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  2. •The hinge is a weak point but with some good glue and a metal backing plate they can be fixed. •When you get your insert, there will be a hole in the top for that lamp socket. You'll need the mounting bracket and lens with bezel to be complete. •What color are the wires? Complete wiring harnesses were installed in cars that didn't come with the option for the wiring. There are lots of loose terminals that are unused in lots of cars. I bought a couple of door handle surrounds for my 94 Roadmaster to replace a broken one. The replacements I got (had to buy the pair to get the one I wanted) came with concert sound tweeters. When I changed out the broken one, I found the speaker wire. It had been there since the car came off the assembly line. Naturally I installed the other one as well. Those wires had been dormant for 25 years. Could be the same for your terminal. Lead for a power antenna? 63 or 64? 64 could be a lead for a rear window defroster. Can't recall off hand which accessory had the three wire switch.
  3. That is my Maxwell model L that Jeff has for sale. I researched the Maxwell company for many months and kept a very large record of the car's restoration and history. Also have a copy of the original parts catalog that Maxwell supplied in the day. All of this served me well in the restoration as it was a challenge when I purchased the car from the man that bought it from the original owners son. It had set outdoors for 70 plus years occasionally driven for parades. The son used to stop at my shop on occasion to check on " Dad's car " he was in his 90's at the last visit. I promised him a ride as soon as it was done , but a few months before the restoration was complete he passed. Many fond memories of one of my many restorations. Also I would like to say I bought it about 30 miles from my home in the same town it was sold new in. Bob Mahoney
  4. I bought an old Sioux valve grinder today with a seat resurfacer too. I am pulling the motor. This one had way too much gunk and when I cleaned up the carbon the ridges were more than I had thought... and 54 Ford engines are really pretty painted. I just want to do as much of the work myself as I can.
  5. You never met Maudie Potts. Our basset hound. Dumber than dirt. Would jump on her doghouse and bark at us to let her in out of the rain. She'd go inside on a nice day but stand out in the rain and bark. She ran away and it took my (ex)wife three days to decide that the dog wasn't worth looking for. Her dog, her choice.
  6. I guess all cabriolets are Deluxe, but it really is a pretty little car. The color is Bambalino Blue, which is a real color (I didn't just make that name up), and it's a nice turquoise rather than the usual Washington Blue. The restoration is probably 20 years old, although the interior and top were installed moments before Lebaron-Bonney went out of business. It's a proven tour car that was used as intended for many years and is therefore mechanically fit and well sorted. Some of you might note that the grille has been chromed and there are turn signals hidden in the grilles where the horns used to live, which is kind of a neat trick. The brown leatherette upholstery is quite correct and the seat is supportive for long days of touring. There's a correct rubber mat on the floor and the banjo steering wheel is in great shape. This car is loaded with accessories, including a heater with defroster duct in the dashboard for the driver, a factory AM radio (sadly not operational), aftermarket turn signals, and an electric windshield wiper motor. The gauges all work except the capillary-style fuel gauge and I don't think anyone has ever used the rumble seat. The top is new and comes with a matching boot. It's powered by a correct 21-stud flathead V8 that starts almost instantly thanks to an electric fuel pump and pulls the little convertible around with genuine enthusiasm. It cruises pretty happily at 50 MPH. Brakes are hydraulic, which I'm not thrilled about but they work well, and the Smitty muffler gives it that awesome flathead sound. And no, I don't know where that air cleaner setup came from, but it seems to have a rudimentary PCV system. It's clean and tidy underneath with only two small palm-sized floor patches. Factory wheels with "spider" hubcaps look great and carry Diamondback wide whitewall radials. If you want a great all-around tour car, this is a great choice. Convertible when you want it, yet it seals up nicely and has a heater for those cooler days. Great performance and a fun personality are hallmarks of the Ford V8, and this one lives up to its reputation. Price is $39,900. Thanks for looking!
