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  2. Jay, I am looking for transmission parts, or transmission for the 32 Olds. Do you have anything left over? Specifically I need a "Counter Shaft Cluster Gear". Reply:
  3. Looks like two different cars with the front doors being hinged on opposite sides for one. Plus the belt line and firewall are different. Would have to be two different body's I would think if it is the same chassis.
  4. It did originally, not with the car now.
  5. It did originally, not with the car now.
  6. If this was in Uk , would definitely go for it as have reasonable parts car just going to ruin together would make a great project
  7. Hello Ken, I recall doing this and it went pretty smooth, but I should have taken a photo when the chrome locking piece was removed. As I recall the hole is small and the paper clip must insert in this hole in order to be able to get to the 70 degree position. Sorry that is all I have, the instructions out of the manual are correct.
  8. Thanks everybody for the helpful comments. The most helpful to me was the tension issue. During the 60s I only had non-AC cars, and we always tightened the belts hard, usually with the jack handle. I was completely unaware of the problem with tension with AC. In fact, while replacing the fuel pump a couple of weeks ago, I tightened the belts with a bar. Based on what you all are saying, I did it to myself!! Thanks for all the help. You're never too old to learn.
  9. Walt, if you'll notice, the stupendous, great, and wonderful old 16 has been fitted with an exhaust manifold in this picture. Normally, two short exhaust pipes would be visible coming through the side of the hood. Those pipes are missing in this photo. Both old 16 and the 1905 car had to be fitted with manifolds and receive variances from local officials due to noise, in order to be run on the streets. Here is a picture of the Thomas commissioned 1905 car with exhaust manifold and short exhaust pipe fitted. Normally, there would be 4 short exhaust pipes exiting the hood of this car.
  10. Ha ha ha. Wipers arent working yet and the driver's door seal is leaky... pass
  11. Buicks love the rain. They run better. I never could explain why.
  12. I will have to cobble something together. Thanks for the photos......
  13. I'm looking for a replacement source for the current limiter relay for our 29 Buick. I'm also interested to hear if anyone has rewired a car and replaced the relay with a conventional fuse block. Thanks,
  14. I thought of that, but the front of the rear section would be completely open, and the seal from above the front seat would be totally visible. I would also wonder if the contour and length of both sections where they meet in the middle are the same between the two different bodies, and would accommodate interchangability. Craig
  15. I would guess it's the one on the cross member where both sides come together and the output is going to the master cylinder. Looks like 1/4 in and 5/16 out.....
  16. Pretty sure bumper mounts are not the same from '37 to '38. Jeff
  17. they might be good for exposed spares, side or rear mount, not counted upon as functional spares
  18. No, no electrical degree......just too much time spent in garages and reading old Manuels from the teen's and 20's.
  19. since the bodies appear to be two piece, is it possible to mount the winter rear with the summer front to make a town car version? Anyone have ideas on who the coachbuilder was?
  20. Riker Picture 10 I wonder where this picture was taken relative to the Locomobile factory. Any ideas? Al
  21. Hello Harm, How close are you to doing the assembly of the Cleveland? Still more to do before? If you get a chance, show us the finished patio. Regards, Al
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