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  2. I got 4 very good driver quality hubcaps for my '39 for a dollar each! Buffed them up and THEN realized they were theater larger diameter innards! Good thing they were only a buck.
  3. I was only able to attend on Wednesday, due to work. Weather prognosis was not great, but what a fabulous day it turned out to be. I had a successful day, having to make two intermediate trips back to the truck to unload the stuff I bough from my little red wagon. Admittedly I'm looking for parts for cars that are somewhat newer than most here. I'm most pleased with the Motor Wheel Exiter mag wheels that I bought. Got four more to go with the two I already had. In addition to parts and tools, I scored two half horse electric motors for power tool use - a Dayton for $15 and a GE for $5. Both work great. One is going on my disc sander and the other, well, who knows. I also connected with Craig at Mobileparts and he's got not one but two N.O.R.S. idler arms for my 62 F-85. The new replacements are crap and don't last more than a few thousand miles. The only downside of the day was the sad realization that every year I cover less and less of the swap meet in one day. Getting old sucks (though it definitely beats the alternative).
  4. I tried to buy a better solid one at this year's Hershey with a few dents but no rust out at the bottom. $175. He would not budge on the price. To rich for my blood to then have to go $850 + to get it nickel plated. Then reattach the riveted painted brackets....He still had it on Saturday morning. I had bought a complete radiator and shell with some cut off flange pieces and some dents 3 years ago from the same vendor. The radiator was junk.
  5. All set with my car batteries now - everything has been disconnected... electricity is where I lack in knowledge ( home & vehicles ) I know little, but not enough.... Thanks for the input ! Steve
  6. I have a 1946 Series 41 Buick. It didn't ever have mud flaps but I would like to fit some to protect the new paintwork from stone chips. Can anyone advise me where I can get front and rear mud flaps to suit (either genuine Buick or generic)?
  7. There was one Drone that flew over Saturday. I was watching them from where I was parked in Row 10. Drones and some large RC Planes must be register with the FAA now with specific rules! The FAA prohibits Drones from flying over events such as ours, and to make matters worse this guy was flying low at the same time and the same air space as a small Cessna type private plane that was making passes and circling .
  8. You're welcome! Glad to share. Still more to come as I work toward front of show field.
  9. It looks to be a Model 52 sedan not a touring but it certainly has a canvas top.
  10. Like I said, Aussie English, 😀. Very wonderful to see and here! We excel in overthinking!
  11. working from the back of show field toward the front
  12. The number looks more like the engine number. Check on the engine block just behind the water pump.
  13. You blokes are over thinking it. +ve = positiVE -ve = negatiVE.
  14. As requested, the different types of MotoMeters
  15. It’s UK English for voltage. All the same thing.
  16. For 1930s and older vehicles, I do know that sticking contact points at the generator cut-out is not so unusual. If the points remain closed after the motor is turned off, the battery will short right through the generator to ground. A lot of current can pass through a 16G wire, and a fire is very likely.
  17. On a negative ground auto disconnecting the positive higher voltage terminal takes away the ability for electrons to flow. With no push from the higher voltage no current can flow. Disconnecting both terminals is the safest as is removing the battery altogether.
  18. I'm 68 years old and ever time I read something about electricity I understand less and will die knowing NOTHING. Up to this point in my life there was POSITIVE with + sign, and NEGATIVE with a - sign. What is (-ve) and (+ev) ?
  19. As we know unfortunately not always, but most times.
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