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  2. It really did!. We were tempted, but realized we had probably found our one and only buyer. Padgett said: Tampa license plate ? 4D was Pinellas Count9y was the "4", the "D" meant compact car. Tampa was "3" would have been for Hillsborough County (Tampa). We lived in Redington Beach, off the coast of St. Petersburg. Those look like VW wheels, 4CV (army helmet) had three lug wheels. (Not on the 1952 4CV, these were stock wheels) You might be thinking of the Citreon.
  3. In the 1930s, the huge German rigid airships, the Zeppelins, were powered by Maybach diesels. Now that sentence contains 3 words which to my eyes look like German words/names. That could be a clue. Diesel engines probably were developed by some German gentleman named Diesel. If I didn't have to scoot right now, I would wring out the internet and give you a definitive answer. Maybe someone will have this figured out by the time I get back to the forum. Not C Karl, - C Carl
  4. Havent been around much, life came at me again haven't made many changes to my 55 . the few I have gotten done are added a oem replica radiator bullet centers for the wheels an lake that things have settled its back to the wrenches an sanders. had it out at a few shows this summer an drove about 1500 miles . heres the most recent a friend found of me leaving a show.
  5. I have this idea in my head that I can swap the rear end in my 55 to something more modern , an im not absolutely positive if it will work so this may be lengthy any input is very much appreciated. I will start at the beginning. I would love to retain the dynaflow transmission,{ I still have the oem nailhead an a conversion kit that will accept any gm transmission is fairly expensive} an this is where it gets complicated. 1. I understand there is first the torque ball an u joint to deal with an that I would need a slip shaft to account for the rears movement . the oem ujoint assembly is bolted to the output shaft(no slip there) . I assume that by removing the tourqe ball an installing a hybrid u joint assembly with a slip yoke on the driveshaft side I could effectively account for the movement of the rear axle as the shaft lengthens an shortens as it moves up an down with the rear axel. what possible issues could I have here an is the tourqe ball the transmissions "rear seal" essentialy? 2. drive shaft , would have to be custom made similar to one from a 4x4 with a slip yoke at the front an matching rear as the rear end of choice. here the queston is would vibration , fluid seals, bearings, or other modifications be a serious issue on the transmission? 3. rear axel an suspension, clearly a 4 link an panhard install makes the most sence with coilover shocks , or possibly retaining my coils an adding shocks. (a) whats a good gear ratio to look for in that rear axel ? an the dynaflow is a 2 speed. (b) rear axle width ? recommendations or best donor axels? any out side input or issues I have overlooked is very much appreciated before I start spending cash on something that may not work .
  6. these plastic covers are alright for a cheap solution, but now these cars are so valuable that it is best to send yours to JUST DASHES for a rebuild. You only do it once
  7. 1926 Buick master Six. Runs good. Older restoration with Lebaron Bonney interior. Have many more pictures and video of it running......$15000 cash. Phone calls only. 740-692-9526
  8. Looks like you are not locked out right now.
  9. Then clean the screws Then I took care of the two supports, and we can see that they are black at the origin
  10. I could use a good set of front fenders for my '36 Dodge. Does anyone know if, aside from the "catwalks", the fenders are the same as '37's. They look a lot alike and the interchanges don't say. I need a pair that are not rusted or beaten to death, especially along the wheel opening. Thanks for any info.
  11. Looking for 1957 TWO Door only Buick Special, Century or Skylark with the 3 piece rear window. Will consider any condition and color but prefer all options and black exterior. I am in San Jose CA 408.228.7867 Brad
  12. Then a point of rust at the bottom of the tank Once the rust is brushed and clean, I apply Rustol inside the tank to protect it
  13. The membrane and the piston which are in very good condition Once the compressor disassembled, all the parts were in very good condition, the pump was clogged with dirt and there was deposit as can be seen in this photo in the tank
  14. A word should be said here for sellers of individual or batchs of parts... We tend to assume that everyone's as familiar with cars as we are., and most are not....a seller may well advertise mechanical or body parts from a 23 Kratz his father dismantled in the garage and never got back together again, but doesn't realize Krats put out two different models that year, all mostly from off-the-shelf suppliers but different ones for the different models...and may unknowingly, with the best of intentions, send a part to someone who funds its not right for his particular car... As stressed above, buyers must be careful...
  15. 1975 Caprice Convertible in excellent condition. 29k Miles, AACA Award winner. All original car still has the original spare tire in the trunk. Not many left in this condition. located in South Florida Ary
  16. We can see this big O-ring which was in very good condition Disassembling both parts of the pump
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  18. Disassembly of the first party with its O-ring, we can see a little deposit on the small grid Then disassembly of this fairing (it was not necessary to disassemble it for this step) With its mechanism
  19. A 1929 Model 120 listed for sale on Back in 6/19/18 they were asking $22.5K. Car is in Indiana. The very-rare Gardner Griffin radiator mascot implies a very complete vehicle
  20. Then after finding the diagram of the compressor, dismantling
  21. Then ride on the engine I have for the moment to leave the pipe on the engine to see soon or I can pass it, I do not want to pierce the partition to pass it in the cockpit and connect it to the manometer, I will make it go through a hole already existing . Then I continued with the damper compressor, as can be seen, it was of gold anodized color
  22. You don't see one on every street corner, but several models are CCCA Classics, partly due to the adoption of straight eights in 1924. Here is a 1927 Model 90 that 1937hd45 posted eleven years ago:
  23. Hello everyone, here are some news since time. I'm going to take parts to the person who sells the parts for machining, this person told me that my stirrup will be finished by the end of the month. Then I get this part, the "T" which allows to connect the oil pressure sensor and a manometer of oil pressure Then I bought two years ago these manometer mounting
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