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  2. Sure hope someone can help me out. Even if you don't have one, perhaps you might give me a hint of who I might contact. Would be greatly appreciated. Lee
  3. Well I got the sending unit out and took it apart. The wirewound wiper assembly was disconnected from the connection. I was desperate in trying to fix it. I thought worth a try so got my biggest soldering iron out and thought I could get enough heat through the assembly and to the back of the screw assy. Yes I did it without ruining anything else. So instead of riviting back together I thought I would solder since I had the big iron cranked up. BIG MISTAKE because when I got it all together it didn't work. It was no longer open but it didn't change resistance. Thus had to take apart again. Wasn't making good contact at the bottom of the wiper arm. Soldered that. Put back together. Still was not working properly. I thought what next!!! Took apart again and this time found that it wasn't making good contact from the contact point to the arm. I thought this is crazy but successfully solder that also. Put it back together hopefully for the last time. I checked it several times to make sure I got all the problems out of it before I installed it. So got that job done and was a headache but persistence pays off!! Now I need to find a used speedometer since the one in the '49 is pretty much toast.
  4. You just need the little vapor bulb that rides in the engine head, or the whole unit? If the whole unit, go for NOS on EBay. I'll look on my parts engines, I my have a bulb, otherwise.
  5. The springs being above the axle tube are another clue that this may be early small truck. Quite a few cars used this method as well in the very early days ,so not 100% indicative of truck. Greg
  6. Just be VERY careful of the fiber disc with the tabs on it and the other fiber disc inside.
  7. Gee........thanks for the vote of confidence David...............Coleridge is not one of my favorite poet's.
  8. mrrodriguez77, You can go to this thread. There was a lot said about fitment of wheels and tires. I have some US wheels similar to your, but 17 x 7 up front with 235/60 DB redline, rears are 17 x 8 with 255/55 DB redline. Art Question on wheel fitment 15x8 4" Backspacing By first64riv, July 9, 2019 in Buick Riviera - Riviera Owners Association
  9. Wondering if anyone would know where (if) any production records exist for 1956 Oldsmobiles, specifically those built in Lansing, MI. I'm going to be the new caretaker of a '56 Super 88 convertible that has spent the last 20+ years (at least) in Canada (Toronto area), and I'm interested in finding out if it was originally sold there or shipped there sometime in the prior 40 years. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.
  10. All these years later, I'll bet the Cadillac's Dagmars defy gravity better than the lady's....
  11. a) I like the ones with the black tips. b) When I am selling a car if someone is serious, I'll provide the VIN bun not in the advt.
  12. Last fall I bought a 1988 Reatta that had better inner door panels then the one in my favorite car. I didn't need the car but the door panels are perfect. So swapped out the panels and am keeping the car for a winter driver. Cost was $1000.00. One could say that was a cheap price to pay for a running car, but this is the 3rd car I bought for the door panels. The other two were bought sight unseen and those panels were in rough shape. So my real cost was $2000.00 somewhat offset by parts sold from the first two.
  13. One interesting thing about the White that hasn’t been mentioned.... The mascot for the car, and the factory magazine about White cars, was called....The Albatross....think about THAT for a minute!
  14. A picture is worth ten thousand words........
  15. My nickname for her...........Dagmar. Fond memories...............(I have a huge smile on my face as my lady is asking me what so funny!) Google Dagmar Bumpers.............😂
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  17. I want to read Eds' autobiography .
  18. Too bad that when I swapped out my fuel pump [which I thought was good, but while I was there] and the sending unit [which turned out to be a loose connection] I didn't keep the parts. It would have made your project a bit cheaper.
  19. HI I have a complete frame with springs, 4 wheel hubs, beat up gas tank. I have been told that it is a 1928 Dodge. I would be glad to sell.
  20. Found the problem of no first and reverse,there is another lever going from the clutch linkage to first and reverse linkage where the clutch has to be in for it to shift out of those gears. It was not adjusted right so it got removed until I can get it up enough to work under it so I will do that when I check the brakes.
  21. I’m fairly certain they are out of production.......check date codes, and order soon so you can still get what you want.
  22. Beautiful Automobile ! But why a spark plug on the carburetor ? I have seen it before and cannot explain it . Thank you .
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