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  2. 1936 Pontiac, early production.
  3. #CarShow 4de Wortgemse Oldtimer Meeting Wortgem - Belgium May 19, 2019 Photos by Capri Power
  4. Somewhere in the 1904-06 era maybe? No info supplied with the photo.
  5. I know that I should know this one but can't remember those distinctive tail lights.
  6. Not the "first date" but first time I went out with my now wife borrowed my sisters Austin Healey 100/4 in the middle of summer with the heater stuck in the on position! 😰
  7. This is an Aussie prefect from that era - from wiki - different I reckon.
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  9. Looking for an Autolite generator distributor housing. My Generator # is GJ 4014. It has a water pump drive hole also. This housing came on a variety of generators without water pump hole . That's ok , I can drill it. They were cast iron instead of potmetal. If you have anything, Please let me know. Thanks!
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  12. interesting, wishes to skip at a good price
  13. Bought my first car and learned to drive in it when I was 15. Worked washing dishes at a small restaurant to earn the $40.00 to buy a 1936 Dodge Business cp. Sure was a fun car but not very handy for a double date LOL. Great for just my girlfriend and I though. Lots of great memories from those days.
  14. Very cool info and great photo to show what the maps would have looked like displayed at the dealers. Each bit of information and each photo I see is a step closer in my research. Thanks Dave
  15. At age 16 I drove my dad's '41 Chevy to impress my first date who lived 2 blocks away, to take her to the movies 5 blocks away. Her folks would have nothing of it, sensibly making us walk....
  16. Maybe the buyer is depending on the bunny to multiply.
  17. What every dad would give keys too.. drive.. I never owned any cars at 16.. Not sure if I drove the 1976 dodge dart or not..
  18. Hi Ed, i don’t know what you looked at. this is for the tail, installed successfully on my ‘63. I also bought a flasher for LED. Search for 372451495059 on eBay.
  19. My grandmother's 1961 Ford Falcon. A friend and his date road along too........
  20. Pollock hit me right off the bat too....... Let us not forget a certain Campbell's soup can. By the way........snobbery is not exclusive to any particular class.
  21. unfotrnately money is tight and i had to cancel my hotel that 600 bucks for 4 nights. guess the aaca got a donation for my registration fees etc
  22. I looked at the link from the post and this is what they're recommending for a tail light bulb. Ain't gonna' fit, brother. They recommed a 194 and you need an 1157. Totally different kinds of bulbs. Caveat Emptor.
  23. I posted this stuff for sale free if you pick it up... .. If you can find out the the numbers.. I could look if I have any that is still good.. You never know some one may be on tour and pick it all up..
  24. I also have never been able to get LED bulbs to work in the tails or corners. However I would love to do the dash! If you find a solution let us know. I converted the shifter plate bulb to a tiny LED strip and it works fine (maybe too bright even). I just bought a generic strip at the auto parts store.
  25. Enough is enough folks. NO POLITICS IN THIS FORUM!
  26. Gary, that is one heck of a-bargain at $320.! Yes indeed. There is no prestige in paying more than is necessary. turbinator
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