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  2. Earl, That is one sweet car! I remember seeing on a Sentimental Tour in Ocala about 10 years ago. I feel that 1939 GM cars were the best designed cars ever made. Best of luck with the sale and more importantly best of luck with your health. I love that car
  3. You should see most activity as the first hint of Fall appears. They are usually fine in the outdoors but when the cold weather approaches they seek out a warm place to nest. You probably had a much bigger problem than was apparent and you reached the point where you eliminated enough to stifle breeding. I dont have any pets/kids around the shop and ALWAYS keep poison in strategic places and where I can check to see if there is any activity. The poison is an anticoagulant (think Coumadian) and the idea is when they start to bleed out they compensate by seeking water and will hopefully leave your shop. Occasionally, I will find a corpse and am careful to dispose of it so another animal doesnt feed on it. Prevention is the best approach, especially after you have eliminated breeding. If you wait until the evidence presents itself repeatedly, it is "later" than you think. Mice are busy, quick and proficient little breeders! Just a note...a pattern that I have noticed repeatedly, where a "problem" exists and has been ignored, is the capture of an adult mouse. A day or two later a second mouse, also an adult, and then the capture of several mice which are obviously juveniles. In these circumstances, I would have initially use a traditional mouse trap, then put down glue traps so arranged that the spot of the initial capture cant be accessed without crossing onto the glue traps. My theory is the first capture is probably a male foraging for food. The second adult is the female following the urine trail the male puts down...and then the juveniles, if they are mature enough to venture out of the nest, following after the mother. Just my uneducated but personally experienced 2 cents, Tom Mooney
  4. Rusty, I believe the lamp company name is correctly spelled Heany.
  5. There's a few dozen utubes about this from guys that have actually done it.
  6. Thanks for showing us your car museum.
  7. Hi Jim. Welcome ! Are you on the trail of one ? One of our most knowledgeable and active members here, Marty Roth, has a 1915 Hudson Six-40 7 passenger phaeton wich he tours. Tell us more about yourself and your cars. Oh : and it is always a good idea to title a thread with a clue to the content. For example "1916 Hudson cabriolet info ?" could work. You'll catch on. Stay with us, and please let us know why you ask. Great old cars like that generate lots of interest in AACA. - Carl
  8. Thanks! I think it’s cool too and will be a lot of fun. The only parts I really would like to have is the instrument cluster and the top of the door panels trim piece
  9. @Hubert_25-25 started a topic in the Technical forum called "Balancing Connecting Rods". He discusses what he might do but doesn't say how he weighed the rods. Maybe a p.m.?
  10. Does anybody out there know a distributer rebuilder? There must be one that has them or ones close enough to modify. Junkyard?
  11. So, I scored 4 out of 12. Not bad for someone who can't even count to 12.
  12. William Durant said he bought the Cartercar company because of their friction drive, not knowing that the Ford Model T was going to put all other low priced cars out of business. He also bought the Haney Lamp Company for a big price because they held patents on acetylene headlights, right before the electric light put them out of business. It was decisions like that, that led to him losing control of General Motors to the bankers.
  13. All very interesting stuff. Pretty sure the vibration is on the front drums but will try the emergency brake test soon. The trans has never been apart, gonna pull the gear and see if it has teeth and at the same time put a drill on the cable and test it that way. I rebuilt the AFB. Been having this same problem for awhile. Pulled the accel pump and the one I got in the kit was crap so I ordered a better one but not much change. I have 87 octane in it now, you think 93 would help the situation? If not I may be edelbrock bound....
  14. You know JD that you’re always welcome if you want to visit the middle of the continent.
  15. We’re doing our best to make them so.
  16. So this is directed at me? I really don't get it.
  17. Isn't the purpose of an open forum to allow for everyone's opinion? I'm sure there are some positive opinions of Tesla mixed in with bad ones in these pages. Mine was positive, and I have despised electric cars since the Prius first showed up.
  18. You are looking for a bendix drive complete studebaker part number 44348. It fits a remy starter 720-m,720-c,723-a, and Wagner s-533, and s-462. According to the studebaker part catalog book 4 23-24-25
  19. No way of knowing since we cannot see into everyone's garage. Some may tell you how many were made or there are so many in a club or so many know to exist, but nobody knows how many are left unknown, languishing.
  20. Hey Dave : click on the link I referenced above. The 7X was the high performance Hudson engine, which combined with the superior handling of the low center of gravity cars, made them very competitive in the early-mid '50s. A very well done tribute car. Another spectacular one Doug did is his 1956 Corvette SR replica. Yeah, check out Toby Knoll Garage. Great website, extremely well written. We are fortunate to have another genius join in here. - Carl
  21. Joe that manifold looks most excellent! You have inspired me to get mine finished as soon as I have a few nice days to work outside. My plan is to mock-up the manifold using the cylinder blocks as the jig and solder it all up in place. That way I can ensure it fits properly since the mounting studs are not exactly perfect. The castings have been laying around on the work bench way too long!
  22. Hello, I have 33 x 5 tires on my Studebaker. These were extra wheels that came with my Big 6 ,
  23. My point is that this site is not the "Business News" and should not be an open venue for bashing one person's business, regardless of personal preferences. I don't want casual observers of the site to think we all have our heads in the sand. If a poster has some sound, positive advice to offer on the subject of electric vehicles, then please do so. But anecdotal negative stories about solar panels or other proven climate sensitive technology helps no one. When I started university, I needed a slide rule to do math/physics. When I got my first Blackberry 15 years ago I thought it was crazy. Boy have I learned to appreciate advancements in technology. JMHO.
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