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  2. The wheels are off, picture was for reference only.
  3. The body almost looks too new to have served as a rural mail carrier. Remember, we are talking about delivering mail 6 days a week, in all types of weather, in a rural setting. Great car, but I don't think being a mail truck adds to the value unless you can get documentation. I would start with your local Historical Society or even your post office to see if they have any historical pictures.
  4. Thanks for the direction. I don't have any previous maintenance records. I purchased the car last spring and this has developed.
  5. Interesting car with an interesting story. Rural mail carriers often outfitted their vehicles to suit their needs for the routes they covered. They were much like independent contractors today. A lot of left over WWI vehicles were given to the post office to use as mail transfer vehicles including motorcycles. Model A Fords have shown up as post office mail delivery vehicles, I’ve never seen a Star as such. Would be great if you find documents to match your car’s story.
  6. Me too. I might get excited when a BUICK, not a rebadged, is built. Ben
  7. Oldsmobile offered one though slightly different in 53. I just bought one with the transparencies and the original paperwork that says here is your 1953 Olds display. Wouldn't surprise me if Buick had one as far back as that as well.
  8. Hello RBK Unfortunately not my car. Its in a different country. Would you have these parts in your vast array of Studebaker bits? Cheers Chris
  9. Get the crank micked and the rod re-babbited and you are good for another 80+ years. My Pontiac averaged 166,000+ miles per babbitt job. I don't think my Grandfather ever drove it over 48 mph for the 99,000 miles he drove it. I added 400,000 miles over the last 60 years driving it as my daily driver. Many of my miles were on the highway at highway speeds, 50-55 and sometimes over 60. Nothing wrong with a proper babbit job.
  10. Am I really that dumb? how often I open the rear doors. I feel like I have tried nothing and I am all out of ideas!😁
  11. Thought Bill Pollock had the only two. Bob
  12. Need the following: robe rail jump seats top rest clamps I can supply pictures of these parts and measurements, Thank-you
  13. Did you use a puller to remove the wheel from the truck? Or, are you trying to remove the wheel/drum while it is still attached to the axle?
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  15. Does anyone know of a Chadwick car being restored in the Illinois area?
  16. I have a Moon Eyes Valve Breather, angled on Ebay . Thanks for lQQking !
  17. I have been searching through google images . seen one in wikepedia , think its a museum picture but dont find another and it looks a little different. I can remember dad telling me how he got it from a old man ( no offense ), in boxes, it was all in parts, with some pictures. The man was termally ill and asked if did would try and get it put together before he past.Dad said he did. I know he said that it was ordered by the post office ( dont know were ) as a mail carrier vehicle . When I was looking thru star cars for sale I seen a steel body 26 star that sold for $22,900 . This has a state title . does that hurt the value You dont have to answer that
  18. This is a picture I took on August 26,2019. Put a few miles on this summer, still a work in progress.
  19. Is there a rubber pad under the hood ornament on a 1939 LZ? Also will standard rubber pads under the trunk handle and license plate work from Macs 1939 Ford's ? Their door handle pads are oblong so I will try one of are vendors if there are no recommendation. Last question; Do we have good reviews on Vintage Auto Glass, their prices seem fair. Thanks
  20. These are from a 1931 Model 57 Buick. Not the same, but maybe the inserts will work.
  21. how do I find out how much shipping will be to 14925 Hardship Farm Pl. Waldorf Md. 20601 can you get me the price wit it
  22. If any one attended any car shows in central Iowa years ago he held a couple on his acreage Harry Spence
  23. Thank you all, It must be my reaction to "ageing". I find it is good to have a reason to get out of bed in the mornings. Something to keep me motivated. I feel that this is lacking in so many people of my age and even younger. I must confess that I tend to "use" this forum. I appreciate all your comments, through those I know that I am not iust another "silly old bugger". My elder brother died last Saturday after spending the last two or three years "in care". Something I absolutely refuse to let happen to me. I am still two or three weeks away from my 83rd Birthday and I am already planing how I intend to celebrate my 85th. To achieve this will mean that I have to work hard to finish the Singer. As with all my projects! They are all undertaken with a "plan in mind". This may sound slightly crazy but doing my "project cars" is the only way that I can SAVE a "reasonable amount of money". This is the only way I know that I can contribute my share of our overseas trips. It is all about "That green stuff that DON"T grow on trees"! For me it is better than putting money in the Bank! You cannot get it out until the project is finished........ Bernie j. Now that you all know, please do not tell anyone else.................................................and SMILE.
  24. I think someone is close to missing a great deal.
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