. I suspect that it would be nice to have a business that people give you your inventory. with a big investment in time and very little pay?
  5. Did you notice how the car was lifted in the air for the underside shots? It certainly wasn’t by the frame. Scary! Overall a very nice car with a good history.
  6. Looking for new/used/aftermarket 38-40 hubcap medallions. All help much appreciated, Jeff
  7. The original poster hasn't even visited the Forum for 4 years--since 2015. Try sending him an e-mail, hoping that his e-mail address is still the same. I remember him from his forum correspondence back then. The value of the Australian dollar was going down, and his means of buying a car in America was being diminished. But who knows now? He might be very glad to hear from you.
  8. I'm looking for someone who can make/supply hubcap medallions for a 1938 Cadillac V16. Any leads, new, used or aftermarket much appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  9. They were known for their unique friction drive transmission. Easy to drive and infinitely variable speed.
  10. Those are great looking cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I was able to hear the song without creating an account. I never knew such a song existed! Thank you for sharing it.
  12. looks good just the way it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!
  13. Tesla will hold an Autonomy Day on Monday, in which the electric-car maker is expected to unveil the company’s latest efforts aimed at self-driving technology. It comes just two days before first-quarter results, which are expected to show a loss owing to sagging sales of its vehicles.
  14. I refinished 21 grease cup caps. There were three sizes.
  15. The re-sealed gas tank looks much better, especially comparing the interior to the earlier photo I posted. The sealant directions said to add a little water to the remaining liquid and put it in the trash. Here is what I discovered a couple days later:
  16. I had an Uncle with 6 toes on each foot. He could count to 22. Had he been a mathematician I suppose he would have done everything in base 12.
  17. Very nice looking car Earl. You should be proud of it! I agree completely with Matts advice. all makes sense............
  18. Or perhaps go larger with the pivots so they fit the bore and eliminate any source of movement that way - as long as they can still pivot freely (a good roller bearing may be a good fit)?
  19. Hello, Do you still have the 38-90 starter? How much? Thanks, Jeff
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  21. Hi Matt, i think the diameter of your two pins may be too large and creating some friction which in turn translates as a very small difference in distance between pivots which can lead to the variation. It’s important that it’s horizontal each time (between the small and big end centres) as well as being exactly the same distance from the small end pivot to where the mass is measured at the big end or visa versa. I think if you use a small diameter pin or even a ‘knife edge’ for the pivot it would be be more repeatable.
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