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  2. One of my favorite cars at Pebble this year. Honest unrestored car. Great style. Fantastic chassis. Was fun looking it over.
  3. W Someone will have answer to the value and will need a lot more info on the car. What other cars are for sale would be nice to know too. Art
  4. I could not resist posting this photo that a friend sent me. It is a while since I have posted anything. I have been waiting for some metal to arrive, to finish the collet drawbar for the big lathe. The parcel got lost by the courier and had to be eventually resent. The coach trimmer has sent these photos of the work on the seats.
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  6. 1968 Pontiac GTO Coupe On Ebay
  7. Hi, From sunny England, I’ve just finished restoring my 1929 Model 65 and I had trouble reading my FEDCO plate. During the restoration I decided to remove the plate by carefully drilling out the two spot welds. Once removed I looked at the back and I could clearly see the centre two numbers that weren’t visible from the front. It maybe a bit extreme but this might work for you, I kept the plate safe and just glued it back on after painting.. Good luck Dave
  8. I spent 8 years selling my dads stuff.. It is getting harder to move the stuff.. fyi
  9. I have developed a craving for a cold glass of gluten-free tomato juice at the moment. - CC
  10. ptt

    1990 coupe w/146K

    Can this issue possibly be EGR related???
  11. Since it is already hot rodded why not just buy the reproductions?
  12. I'm looking at a 72 riviera thats been sitting in a garage for several years. he has no idea when it last ran. has probbly a foot worth of dust on it at least. a guy at work is selling it he inherited it from a friend of his family plus 40 other classic cars talk about lucky. any way he has no idea what its worth and I would like to be fair on my offer. the car will need new tiers the old ones are all flat and dry rotted. it dose look like both rear quater pannels will need some rust repair. and the front fenders got some rust at the bottom on both sides. the floors are nice and solid frame looks good all doors and door jams look clean. has a black leather top in good shape I would rate the interior an 8 out of 10. the yellow paint is faded but I might be able to buff it to life. the engine looks clean along with the rest of the engine bay looks almost brand new under the hood. what are rivieras of this year going for and what's a fair price for one in this shape thanks.
  14. I started using NGK on a ford motor years ago, awesome plugs. Got NGK platinum for my buick, but haven't ran them yet.
  15. I also saw the Krit in Reno. First one I ever saw. Their logo certainly got my attention. At that time it was a non-issue.
  16. Art, you are right it is .050 (50/1000). My mistake showing 50/10000 with .0050. I played a lot of football without a helmet. Turbinator
  17. G,day Listers. Simon did your 20 come out of Canberra ? The numbers that you quote don't make sense to me. can I ask if your car has a round front axle and a cone clutch. if so its a model A of 09 if not may be a mod B of 1909. Some years ago John Burke and Edgar Bowen compiled a list of all of the Hup 20 that they could find in Australia. Edgar contacted every owner that responded and updated JBs list. However upon EBs demise the list appears lost Don't forget the national Hup rally next year in Wagga Wagga. Details in our "REGISTER" By the way Edgar could find no real 09 model A in Australia and only doubtful 09 model B. Max Burke Nulkaba 2325 Australia.
  18. Thanks, my father really liked the car. I read that Lincolns and Thunderbirds were using the motor about then, and that there was a Super Marauder in an earlier Mercury with two 4-barrels and 400 h.p. It sounds like thatversion never made it to 1960.
  19. @8E45E that is a very handsome car. Thank you for posting the photos.
  20. Built in Oct. of 1928, all metal no glass.
  21. In the mid fifties, as a teenager I worked in my Dad’s truck/ tractor ( or anything that needed repair) repair shop. The nearest parts house was in a town 30 miles away. The salesman for the parts house visited us twice a week. He told us that every new vehicle built left the factory with Bar’s Leak in it. Might have just been a sales pitch. If so, it worked. Every engine overhaul/rebuild we did left with Bar’s Leak in it. I’ve never forgotten and have used Bar’s Leaks products to this day successfully.
  22. Max BURKE

    1913 Hupp 32

    G,day Listers. Gossjh Unless you have your clutch brake adjusted to completely stop the input shaft of the gearbox you will never get it into low gear from standstill without a crunch when cold and probably not even when hot. When adjusted push the pedal to the stop or the floor whichever comes first with the engine at low idle. Be sure the hand throttle is set back to slow idle from the start position, let the engine warm a little from cold and any gear will engage smooth as butter. After engaging gear from standstill the clutch brake is not needed and should not be used when driving. The adjustment is fully explained in the owners handbook of which reprints are available. and it will need trimming from time to time When you are used to it on tour you probably wont use the clutch after you set off at least not in open country. My grandson regularly drives our 32 without trouble. Max Burke Nulkaba 2325 Australia
  23. Dishwashing tablets. Clothes washing machine powder. I am corrected that it may be in antifreeze. Thank you for that.
  24. The Leland Cadillac V8 was a 314 cu. in. 90 degree engine which ran from the 1915 model year through 1927. Constant improvements were made, as the huge sales volume allowed engineering advances to be integrated and amortized. The last year saw two quite different engines, with two iterations of the first of the two. 3 1/8 bore, 5 1/8 stroke for the duration. It was the Leland Lincoln which was the 60 degree V8. - Carl
  25. One of the pictures in the ad seems to show a touring or sedan rear section. I wonder if that is Buick as well?
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