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  2. i don't know if the 886 cam is known as the hydro cam, this 389 is a high compression two barrel out of a 59 pontiac station wagon, i figured i'd change to the 886, which a long time pontiac V8 expert has said it's the best of all the cams i have, it wasn't just buick that cried to the GM board of directors, oldsmobile was there with buick too. are you referring to a guy with a 53 custom catalina that has plans to buy a 55 pontiac with a rebuilt 287 to transplant into his custom catalina ?
  3. Took these at Hershey Saturday afternoon
  4. Gee, Charles the old HYDRO cam??? a bit radical for the street. I'd leave the 472 cam in or maybe a 068 but even that's a bit much. Your gonna twist the old axle out of the car! BTW I hooked that other guy up with you. Seems that he had the same Idea as you about Pontiac being robbed of a V-8 announcement in 1953 by Buick crying to the 14th floor of G.M. Seems Pontiac was always held back because of politics from the top of G.M.
  5. Probably .25Uf but it should be listed on the spec page of the repair manual.
  6. The issue is leaving your farm at midnight to get to the flea market by opening time!😁
  7. I think that 1940 dash panel & garnish(window surrounds) moulding original wood graining was a 3M film process applied to the metal surfaces called Dinoc?(sp?). Repair with that material is discussed in a Buick factory instruction explanation.
  8. Not mine, but seems it would be of interest in this forum, not sure if it represents good value at listed 69,900
  9. I just stumbled across this from a year and a half ago. Are you still listening ? How are you and the Buick doing ? - Carl
  10. Sold two (2) Fuel Pumps at the recently completed Fall Carlisle and Hershey... Have one (1) remaining..... Always best to simply call me -- Craig -- 516 - 485 - 1935.... Also rare -- Rebuilders don't even have this core......
  11. This 1959 389 Pontiac engine is waiting for me to get it up on the engine stand so I can change some parts, install a 886 cam, new Rhodes lifters, a 57 four barrel intake and carburetor, after it's cleaned up and parts installed, I'll paint it the correct dark bluish green Pontiac engine paint color. I like the caddy, olds, packard oil bath air cleaner much more than the one Pontiac used 55 to 57.
  12. The #2 rod was a little loose and I took off the rod cap see that the side parts of the bearing in the connecting rod had come apart. My question is is it possible to get these bearings inserts or do they have to be made from scratch from poured babbit? The only info I can find on them is the bearing diameter is 2" and the thickness is 1 and 3/8". Also, the bearings appear to have the shape of a main bearing. Thanks for any help anyone can give.
  13. When I bought a 57 Pontiac four barrel intake manifold it came with this rebuilt Rochester 4-jet carburetor, but it had a rubber fuel hose nipple, I found this nos fuel inlet fitting on ebay.
  14. I wasn't endorsing Ride Share by Hagerty, just commenting on the fact there now is antique insurance that does allow for hire uses. You better believe I would read all the particulars before doing Ride Share!😲
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  16. Looks like the knob on a 1932 Chevy
  17. I've been known to do that. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one, and am perhaps somewhat normal (for a gear head). Cheers, Grog
  18. The last time I drove the car, It developed a rod knock, and I shut it down immediately. When I remove the oil pan these bearing parts were in the pan.
  19. Thanks Ted, I honestly don't know how I missed something so easy to find! I was under the shows/tours section where it only listed 2019 shows. I'm embarrassed to have answered such a stupid question! lol
  20. Bernie Golias of Ohio had five of them on the HCCA website for a couple months. They weren't all identical and no bead rings or lockrings but all 25" Firestones if I'm not mistaken.
  21. interested,. whats the least you can do for both. I'm located in California
  22. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and I need some advice about PB rod bearings. Here are some pictures of my 31-32 PB as it sits in my garage on jack stands right now.
  23. Again, I'm not sure this would be the best functional choice, but since the OP mentioned this type of car specifically, I thought I'd post it because it's very cool. I like it and seems to fit the OP's profile: Not pristine, but in good condition, and original looking..referred to as a "survivor" though it had a repaint 30+ years ago. Great interior. $15,000, though I think they'd come down. The bad thing is it's in Texas, and you definitely need to check it out first. Check for smoke and knocks from the engine, as well as indications of overheating. Flatheads do have a reputation for overheating, but I've never owned one so I can't comment. I would LIKE to own one, though. I think any sort of big city freeway travel would be dubious if this car doesn't have overdrive. I can get my stock '54 Ford wagon (engine never rebuilt) up to over 80 mph and easily cruise at 65, but I have overdrive. Don't know if that was offered by Ford in '46. These coupes look great. One of the few I've seen that hasn't been hot rodded.
  24. The Allstate spare has never been on the ground. The four tires on the car are Montgomery Ward Riversides. All five tires are cracked all over and hard as a rock. The Riversides are also out of round making for an interesting ride...
  25. thanks for the reply, unfortunately i am hauling a ton of rocks lol but i ended up finding some i thing 215/85 16s that are the exact size i need as well as 10 ply. its for a 1991 isuzu Elf JDM that i imported from japan 6.50 is still a standard size there for whatever reason.
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