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  2. If you have no success my youngest son can certainly help you. You can produce items like this either by a home made computer controlled miniature milling machine, or by precision etching with a protective mask. ( Did I meet you through Paul Freehill, after Auburn and the Glidden Tour in 1980 ? . Ralph Buckley took me to see Fred Hoch, and Fred insisted and arranged that I should meet Paul; even though people at Auburn said that it would not be convenient for Paul due to family medical problem.) If certain problems are resolved, I hope to get to Hershey this year; and maybe meet people who are only names yet.
  3. Try Bill's Speedometer, Bellbrook, Ohio. 937-848-8803. •.
  4. After reading all of the replies here , and because the person that sent me the email has not responded, even though he sent me a PM through this site, I now believe that it is some kind of scam.
  5. 1951 , sun visors are going around $500
  6. Try submitting them after you back out of this thread and then coming back in. I have had problems uploading photos also, but once I leave the thread and come back I can upload more. File size is too big.
  7. Based on the information in the first post, you are not even supposed to mention the part you want to reproduce. ONLY your email and AACA member number.
  8. I wish I could say that the master cylinder lined up closely with the hole in the floor, but that would be a lie. This was not some of Buick's best design work. I suspect that the Limited would be at least slightly different from the Century. While the engine an transmission are the same, the frame is not. If you would prefer to put it back exactly like it was originally, I suspect that Dave Tacheny would probably have all of the parts that you need to restore it to the original configuration. He even had a NOS master cylinder for the 1938 Century when I was looking for parts. If I recall correctly, I have that here somewhere since I had my original one resleeved before I got the NOS one from him. I have no idea if yours would take the same master cylinder, and to be honest I don't even recall if I still have that one, or if I sold it to someone else. It is amazing how much stuff you forget when your project gets put on the back burner for several months.
  9. As can be seen in one of the photos above, the gas filler is located on the rear deck. It has a 3" diameter cover that is hinged and a flip lever to lock it down. One of my car buddies is trying to arrange to get one machined, so I drew the pieces in CAD and 3D printed them out. I'm glad I did that because I found a few issues. It's easy to update the drawings and reprint the pieces. We'll probably do this in brass on some CNC equipment, but it may also be possible to investment cast them in silicon bronze. They'll be polished and chromed. An R clip (hairpin) is used as a positive lock in addition to the over-center cam lever. It will have a Viton gasket for sealing. Here is the prototype assembly in white PLA plastic.
  10. Mark, you can get a number within hours BUT this does not guarantee that you will be selected. Not my call. If you want to re-up call Karen at 717-534-1910 and tell her you need your number right away. Jeff, no this is not a part of any TV show. This is a legitimate offer from folks with advanced technology that want to see how the parts industry will react to the quality and use of their product. Initial results have been astounding in quality and price I am told. Keiser, the email is AACA's. We are gathering the data for them. not .com Works for others!
  11. Glen I found a cam sprocket marked 120006 but I can not find a "45" mark on it. I also found a N.O.S. whitney chain. I have not found the accessory sprocket yet and I am still going through the totes to find these.
  12. Hopefully this is not viewed as highjacking, but I'm noticing another area of "could have ordered" but was very uncommon - premium level full size cars of the sixties-early seventies in bright red with aftermarket wheels. Cadillacs, Electras, big Chryslers and Mercs. These cars were not typically decked out like fire engines but I am seeing it commonly now. And they had resonators, not Flowmasters. Sounding like a cranky old fart, perhaps
  13. Mine are Coker biased 7.10's so the aspect ratio gives a more original stance and the wheel wells have a good proportion.
  14. I have checked with clock suppliers and the gauge guys that I know here in the U.S. and have come up empty. These pointers are bushed and counter weighted.
  15. It still goes on today: Craig
  16. I have owned my 48 new yorker in the uk for 11 years ,15mpg sounds about right ,but the loss of power is wrong i think as is the oil consumption ,maybe timing and switching to straight 30 will help ,am very envious of your trip to come!
  17. Tried sending an addition photo of distributor but not allowed me to send.
  18. We may at some point have to take you up on your offer. Thanks in advance David.
  19. Paul, Dale, James, thanks, you all have good idea's, that got me thinking. Perhaps what James stated that it wasn't until he started his engine is when his distributor dropped. Well maybe (and from how my distributor stops dropping short of seating ) the distributor gear and the cam gear just aren't lined up correctly. I'm not going to start the engine, but I will slowing hand crank the engine and give the two gears a chance to mesh correctly. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Dale attached are the photos you requested. Thanks, Jakes photo 1 - oil pump shaft photo2 - tape on top of oil pump shaft -3" photo 3- tape in slot of oil pump - 3-1/2"
  20. I assume this offer is part of a projected reality show? Sounds interesting if it is.
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  22. My `41 has the same small type serial number tag, located on the drivers side of the firewall. This same number is stamped on top of the drivers side frame rail..
  23. Just throw a spare in the trunk, I’m sure by now you could swap one out before Haggerty arrives. Sorry to see you having such difficulties, got to be frustrating
  24. Not many people do Kestrel. I use to try and keep that thread updated but just never saw it get very many hits. Glad to see someone finally got some good from it.
  25. If someone who hasn’t been a member in years were to join the club now, how long before he gets his new membership number?
  26. Appreciate the link. I never thought to look under that heading..
  27. im going to the Indigo car show, and the may 5th one at flowerfield in the morning,,, but instead of the june 23rd at flowerfield i will be at the Pindar winery car show,, at 37645 main road, ( RTE 25 ) Peconic N.Y.
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