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  2. Looks like a link to a Malware or Phishing site. Don't click on it.
  3. So maybe those guys called "tire kickers" know something after all.
  4. I can only imagine all the work that you and the Hershey Chapter of the A.A.C.A. puts in. After the show we all go home, but you and your staff still have work to do. THANK YOU for your efforts. Greatest HERSHEY ever!!!!!!! Oh, by the way, can you arrange for a couple of flyovers next year, they were great!!!
  5. Almost all of the pre war cars are in Part 1
  6. As noted, you need to be very careful where you put the mirror so that it is both adjustable and usable. That location will not be the same distance from the front of the door as the driver's mirror, so test before you drill. But then, so what? When are you ever looking at both sides of the car at the same time?
  7. relatively good condition- few creases but nice- 45. includes shipping to lower 48 copy of same, dated 1928, but is a copy- goes for 20. shipped to lower 48
  8. And 33 Chevrolet as well
  9. Happiness is finding the painter the previous owner hired to paint the car you bought.
  10. Show him the video also, link is above.
  11. That`s right this part is from the firewall, inside of the doors have the same color and there paint is missing on the exterior it looks like the same color below. It`s repainted with a brighter color and I miss the plate with Trim codes
  12. So far I have only seen Firestone, Excelsior, Lester and Lucas Olympic brands available in my size. I'm leaning toward the Olympic because of the tread and sidewall design, price, and the fact it is NOT sold by Coker. Has anyone had bad experience with this tire? (PM me if you do not want to share here)
  13. Chris somewhere in my spare parts is a linkage that I removed from my 1938 parts car but the K15 used the Hercules engine didn't it? If your truck used the Hercules these parts may not fit your engine but if they will work just let me know and I'll dig them out. Is the carb different than the car?
  14. Telriv, I agree with you on the alignment or interference with the vent window. I was wondering that myself. My left side is remote so I'll just leave well enough alone. It not the option list any how.😊 Thanks, Art
  15. Today
  16. Hi, I just submitted an offer on e-bay. Please call. john (907) 982-5900
  17. Confirmed that I cannot start the car in Drive.
  18. Yes, the mirrors are reversible. With that being said it really does no good because of the vent window divider gets in the way. AND, IF you move it reward so you can see to make it more viewable it doesn't match up with the left side & looks out of place. IF you do add it DON'T FORGET the reinforcing plate that gets attached to the outer inside of the skin.
  19. I like many European cars. My favorite however is the one in my garage. 1991 Jaguar XJS Convertible, Classic Collection. It has V 12 power and a terrific touring suspension like our beloved Reatta's.
  20. Steve, thank you, the AACA Hershey Chapter, and the AACA Library for all your hard work in making Hershey the great show and meet.that it is. This was my 48 year attending, and it was one of the best. John
  21. aka california pontiac restorations are not retards, thieves, or liars. your false statement needs to be removed.
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