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  2. Hmmm.... all my fittings are bronze. The tubing is copper but I don't think there is any brass there. I did, originally, make brass flanges but I didn't like the mismatched color and wasn't really happy with their form so I made a pattern and had the guys next door get me two bronze castings.
  3. Came across a bent - up, beat - up radiator shroud, and wondered if anyone had any need for it. Free, but pay for the shipping. I'm in northwest Montana. No response in a couple of weeks, I'll take it to the dumps. Call me at 406-854-2088. Willy
  4. Every time one of these sells, I think that there will be a "Newbie" joining the forum with all sorts of questions on all of the things that Jim mentioned. Plus a need to verify it's a real Gran Sport - after the sale.
  5. A while back, Mr. Earl was offering a Buick CD, and it included this recording. Just think, a room full of trained musicians, all performing perfectly. No synthesizing, correcting or editing. Just how it came out of the instruments. I love big bands, and such a snappy tune!
  6. Rick in your original post you state, "The owners manual says the adjustment is via a spring change." I take from this statement that there is no adjustment of the oil pressure other than changing the spring to a different one for various pressure settings ie there is no mechanism to screw in or out to adjust the pressure. If it has been re-installed correctly and it is all clean this should not be an issue in my opinion. I also note that in a later post you state, "I pulled the adjuster out of the side of the block at that time, it looked clean and I put it back in." Could explain what you mean by "adjuster" Before taking any drastic steps to replace the bearings perhaps you could consider draining the oil and refilling with 15W40 oil and see what effect this has on oil pressure.
  7. Here is one we sold.. You can see me in the picture..
  8. 1908-1918 - first contract McLaughlin had with Buick supplying the chassis and running gear and McLaughlin building the bodies After, they were much the same, but McLaughlin-Buicks tended to have a bit higher finish / trim / interior. There were things like different hub caps (although essentially the same in many cases, just had the longer name). After WWII, the McLaughlin name was gone, although Canadian cars did have some differences in model / style numbers and some years like 1952, the US Special was replaced in name by the Canadian DeLuxe.
  9. Want to buy: 1) Door panel stainless trim from a Super coupe or Roadmaster convertible 2) Stainless trim from Roadmaster trunk lid (Model 73A, 76A, or 76C, or trunk and roof if from 73 or 76) 3) Roadmaster 2 door front seat or 4) Roadmaster parts car (coupe or convertible 76, 76A, or 76C). I also have LOTS of other 57 stuff to trade if interested.
  10. If you get around to changing the brake hoses, try also ensuring the junction block is not clogged. Since it sits low, if car sits for a long spell with impurities in fluid it can collect there and cause a blockage.
  11. LOL Actually the rear axle is still under there but she is so badly rusted out that the the coil springs have pushed up through the rear trunk shelf... I didn't cut anything off the trunk floor, I just grabbed it piece by piece and threw it in a pail. Saving it this long was more about not having find places to store parts inside the garage but that ship has now sailed!
  12. Good thing I can sometimes sit on my hands. I have in-laws in the Spokane area. It’s green too, which She Who Must Be Obeyed would be happy with.
  13. A long term thought, once the shop walls are insulated, would be to create murals / set pieces to create something of a display within. Whether that happens or not only time will tell.
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  15. Hello I was wondering if anybody has an idea of what old car this Grill comes from? Thanks in advance
  16. Exactly lance ... guesstimate 1 full Saturday and possibly part of a Sunday ... put on stock hubcaps and do a number on the existing chrome bright work and it would look like a different car entirely. Looks like it sat and sat inside somewhere for a good stretch. That haze on the passenger's side is most likely the lacquer that has sweated and powdered. Cut and polish. Forgot to grab the price and the seller's phone or email.
  17. I, likewise, am searching for a repair manual and a parts manual for a 1931 CM6. Any resources would help... Bill
  18. You should at least sort them by make. 😀
  19. The Karmann Ghia was copied off a Chrysler show car they had built a few years earlier. Ghia never denied this, although they didn't exactly brag about it either. I'm not sure this is correct at all, in fact the truth is more likely the "other way around". The initial design concept for the Karmann-Ghia began in 1952 by a freelance designer associated with Ghia wanting to put a small sport-type body on a standard VW chassis. It took him about 1.5 years to convince VW leadership to approve the design concept for eventual full production starting in 1955. In the mean time, Chrysler design folks had become aware of Ghia's body-building expertise and hired them to body their Chrysler show car in 1953 (about 1 year after the initial KG design had been prepared) and I attach a photo. Note that this car has little KGG resemblence, but later Chrysler-Ghias adopted more of the look of the Karmann Ghia, as seen in photos earleir in this thread. I have not found any info indicating that the '53 Chrysler-Ghia design was penned solely by Exner/Chrysler, but was more likely a joint effort. Personally, I see little design similarity between the 2, one being a small very rounded & streamlined sports car, and the second (the 1953 Chrysler-Ghia) being a boxier full sized personal luxury car. The rear fender treatment is somewhat similar, but that bump-up/bump-out motif was common on a great many models of the era. My 2 cents worth. My first car was a 1960 Consul when I was 18, but in 1965 (at age 19) a friend offered me his 1959 Karmann Ghia for $100. Couldn't resist that wonderful style. In addition it had been fitted with a Corvair engine, raising HP by about double. a real pocket rocket, it really was unsafe at high speed as the front end got very light! Kept it until 1969 when engine needed re-doing. Wish I had kept it longer.
  20. My local You Pick just got a rolled over 1985 Riv. Anyone need parts let me know.
  21. I couldn't believe it, John! I think that's a testament to how much the previous owner cared to keep this car in operational condition. He did mention to me that it worked when he sold it. If I can make this cooling issue go away, I may actually drive it to OKC this year🤣
  22. I've been rebuilding the Delco-Remy 662M dual-point distributor for my 1937 President engine. It was missing a few parts. I had to use my 3D printer to make a new terminal for the side and machine a brass stud for the electrical connection. I was able to buy another 662M to scrounge for other parts. I do have four of the reproduction caps for sale and was able to find the rare NOS top terminals for them. The price for the two-piece caps with top terminal is $250. Sorry, it's not cheap but they are pretty hard to find and expensive to buy.
  23. Very impressive to hear that the A/C still works! Nice!
  24. Looks like a rat rod. Maybe you want to shove the rear axle back under there and sell the rest as a project car? 😁
  25. Glad to help. I wish we could have found one a little cheaper!
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