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  2. 455 engine with mild cam, turbo 400, a/c, heat power windows/seat, locks/steering, new exhaust system, house of kolors paint job, candy apple red, cloth interior with leather inserts, stock wheels and more. Very nice riding car. Phone is 805-705-2605, e-mail is Please no text. I do not text.
  3. Thx, DLynskey, I had no idea about the fabric rooftops of pre-1934 cars. (It would probably be an impossible mission to find another '28 Martin Landau.) If the car at the church is different than the Chevy by the porch, it most likely wasn't my grandfather's then. He had the '23 Buick, and then this '29 (or '30) - his next car must be a late 30-something. The picture of the car at the church must just have been a picture of their church. Is there a catalogue-like list at AACA of body types with depictions of the differences? Phaeton, etc. Also for the parts of cars in general. I'd find that helpful.
  4. Congratulations! What part of the world are you located in? We may be able to direct you to local resources or aficionados. Enjoy. It’s great that it could be kept in the family for the next steward.
  5. Try here....
  7. WANTED: Left Front Door Interior Window trim. Need x1; any reasonable condition. See fotos of Right side unit: front& rear side views. Might be able to rework '35 version... send fotos. THX for your time... 😉 Trying to save an old-girl, Downunder ! DJ
  8. I have a center floor board shifting and hand brake assembly that may work for it. let me know and I can send pictures.
  9. A piece of the setting tape that is used to fasten glass into the lifting track would work fine. It is available in several thicknesses.
  10. I agree the car in the first photo looks like a 1929 or 1930 Chevrolet 4 door sedan. The differences between the two years are very subtle and would not be discernable without a much better photo. The car at the church looks larger than a Chevrolet to me and has a lot of features that are not "Chevy like". As far as the roof insert, ALL 1929 and 1930 closed cars had a fabric roof. The manufacturers didn't have the capability of forming full metal roofs until around 1934. Most earlier sedans had a fabric insert as seen in the first photo as well as all of the others in this post except one.. The car above with the sidemounts is an upscale Landau sedan with a full fabric top to emulate a convertible. Here the fabric covers the entire roof from the drip moldings just above the doors to the windshield in the front and to the belt molding at the rear. The car at the church appears to have the second type of top. Interesting photos. Don
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  12. I doubt it. Beefy wrist and forearm and big feet!
  13. Believe your highwheeler was built by Lee Andeson, Frazze Minnesota. On you tube there is an obscure video interview where he discusses collecting parts over many years - build was labeled 1908. Google search will also pick up some more pics and info. Good luck with your highwheeler. If you ever would like to sell it please contact me. I am also in search of 2 speed planetary transmission as used in a highwheeler, horseless carriage or motorbuggy. Thanks!
  14. It's been in the shop since Tuesday.......It actually started and behaved nornally right before I had it towed in (with my luck, it would have died en-route) had I driven it in). They've started it every hour, and it WON'T misbehave........It's CRAZY-MAKING. I just emailed them all of YOUR responses. What have I done to deserve this??????
  15. Yes. the picture I posted shows it on the Pebble lawn.
  16. Thank you... first time for me.
  17. The other thing to check is which pole is at which end. Some batteries are made "handed", with the poles on opposite sides. Then get the right one. The leads are probably set up for one type.
  18. Tell us what the label says. I can't read it.
  19. Since this forum reaches people all over the world, prospective buyers will need to know: ---Location of the car; ---Contact information (such as a phone number). All the best to you on your sale!
  20. 41 Buick trim on the fender skirts.
  21. Italian leather interior in excellent condition, runs great, needs cosmetic TLC on exterior. ( Faded / peeled Paint, etc.... no rust) and brake work. Easy project - $800 Vernon Hills, IL I am doing this for an elderly woman who is a life long friend and lost her husband... who owned the car, and she is having trouble finding the title.
  22. Marty Roth: I am not personally selling the car Marty. What the dealer wants to do is not up to me, and he has many, many beautiful pictures on line. I don't have more pictures of the car on this computer and the car is no longer here. I do not want interfere with him. I will only say he is reducing his asking price in accordance with my reduction. If they want to send me an email (I just changed my email back to suzybelle39baby@aol, then I will tell them privately who the dealer is and where they can find him on line.) I'll let him do his own dealing....that's what I'm paying him for. I have loved this car for many years. It was always a good car that I found in Washington, DC in 1965 and it's a good car now. In my opinion it also a beautiful car. Anybody who knows me knows that in my view, the 1939 Buick small series cars were one of, if not the most beautiful cars ever built in America. That's my personal opinion. I love them. My wife just recovered miraculously from serious illness, and I'm flirting the the same now. She is 79 and I am 80 and we have no male offsprings or sons in law. As I march toward 90 I don't want to have the weight of owning too many of these pre-war cars and I will never sell my high school '39 Buick until the end, or the nursing home. Also, I'm am unfortunately, by an extremely bad choice of Florida retirement home, living in the streetrod capital of America, or it seems like it. Without my trailer which I plan to sell after the 2020 Sentimental Tour, if I can make that, all I can do with the pre-War car is drive them to church. The '41 Roadmaster I can enjoy in some CCCA So-Fla tours where I don't need a trailer for awhile longer, and it will then go next. I thought my friend in NC had taken the 64 Wildcat off my list. This dealer sold that for me and sent it on down the road, so I gave him the lovely '39 phaeton to sell for me. One thing I have hated in all my AACA years is selling a car myself, although I've done it many times, of course. When I lived in Maryland and Virginia it was not nearly as difficult to do as there were many, many clubs and hobbiests there. I hope your wife is doing better and we think of her often.
  23. Dave is well known in the Royale community. Would be great to see a long wheelbase car put back together again.
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