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  2. Factory blueprint is like gold. Post a picture so I can see what view it is. Don't worry about how it will show up right now.
  3. Just pulled it put again. I have a drawing of the gear camshaft. It was in a manila envelope that was passed down to me postmarked 1969. There is a lot of discoloration. I don't think it would scan well, however. Sorry.
  4. My gut is many of the cars could go a little higher than we all anticipate via being 1. Auction, 2. unusual cars, and 3. decent enough condition, but that being said the Nash and Pierce Arrow (plus a couple of the other cars) should all take hits given colors, age of restorations, and non-running (which is my guess as to most of the cars).
  5. I need block height from bottom to top of intake deck and width of the intake deck. Need thickness of connecting rod big end, micrometer measurement. Ford V8 is .875". Need photos of cam with ruler laid on top. Because cam is long multiple shots are needed to reduce perspective distortion. A shot directly above each cam bearing and shots between. Because many block dimensions can be determined from the cam I will need caliper dimensions for lobe width and spacing for a group of four lobes. I need the width of the main bearing shells.
  6. I have a factory blueprint of at least part of the engine. Not sure how well it would show up in a picture.
  7. True TDC can be done with a piston stop. I used an old spark plug, gutted it and ran a small long screw thru it. Manually turn the # six piston up till it touches the stop, mark the balancer then manually turn the engine backwards until it hits the stop and mark the balancer again. Midpoint between these two marks will be true TDC. Not uncommon for a balancer to be off a bit.
  8. Here is the second photo of the completed lifter guides and clamps. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  9. Perhaps mention exactly what the brass car is and see what other people have done - there is a lot of knowledge here. Been there done that twice now via converting internal expanding to hydraulic as linkage could not be converted/re-engineered due to obstructions. Generally speaking, it is a lot of re-engineering and fabrication to get the brake pedal to work the brakes on the axles - but worth it car design allows.
  10. Been putting a lot of time on the lawn mower.
  11. There is a very rare Nash being auctioned this weekend down in Mississippi, and the colors are, just watch the results and see if color affects sale price. Same with the 1928 Pierce in orange.........the market will decide.
  12. Matt, This car needs to be driven. If I bought it - that wouldn’t happen. Jim
  13. Cool little cars and Ghia was VERY influential in a lot of Chrysler dream car designs. This is poster's opening phrase. Rusty, I'm not trying to solve a question of who may have influenced whom and in what measure in this 3-4 year period. The many articles written explain at length the business and friendship relationship Virgil Exner developed around 1950 with Luigi Segere and Pablo Boano, the owners of Ghia. The articles also make it clear that Exner drew cues and ideas for his d"Elegance design from design exercises he had seen at Ghia, including sketches from Boana, Segre and others. The same cues were contemporaneously being fused into the Karmann Ghia and some other concepts. While Exner may have been first to actually combine those cues/ideas into a "built car", that does not mean he gets the design credit for similar cars being created in the same shop at the same time. Remember that although the KG production began in 1955, it's design concept began 4 years earier. The long lead time was a consequence of several actors being involved, Ghia (as designers), Karmann (as body builder), and VW (as end client). Since historians at the time were not able to attribute the Karmann Ghia overall design concept to any one individual, I don't think we should either.
  14. The Graham Paige is supported by a good club. Parts are not that difficult to come by. Handles are either available or reproduced. They are reliable drivers. The Graham Owners International Club will be meeting in Brockville, Ontario in 2019 and will have numerous examples not only on display but touring daily. Many will be driven to the meet.
  15. Can you get linoleum at an art supply store - they use it for woodblock/linoleum printing (there use to be a fellow in Hemmings that sold it - battleship decking and ...)
  16. Great looking, ready to roll tudor. Congrats to the lucky new owner! 😊
  17. Even a carton that a flat screen came in. The closest Greyhound is Salem OR. Its about 45 minutes from me. But I would make the trip. All country back roads and great farm roads for an afternoon cruise in one of by rattle traps.
  18. tblack

    17 buick

    Got my 10 mile round trip in as weather was good. Actually I now have 50 miles on the car and returned to top off the gas tank....Car was running poorly on the way home...A Timing light indicated no firing on #3 and#6...both plugs were fouled with carbon. Actually all the plugs were pretty dirty for 50 miles but were firing. Carbon build up usually is from burning oil or too rich of a mixture. After popping in a couple of new plugs I set the Marvel(!!!) to the book. Car does not appear to be burning oil but we will have to keep an eye on things. I did put a fair amount of oil in the cylinders prior to the first start. When I got the car 1 cylinder had a double electrode plug, I assume maybe that cylinder's plug was subject to early fouling....Any one use plugs in these cars designed to foul less easy?? I'll keep driving it and see if we made improvements.
  19. The 1933 Chrysler Convertible Sedan (2-door), the CO (6 cyl) had 116.5"WB and CT (8 cyl) had 119.5"WB. Dammann book indicates 207 CO's in this style were built, and 257 CT's, so with a usual survival rate around 1%-2%, not likely many of these around in either version. As mentioned, the Imperial Eight (CQ) Convertible Sedan was a 4 door model, 126"WB, of which 364 were built.
  20. * Remember me? When I last visited (mid-December 2018), I had intended to be more active; unfortunately, life got in the way. While I suspect it will again (still job hunting), I wanted to give an update. Instead of re-writing, links are below if you are interested; check out the website for other entries from late December, January & February, including my work (late December 2018 to early April 2019) for the mayor of Elgin IL via my CD Consulting Services! 03/15/2019 VYING TIME - some thoughts about life in general & links: 03/22/2019 COMPANY STRATEGY - a look at automotive front ends: 03/27/2019 COMING SOON - my new CD SHOWCASE radio show, with more ways to listen: 04/05/2019 AT THE HEART - my tribute to Dad, who died 2 days earlier: Cort, pig&cowValves+PM, 2003 MGM LS + 1981 cmc SC; need 1975 Chrysler Cordoba "Where do you begin?" | Dolly Parton | 'Starting Over Again'
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  22. Carl, Good eye. Yes the rig is a well cared for original. It came from a town of 237 people in Ohio. They took great care of it and it has had 2 collector owners since. It looks like it was just taken out of service. There have been a few touch ups. No major restoration work. It looks ready for the next call.
  23. A friend of mine uses "Humdinger" a lot, he's the only one I've heard say it. I showed these posts to him, he was impressed you could drive a Buick that way and enjoyed the story and pictures Hugh!
  24. Lots of bright colored cars out there when new - but many also were owned by the drive them hard put them away wet crowd. Try a 1935 Auburn in Neptune Blue and quite a few white ones pictured in era too (all be it white is not color chip in brochure). We had in the family a 1935 Packard Twelve Coupe Roadster in a blueish turquoise (w/a fine gold metallic flake in it too). And we had an unrestored 1931 Cadillac 355 V-8 Town Sedan in dark blue with black trim, white pinstripe, and an entirely orange undercarriage including undersides of fenders.
  25. The first picture is not home. That is my local firehouse which was just taken out of service after 117 years and replaced with a new larger house. As for what I am going to do with it? That is a good question.
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