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  2. I was just thinking that my Plymouth/DeSoto ad printing block would be in the same category as the Hupp item.
  3. I welcome Email inquiry and often then send them a big file full of photos. That usually ends the inquiry and the car is either sold or not. I hate the phone where guys waste your time for hours and never come to look at the car. Even better if they are on their cell phone and have crappy service so they keep fading in and out, then you get cut off and are talking to dead air.
  4. Thanks guys. Sold to a gent who has a long waiting list of T restorations and bodies for clients for his own personal enjoyment. Happy to see it go where it will get done right, but this sure would have been great for a young hobbyist.
  5. I saw this ad a month ago. Yup, if i was a crow and real close maybe I would swoop in to try to rip it free, but I think the engine is some crusty thing that needs everything and the owner would want a premium for even if he had a spare. That's a big pile of parts right now. . I don't think he offered anywhere that it is an original supercharged car either which obviously effect the value of it as a project or parts. No sense in cloning my car into a supercharged car. I would just add the correct manifolds so the pipes could be utilized and leave it at that.
  6. Ron, it appears that your car only has one brake pedal and not the second one with the ratchet that can be used as a parking brake. As I recall, the two worked on different sets of bands on the rear differential. It's been many years since I've driven one, a1902, and perhaps the later ones were different.
  7. How many enthusiasts would tackle a basket case like this in the hobby today. I would be tending a much lower offer on a package like this being a closed car.
  8. I can see Auburnseeker circling above, looking for the engine.
  9. NOT MINE Description Antique 1940 Chief motorcycle chassis, has original rear fender , rt side tank, gas caps, generator, generator bracket , kicker arm , (VERY RARE INDIAN FACE HORN "CANADIAN" data plate ) dash , headlight bucket rough Moto Lamp , axle spacer . What you see is whats there.If you are serious and want to know more,leave me your number to get a reply. Please no wheel kickers. This is a great opportunity to get into a antique bike project. Check out Vegas auctions and you will know why. Have a look at my other cool stuff on kijiji R Rick Owner View 79 listings < 2 hrs avg reply 97% reply rate 11 yrs on Kijiji Contact Rick Send message To deter and identify potential fraud, spam or suspicious behaviour, we anonymise your email address (as applicable) and reserve the right to monitor conversations. By sending the message you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  10. The photos show that it also comes with a folder with the make and model of the car on it. Nice!
  11. When my former employer decided to get out of the letterpress business in the early 80's we must have tossed 500 old printing plates into the recycling bins. All kinds some going back to the 1920's
  12. Try here if you need the parts....
  13. Brand name of a manual that lists which parts interchange on various cars
  14. Try here....
  15. Sad to see cars left to dissolve in the elements. Just can't see why folks do that. i know the old "Someday i'm gonna fix it up" but still sell it if you don't want it. There is a Road Runner near me that has sat in a driveway for at least 30 years under what us now left of a cover. Slowly settling to ground. Give the car a chance to be reborn before it is too late.
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  17. I tried for a better shot or two, but the yard is so overgrown, even I could not get closer.
  18. I am referring to the Holley 2300 series... Not sure why it would flow worse I was actually using a nice adapter that matched the ports on the original intake and gently enlarged to the Holley.. But anyhow.. Got an edelbrock avs2 650 carb.. Right now running an adapter to that other adapter so obviously not the best set up but it's actually running pretty well.. It'll by me time until I can get a 4bbl intake
  19. I thought the first photo was the actual car, and when I saw the price, I thought wow! Sure was disappointed when I clicked on the next photo.......😟
  20. If you are looking for complete replacement supports you should state the length(closed and extended) of yours..
  21. Jan, The aluminum trim around the panels did come from an antique car supplier, while the aluminum trim grommets around the pedals are original Kissel parts that I buffed out. thanks, Ron
  22. I feel his pain but that's a good way to not sell a vehicle.
  23. This is my father’s car. He’s had it since the 90’s at least. Thank you for the compliment. It’s the only car of his I’ve kept. I moved and Jack is hauling it for me. (2nd time he’s moved this for me. He also hauled it when I moved down there (Medford), last year. I’ve come back home to the Portland area to be closer to my father.)
  24. Jan, i used floor mat materials that I had left over from prior restorations. I’m not sure if it was material from Restoration Supply, Lowe’s, or Home Depot. Some of the common hardware store and internet-available materials actually are the same as more expensive materials from antique sources, yet are virtually identical. thanks, Ron
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