  7. Sherry's Custom auto's in Ontario did the body, paint and upholstery on a good friends fathers Model J. The car looked great . As well a couple of shops in the lower mainland { Vancouver B.C. } area have produced very high quality , Pebble Beach quality work. There is also a guy on Vancouver island that is very well known in MB 300 SL circles but I don't think he works on anything else. Greg in Canada
  8. Found it just north of Dallas in Anna. Guy gave up on it.
  9. RivNut and NC1968Riviera: After the bad experience with Dapper, I soured on having someone else make them for me, so I ended up buying this board, which is what one of my projects will hopefully be based on: I was going to make a housing to hold this board, use the stock lens and cover and solder on a standard connector. Clearly I haven't gotten far enough to do it yet - life gets in the way of doing the projects you want to do. To be continued... anestech*: I bought all the bulbs for the turn signal/corner lights on Amazon. Just search for LED and the size of the socket. They came in packs of 10 and quite honestly, they were pretty poor quality - the ones that worked were quite bright, but there were at least 2 or 3 dead bulbs in the 10-pack. I found 3 purchases I made last year, but I don't know which ones I used on the Buick and which ones I used for other things, so you might be better off not buying the exact same items. In fact one of the 3 links don't work anymore: For the headlights, I replaced the stock halogen bulbs and totally replaced the housing with a stock H4-style unit. That way I can use any regular old H4 bulb which are super common. Right now I just have regular halogen H4 bulbs, but popping in LED H4s should be easy once I figure out why they wont turn on - its probably a loose wire or something. I got the H4 halogen housings from: It looks like they have ones that flip color from white to orange so they can be used as a turn signal. Not sure if I'd like that for the Riv since it has 4 headlights. That might look better on a car with only 2 lights up front.
  10. We don't want to end up with the old saying "Fix it till it's broke".
  11. That was our exact experience on the Green field, not far from the Hyman bus. Good traffic, then around 4 pm on Firday it was like someone threw a switch and everyone disappeared...….
  12. Well, he never said it was porcelain. I know nothing about signs, but I have a gut feeling about certain things, when you look at them they look right or they don't. I don't think this is an old sign. Might be over 30 years old, but it would need to be 70 years old to be original, and it just doesn't have the right look to it. Just my opinion....a personal inspection would be well advised if someone were considering putting down real money on it. Large dealership signs can go for 4000, 5000, or more, depending on marque and condition.
  13. Nice Plymouth--looks like it has fully tinted glass, too! Pete Phillips Leonard, TX
  14. Here is a list of the 1946 cars and people that attended the first Revival Glidden Tour. As we put together the 75th anniversary of the tour it would be fantastic to find some of these people and cars to maybe join the celebration. Does anyone know the whereabouts of any of the cars, owners or drivers today. I know the Grundy Agency has the actual car no.6 1909 Pierce Arrow in their lobby per their website. Some of the names are well known in the hobby from that era into the '70's. Any other leads would be appreciated. 1946 list- I think the whole list is brass cars! 1949 list- cars were a bit newer Thank you for any info, Bill
  15. I would look to Chrysler Imperial or Studebaker. From say 55-65. Maybe even very late Packard when it Merged with Stude.
  16. The spacing doesn't lend itself to say Oldsmobile. Also looks like a curve to the back edge and by what look like two chips, Porcelain so it would be near impossible to cut down without a little damage to teat right hand edge. Pretty neat regardless but I don't think it's cut.
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  18. It's actually pretty good for Oldsmobile stuff. Not so much the others. That's why I bought probably over 15,000 in parts book when I was doing parts now collecting dust on the shelves. Thankfully got out of that as way too much time chasing daed end numbers.
  19. WOW ! That is a WONDERFUL old movie. Thank you, Morgan for linking us to it ! As an old long distance 4-WD adventurer, I particularly enjoyed the technique and rigging necessary for warping with hub capstans. Those are some incredibly tough young guys tailing on. Well-done using snatch blocks as they did. I am sure I never saw how that was done before. I doubt that was the first time that gang ever snubbed off a load. GREAT stuff !!!! Thanks again ! - CC
  20. As my late father used to say, “There are far more horses’ asses than there are horses”. This elitist jerk got what he deserved.
  21. The GMpartswiki site is good for Chevy, not so much for early B-O-P and Cadillac.
  22. Group is 2.822, and it is a Horn Contact Plate for 1941-1942 Pontiac with flexible steering wheel.
  23. Interesting discussion. Whoever worked on my car before I owned it disconnected the vacuum switch. They installed a starting push button and a disconnect switch which I always had to turn on before starting. There is supposed to be a redundant system that prevents the car from cranking after it starts even if the vacuum switch hangs up. I don’t recall the details. I have a new carb installed with a functioning vacuum switch so I want to try out the original system. A couple of my friends who have the same system run a starting button to the vacuum switch just in case it gets stuck open. I may do that also. Thanks for the comments.
  24. BulldogDriver - Good opinion, but I like your Bulldog better. I have had them for over 60 years and the only reason I like them is because it is the only dog that I am smarter than.
  25. Had one for 25 years parted with it last year ☹️ loved it but it needed a new home.
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