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  2. check with Ron Gocek in Nazareth, Pa.
  3. Melrin

    Samson Lion horn

    Can you show the photo?
  4. It looks interesting, I like antique things.
  5. I'm looking for good, interesting and reliable forged wheels for my Mercedes. Interested in your opinions and feedback what to choose? For example, from the last one I like Motion Wheels, I read reviews about it, many people praise it. It looks interesting, for example What do you think? Or you can advise something more interesting?
  6. Beemon

    Carter AFB

    Is that a nut in place of the butterfly screw?
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  8. The issue is that that piece is spot welded to the fender itself, if I am remembering it right. I guess I could drill holes where the spot welds go and weld it back. This is the grill. It's all rough, but solid. I don't think I've got much chance on this stuff really. I can't seem to either get a call back from junkyards or their grills have been man handled (seriously I don't get this, you'd think junkyards would want to make money on this stuff instead of destroying it by dumping cars on top of cars, but I digress). There's a really nice yard in Idaho but I didn't even bother pursuing them since their prices seemed absurd to me, considering everything will need to be replated at some point.
  9. Wow.......a Pebble Beach car for 30k............who knew!
  10. 1927 Packard On Ebay
  11. Well, at that time, there were no forum nor computer at my disposal. Don't remember if I was already a club member. Yes, this "company" is still advertising in the Self Starter. The name is beginning with "A"! It's rather surprising that, when I published this report in the Cadillac forum, nobody asked or made a comment about that dishonest supplier.
  12. The frustration and disappointment from dealing with unreliable suppliers should be passed on to others in some way. Some forum area reserved for credible complaints ? I really don't know, but at least CLC should have been alerted. They might have helped. Such business practices are disgusting, and should be punished. Are they still in the Self Starter ? - Carl
  13. Maybe you are sitting asking yourself "should I sell my car and get a new one?" but you do not know how to start the action of selling, and how to promote your car so it grabs buyers attention. Selling the car can never be easier, and you might come across various platforms that provide different ways of doing so. Besides, some of these ways are legal and some are not, that is why you have to strict in the laws of selling and be familiar with them, especially, in the UAE. Moreover, you have to be careful when choosing the buyer because UAE police have registered many car selling fraud cases that made the seller suffer from losing the vehicle and the money. The most common ways of selling a car are even by selling it to a private car dealer, through a classified website, or by selling it to CARWISE The first option that might come across many sellers' mind is to sell the car privately. 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  14. Kendall Jenner with Jay Leno and her ‘56 Corvette. It’s a 98 point car: She took Jay for a ride and he asked her the question all car guys want to ask a beautiful, young women. I like her answer.
  15. Federal Electrical Company Model 66. electric company model 66 siren year of manufacture&ved=0ahUKEwjs-4Pyu9vhAhXt7nMBHWtLCDEQMwhJKAswCw&iact=mrc&uact=8 This one is described as "Vintage FEDERAL ELECTRIC MODEL 66 RED LIGHT SIREN COMBO 12 volt. Came off of a 1947 Mack Pumper and shows some pitting and light surface rust. There are NO dents, cracks or scratches. It will come with both the bulb insert and the RED Sealed beam (retainer ring is rusty) along with an extra mounting base The siren works unknown on either light (no red lense) ."
  16. Thanks for the great pictures, and not the depressing pictures of the beautiful building on fire. It's a great symbol of western civilization, and it will survive. The Turks blew up (by accident, I think) portions of the Parthenon during WW1, yet it also still stands. Notre Dame will have some additional battle scars, but even the scars will come to be embraced by future generations of French citizens, historians, Catholics and Christians. My heart is with the people of faith in France.
  17. A friend of mine from around Sidney , MT sent me this and thought to pass it on. I hope it transfers. I live close to Lima and Monida, MT. Montana Pictures .Net Communities that have preserved their antique gas stations.
  18. Hi Chris; I've taken some exact measurements from the Right side trim frame: (Driver's for me / Passenger for you). I'll reference these in 2 sets: Outside dims: Front side of trim frame at widest point: 25.8" wide near bottom x 15.25 high near middle. Inside Dims: Rear side of trim frame at widest point: 24.0" wide near bottom x 11.6" high near middle. If you can take the same dims and supply, I'd appreciate it. Additionally; if we're 'close' dimensionally, can you suggest a $ price, Postage extra ? (Be kind; we pay a 33% premium here for USD... 😉) THX DJ
  19. Tinindian is correct-single red stripe. These are all NOS including one out of the original box shown.
  20. IMHO go for the straight one. Can the triangle piece be salvaged from yours? Maybe pounded straight? Just looking at it, that little piece would have to be really horrible to be more work than the big dent in the fender pictured here.
  21. It doesn't need to leak much. My Pontiac doesn't ever even get any on the ground, but if you put your finger under there there is always a drop. I estimate it leaks a drop every 20 minutes or so, and probably evaporates before it ever hits the ground. It is normal for a packing style pump to leak. It is apple farming country where I live, and big irrigation pumps that use packing nuts are still very common here. When someone tightens a packing nut enough that the leak completely stops, the shaft burns up almost immediately, and the repair is very expensive. For the lubricant in your coolant to lubricate the packing, it needs to get between the packing and the shaft. There really isn't any way around this. It is a separate issue from lubricating the bushings. Those usually either use water pump grease through a zerk, or oil through an oil cup, depending on the design. If you insist on no leakage at all, you might be better served to modify the pump for modern bearings and ceramic seals, as used on modern cars that do not normally leak anything from the water pump. The only trouble with that idea is that when it starts leaking, you need another rebuilt pump immediately. The guy with a packing pump just tightens the nut a little.
  22. I don't need the seat. I had a friend who looked for one for years. They are very hard to find.
  23. I don't know about a '28 Martin Landau, but here is a 1928 Chrysler Landau, series 52. The fabric is in poor shape on this one, but you can see that it covers the entire top down to the rear belt line. Compare it with the above detailed photos of the insert in the roof of a standard sedan. And this is what was underneath the fabric top covering. The "landau bars" were there to make it look like a convertible. It's obvious this top would not fold. Not only is there no standardized list, but the early makers used a lot of imagination in naming their body styles. Well, I guess they still do. what was a "touring car" for one was a "phaeton" to another manufacturer, and later some "convertible sedans" were labeled "phaetons"; sounds more impressive. You will find a number of threads in this forum about the definition of various body styles. Don
  24. zepher

    '73 400 Heads

    So I picked up a set of 1973 400 heads out of a Roadrunner. I went to look at a carb a guy had for sale and he had a set of low mile heads just sitting the in the corner. He pulled them off his car to upgrade to aluminum heads and said he was just going to scrap them if I didn't want them. His Roadrunner has a little over 80k miles on it and they look to be in great shape. I didn't want to see them get scrapped so I brought them home. Are they worth anything to anyone? I'm not looking to make a quick buck, I just didn't want to see another set of early 70's American heads get scrapped.
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