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  2. Heard back from the Q-jet parts place, and they do not have one. Thanks.
  3. I have just recieved a email reply from the Kentucky Trailer Co. Yes they still do have the Dixie Flyer and NO they have never driven it! Bj.
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  5. We are now approaching the countdown until we "Fly Out" heading for our first stop in Paris. Then just a few days later on to England. To collect the Lagonda with a frantic one day's work to get it mobile before we head off back towards France. You can all then look forward to three months peace and quiet until we return and perhaps even after then. Right now I have nothing further to add so Good Luck! Bj.
  6. I've searched all over but I haven't been able to find the recommended service / replacement interval for the timing chain in my 1990 Reatta. I know the car received both the 30k and 100k service at the dealer but I haven't been able to find out just what the service elements are and whether or not they included replacement of the timing chain. Thanks for any assistance. .
  7. Great Photo Dave and thank you for sharing it with me. I don't think I have this one but will check my pictures and see. Spinny, There are a couple of photos, that I have seen, but not much detail in the photos - just rough road map is all I have seen. I am trying to find as many pictures as I can of the car so I can try to put a bit better map of it's travels together and with each photo, I look for new hints of where it was taken and try to figure the trip it was on. It is quite a project, but a fun one and when I find a picture I don't have, it sure is fun to examine and research. Still looking but not a lot out there to be found I guess LOL. Thanks for the interest and the help. Bob
  8. Please fill us in once u have the glass installed. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to know if the 5/16 ribbon will work on the thinner glass. Thx again.
  9. Hello everyone,, A friend found these original drawings and one print that are signed by Dwight Allen. One of the pieces sports a caption of "Abingdon on Thames" and indicates it was intended for T-shirt use. The watercolor one is a bit more cartoonish as you can see but the others have a technical feel to them, very appealing I think. These were found locally in Portland, OR but there might be the possibility of him being a UK artist given the caption and also that many of the cars are RHD, tho that may simply be a result of the marque in question. Dates range from 1992-96. Any help appreciated!
  10. Actually when rebuilding or just cleaning up and repairing I prefer to use stainless steel screws, bolts, nuts, washers, etc. to cut down on the rust. Original manufacturers other than perhaps Italian high end vehicles didn't use them because of cost, and you weren't supposed to keep a vehicle long enough for it to rust. We have a nut & bolt house here and they carry most sizes. You can probably find stainless steel ones in your area if you search around some. And remember most automotive bolts are fine threads, but certainly available. Probably on line too! It's cheap insurance of your ride not rusting up and easy to remove any part of it with stainless steel hardware! You can paint them to match the location on your vehicle, so no one knows they are upgraded. I used stainless steel nuts on my heads and then capped them with chrome plated caps to give them a custom look without really deterring from the value and keeping it original!
  11. Thanks for the tips on the knurling. I now know where I have being going wrong! A super job on your inlet manifold. You should be very pleased with the outcome.
  12. No just the old stuff.. I have only one new car it is a Toyota highlander. It was a wife thing... She likes it.. It also has a high resale value..
  13. Yeh they are pretty free I had to spin them on the linisher to get them to fit the end of the rod so they feel pretty nice.
  14. You have great repair shops. and not so good one.. I look at this: I have do ship the car to CO to fix it.... States
  15. You might have tried this already, but the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club maintains separate registries for surviving cars of different years and models. The guy in charge of the 1916 - 1920 Hudson, is Aaron Cooper, at (delete the xxx before sending). You might ask him. Of course, the registries only list those cars whose owners bother to send them in the the registrar (or who have listed their cars when joining or renewing membership). As to the actual production numbers of different models and body styles, sadly, these were all thrown out when Hudson merged with Nash to form American Motors, back in 1954.
  16. Can't be more than a handful of cabriolets left but being the first year of the famous Super Six engine they are quite collectable, broadly there would be more examples in other body styles. Folks familiar with these cars would be found in the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane club.
  17. Send me a message to & I will forward you some pictures. I had them identified back to front,yes,they have the straight arm.
  18. Ok so I am trying to reinstall my rear bumper and spare tire holder on my 1927 Model 27 “Standard “ I installed the center bolt on both sides for the spare tire holder and then with the bumper-ettes already on the rear bumper center bar and was able to get the two bolts at the FRONT of the bumper bracket installed but the last two rear bolts on the bumper bracket that wraps around the spare tire bracket, I can not get them to catch and bring the bumper bracket towed in allowing the bolts to tighten up! i don’t want to dismount the bracket from the bumper it’s self as the bolts and nuts are powered coated/painted so I don’t want the paint to chip off on them, it’s bad enough the bolts are now chipped up that mounts the rear bumper bracket to the car, it’s clear the car was assembled them sprayed as the moment a socket touches a bolt the paint chips off! Good thing my dealership has a body shop for touch up!!!
  19. Awesome news Hugh, Big weekend for both of us! Thanks for still taking them time to message back and forth so many times with me Sir! I wish I had known you were working on your car I would not have bugged you so much!!!! Again, Congrats Sir!!!
  20. Still not working on my iPad either, Dave. But did you Google up Toby Knoll Garage ? Really great stuff. - Carl
  21. Are there any maps of where the car went? I have a feeling I have seen something, but maybe it was not that detailed.
  22. I have been wondering this myself!?!?!?
  23. yeah, but are they zero friction? If not, they apply a force to the rod which may be measurable.
  24. I'm still looking. I bought a pair from ebay but the wedge turned out to be too wide. I did not think there would be such variation in these things.
  25. My Special did that same heating / not cooling issue way back and changing the thermostat and flushing the rad didn't cure it. I eventually had to bite the bullet and re-core it and increased it to a three core which today keeps her running normally with the 180 degree thermostat with minimal raising in city traffic. I hope you have success with flushing as it is the easiest effort to try but be prepared... She sure is a beauty and is worth the efforts!
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