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  2. Thanks for showing us these rarities. If its not too much trouble, would you give us a detailed look at each car, please? I've never seen any of these Case cars in all the years of shows and museums.
  3. I don't think the fact that the jug is plastic has anything to do with it but the jugs that they sell the racing fuel in appear to be much more air tight although I guess the have to have some ventilation . I might be totaly wrong, they just appear to be much better than these a much better jug
  4. Actually it's not crazy at all. When Chrysler started making the "new" mini van here in Windsor , Ontario, Canada I was lucky enough to get the contract to clean the wire reinforced glass walls of the new automated spray paint booths on the body line. I was given a list of acceptable cleaning agents (which I have forgotten now) and all went well. However, once under production the paint finishes were experiencing fish eye effects. Seems it was indeed the under arm spray deodorants and aftershave liquids mixing in the air causing the problems. I guess our Government banning of those aerosol sprays is doing us a favour once one thinks about it...
  5. I'll soon be selling a 1959 Oldsmobile 88 conv. It's been in a garage for 40 yrs. Needs restored. Floors are nice. Body is straight except of on dent in left front fender. Engine sounds good.
  6. I do a lot of work on white roofing. Does this salt reflect the sun pretty bad back at you ?
  7. Well Harold , it seems that you will be the first to brake one or many of there rules. let us know of the fine, excuse me, the service charge. 😉 Actually, according to my reading, it seems to be to protect the reader and seller from spammers. But also prevents anyone from re posting there sales offers in different web sites. I have seen many re posts in specialty web forums that actually help buyers looking for specific cars.
  8. While my 84 Fiero didn't actually break in half, it was in two pieces during reconstruction of my toy.
  9. I'll soon the selling a 1959 Oldsmobile 88 conv. It needs restored. It's been in garage for 40 yrs. Floors are good, body pretty straight except for one small dent in left front fender. Engine sounds strong. Top is shot , bows are intact.
  10. I have a front end shimmy at about 40 mph. Several years prior I could do 50 mph with no shimmy. I planned on checking my front end alignment but got sent to the hospital for a couple months. I've tried crystals in my tubes with no luck . Seems like I can't get into the tube no matter what I try. Wonder if I could use a liquid tire sealer and balancer I used on my motorcycle wheels? I tried removing the valve core and using air with a piece of wire moving the wheel around but nothing worked. Looking for another option. Thanks
  11. Ken, I understand they belong to the regulator but I was wondering if the grommets go after the triangle plate against the cowl or before it.
  12. Looking for the Bob Gerometta's Oldsmobile Engine Modification and Tuning Guide - V8 Engines fm 1964 - 1978 . Anybody got a spare? Tried Amazon and eBay, no luck yet . Have contacted Bob but no reply yet
  13. Maybe one of our US Buick brethren could order one for you and make arrangements to have it shipped to you? I'd offer but being in Canada has it's issues with the exchange rate on the money and shipping is twice what it is in the US. At least parts are still available for your car.
  14. I agree the front axle is reversed. This would be terrible for caster. After you fix that or at least have an alignment shop confirm it, why not a tow dolly? I have a tow dolly and a pair of spare rear hubs with the axle shafts removed. I put the Buick on the dolly, pull the hub and shaft assemblies, swap in just the spare hubs and away I go free wheeling in the rear. 45 MPH but with cruise and a/c for the Wife and pups and with a lighter duty tow vehicle. And a way to get the Buick home should it have an issue. Did this for years for the same reasons as you and also not having space for storing a trailer. Recently purchased a 2500 GMC Suburban with a 454. Now in the market for an enclosed trailer since I have retired.
  15. I'm going to be selling a 1960 Cadillac conv. No rust, no dents . rebuilt engine , everything new does need a paint job. No body repairs needed. $40,000
  16. Thank you for your comments. I will bypass the resistance-wire from the key switch to the coil. thank you, Frank
  17. One of the engineers I worked with was single and anal when it came to cars and how they run. He hooked up thermal sensors to his v6 and found cooling was not as good as it should be. He made his own fan system to improve cooling in the engine compartment. As you mentioned it was up to the owner to make sure all oils and cooling were maintained, if they were not there was trouble. My friend maintained his and in fact still owns it.
  18. Spec as in original looking? Bolt spacing would be correct? I believe they should be 17". I'm very interested!
  19. NOT MINE Description This 90 year old item has the original box, all 99 playing cards and copy of the instructions. Playing the popular old Parker Brothers card game of Touring gives a jaunt back in time. Players attempt to complete a trip (made up of sixteen mile cards), while overcoming any obstacles which may occur during their travels. Along with the highest mile per hour card of 30MPH (allowed to be played only when driving through the country), the images on the cards offer depictions of old time style automobiles and convey the limiting conditions of early vehicles and drivers
  20. Evidence of the engine turning is still there in the photo.
  21. I never noticed the music until I read this thread. It doesn't bother me, its just there. But then I have music going most of the time of 1 type or another.
  22. The Historical Automobile Society of Canada has a week long "hub" tour that began 62 years ago called the Normoska. (The first one was around Muskoka,Ont,hence the shortening of North to Muskoka to Normoska. This year,it was held near me in Dorchester,Ontario. There were 78 registrants,with everything from a '15 Model T roadster to modern. The club's "Heritage 35" group were the hosts. Thursday evening we hosted a car show so that the locals could see them up close. The local car community was invited to participate. The '25 Buick coupe was there, it's first run since it's new fan hub was installed.It was the first time I've ever driven it home with the lights on. I was grateful for a neighbour who covered my butt,as that one tiny tail light doesn't give much warning.
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  24. There's a gentleman in Pennsylvania, the Lancaster area, who fabricates new brake cables. I don't have contact info in hand, but someone here should have it. If not I'll get it for you.
  25. Your car sounds like it has to much toe out. If all other components are reasonably tight I would co for a great amount of toe out. It's very hard to drive a car with any toe out. Camber = tire wear. Caster = steering returning to center .
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