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  2. Joe - I see stains on the wood under the carb; where the Marvel carb leaked! 😜 Jon
  3. Back in the 1950's-60's I got a few parts from "Midnight Auto". My age was not a factor since no one ever asked. I'm sure "Midnight Auto" sites can still be found but owners can be very unfriendly. It would be wise to bring a chunk of meat from the butcher to calm the dog that might greet you.
  4. A friend is reducing his collection and has owned this sign for over 30 years and a has asked my assistance in determining value. No better place than here. Neon works perfectly
  5. 1967 Oldsmobile Toronado Deluxe On Ebay
  6. I came upon this photo of my Grandfathers Mercer Runabout. Has a 1917 New Jersey plate on it. Does anyone have any insight to this car. I still remember him talking about it as his pride and joy. Thanks, Doug Montagna
  7. I need 19" Buick split wheels, the ones I have are the spoke type with the lock ring, these came on the big bodied Buicks like the 90 and 91 series.
  8. We would play a game we called valve stems up you would drive around the school parking lot for a set amount of time and the car with the most valve stems up would win
  9. I have been on the board or an officer of several national /worldwide car organizations over the past 50 years and what Steve mentions is only magnified by the number of members or the scope of the club. Thank God for the volunteers who help the paid staff ( who usually are doing well beyond their capacity and time allowed per day) If you don't hear anything right away, give them a bit of a break and when inquiring be gentle, they are enthusiasts too! They are all responsible people or wouldn't be in the position that they are in , and have to deal with all sorts of egos and personalities and be civil to people who are not to them in many instances. PATIENCE everyone. Miracles happen at headquarters ( and not just in the old b & w movie you watch during the holidays on TV that has to do with a miracle on 34th St. in NY City)
  10. I am still trying to catch up with writing my posts, I think I am now about to report on the end of last week, the longer I leave it, the harder it is to think back to what I have done? I cut off the threaded end part, to get it machined, ready to fit to the other end of the drawbar. I needed to drill out and bore the rest of the 1-1/2" bar as I had not gone deep enough when I drilled and bored it from the other end. Will the tube fit on? Well, that's a bonus! Now I am ready to braze this onto the end of the drawbar. It now must be Saturday morning . . . . . . . . because Jane and I went to have a look at the work Paul Moore had done on the interior of the body. He informed us that this was the first time he had ever done any 'button back' seat work. We were both amazed at work he has carried out for us on the seats and the hood. We arranged to come and collect the body on Tuesday when he would have more staff on hand to help lift the body into the back of our Ford Transit van. I went back to working on the drawbar Just in case it was difficult to unscrew the drawbar from the back of the 5C collet when I wanted to remove a collet from the spindle adapter I decided to make a hollow bolt to fit inside the end of the drawbar tube at the back end of the spindle. I turned down the hexagonal bar and cut a relief at the end to the depth of the thread. For readers not familiar with thread cutting on a lathe you have this dial connected to the leadscrew of the lathe. The dial in the middle, with the lines and numbers on, rotates with the rotation of the lathes leadscrew. There is also a lever that connects the carriage to the leadscrew. The dial has four lines, marked 1 to 4. Which means, I am pretty sure, that you could actually cut a thread with four starting points. I have never attempted, to date, anything other than cutting a single point thread. When cutting a single point thread you can push the lever down to connect the carriage to the leadscrew on any one of the four marks. Do you sometimes wish that you had never started trying to explain something? Well for me I think this is just one of those times! When you do push the lever down to connect the carriage to the leadscrew the thread will start cutting in the same place every time as long as you don't move the metal you are cutting or the top slide (the part the tool post is bolted to). This is showing the lathe cutting the first 5 thou cut of the thread. With the 20 TPI thread I was cutting I needed to go to a final depth of 32 thou. I found, in one of my draws, that I had a thread chaser for a 20 TPI thread, so I thought I would try using it. Never used one before. It appears to take the 'sharp bits' off the top of the thread. Next, to cut a female thread in the other part.
  11. Gents, I prepared the surface of my valve covers and powder coated them, I’m in hopes they will be easier to keep looking good. Turbinator
  12. "Possible" only in the sense that my winning the lottery is "possible".
  13. Y-JobFan


    I had checked that out as well
  14. This is not mine, but I did look at it. It is rough, but appears mostly complete, needing full restoration. He was asking around $20,000. Contact Henry 518-567-8097 in Hudson, NY.
  15. question is, does Parker eat Parkay or just parkay the cars?
  16. One more time: clean, inspect, restore, refurbish or replace parts as you take them off; then store them. This saves so much time doing all this when reassembly starts and you are not searching for parts at this time. But then what do I know?
  17. I've never seen one but Tom Mooney could confirm if one exists. There is a pretty good description of it's operation in the chassis manual. Are you having a problem with yours maybe we could help with?
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  19. Got any details on the breaker and/or pics of your 2g set up? I did order a 120 amp alternator and that Year One harness adapter.
  20. And does Parker pick the Packards that get parked at Parker Packards or does Parker have a parker who picks the Packards to be parked at Parker's Packards?
  21. September and October are tough months for our small staff (we are also on person short until Monday). We have to answer hundreds of calls, emails and letters about Hershey and many are time consuming but we do our best to give everyone the time they need. We have hundreds of items to be priced, folded and separated and loaded into two trailers for the fall meet. We have trophies to make up and package for 1200 cars at the meet and then we have all the engraving that we do in-house for the show. On top of that there are a myriad of other normal day-to-day duties. Our software does not allow us to enter 2020 until we close out 2019 membership. We have done that since coming back from Hershey and begun the massive job of separating thousands of replies based upon orders and donations that come in with dues. Data has to be entered and none of this is automated. This is no simple task. We start all this process early so we have a few months to get everything done for the 2020 year. If we waited until later members would not get their cards until later in the first quarter. The staff at AACA is fully cognizant that our members in part pay our salaries. What you do not see is the massive number of hours put in as volunteers by the staff in order for us to get the job done. Nights and weekends are normal for many of our crew. They do this because they care and are here to serve. At this point, adding staff is not in our budget so we do the best we can. Unless you have spent any time in this office you would not have anyway to comprehend how much work has to be done by national headquarters. In fact, we also have two meets left to service for this year as well so sending merchandise and trophies to Mobile and Fallbrook are all added to the mix. No easy task folks.
  22. Hello, I have a 1954 Buick Special with 3 speed on the column and the Trans Control Lever broke yesterday. I have called everywhere trying to locate one to no avail. Does anyone have any idea of where to look? I know I could change the whole column out but I am trying to keep the car original. The problem is they only made a few of these that were straight shift and every old parts place is saying "Good Luck". Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  23. I happened to check mine last weekend, it was a very tight fit also.
  24. I assume after all this time the engine has been sold
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