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  2. Those brackets appear to be Ford Model A windwing brackets. Reproductions are readily available online. Larry is correct - the windshield stanchions should have a boss at windwing mount locations. Kevin
  3. Narve, The oxalic acid is very mild with 1kg dissolved in 10 liter. It does not eat metal like Hcl. After two days flushing at 30 to 40 degrees temperature the rust was gone. Initially there was an air pocket in the block, so when I checked after one day the difference was really clear. Strangely after rinsing with soda, the metal turns green, cannot get it of not even with a high pressure washer. The cilinder head was put in a tank without heating and came out nicely. The oxalic acid is easily available, it is used for cleaning wood that blackened due to water. The way you cleaned the fedco plate was great, i will try mine asap. Chris
  4. Just because a person is disabled does not give them the right to drive their vehicle recklessly, and I have been wondering what disability specifically requires a person to ride a bicycle for mobility? or a mini bike? Anyone know? I fully agree with the ADA laws and their purpose, but that should not exempt anyone from operating the equipment their physician prescribes them to use in an unsafe manner. if a person has a handicapped hang tag on their car does that allow them to drive above the speed? or park where they want? The end of events like this is going happen and and it will be due to be someone getting severely hurt with a massive lawsuit to all the parties involved. This has to be regulated and controlled before someone really gets hurt
  5. Yes, I just read about this PVC system in General Discussion under Cadillac Top Speed.......😉
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  7. Hi - first time poster here. I'm looking for a new car and was hoping to solicit some recommendations based on my preferences. I'm quite flexible but here are a few specs to inform the recommendation. * Budget $15K * I live in Los Angeles and need something that can handle city driving * I drive on average ~25-40 miles total a week - usually on the low end. * I prefer something that is relatively reliable and easy to work on when necessary * Would prefer something I don't have to give white glove treatment to I've seen some 1940's Ford Deluxe that look pretty cool and are stated to be in good running condition. But I don't really know enough about cars yet to know if this is good for my needs. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I'm adding to the wishlist here. Holley/MSD just recently came out with a coil-on-plug driver system that uses their distributors with a blank cap. I think having two LS coils on each side of the valve cover breather with some type of throttle body injection would really wake this old 322 up. I guess if you take the MSD nailhead distributor and gut it with replacement hall effect stuff on the inside, all the billet bases are the same so you just throw the blank cap on there. Then you can have either one of their Sniper units or a stand alone coil driver fire the plugs with a programmable map. I think I've just about given up on doing dual quads at some point. The air cleaner really completes the engine and I just think it would look silly without it. I thought about the Chevy/Cadillac/HEMI dual quad air cleaner but there's no guarantee it will fit and its pretty massive. I think the only thing that would cause me to give up the original air cleaner would be a McCulloch supercharger setup, but good luck finding one of those.
  9. Just have your shoes relined. Several places around to do it, probably not where you live, but within shipping distance.😉
  10. Good ! That is the right decision. - Carl
  11. All the large Buicks of 41 had an optional compound carb setup avai;able , not just the Century. It was the carb option that I was refering to not be available after the war. For the poster who said a lot of 1930s European cars would top 100mph. I would like to say tjat there were a lot of 30s and even some 20s American cars that would do it. That changed when they stopped when they stopped making Duesenbergs, Marmons, Auburns,Cords, Pierce Arrows. and I imagine a lot of 12 cylinder Packards and 12 and 16 cylinder Caddies plus other cars I have forgotten or don't know about. I learned to drive on a 41 Century with compound carbs, I don't know what had been done to it but in 51 and 52 when we had it , It idled smoothe as silk and was still on of the faster cars on the road. There is nothing inherently more powerful about a V8 than a straight eight and the straight eight always has better balance and less vibration.
  12. Something new is in town, Drive Share by Hagerty! My friend rents out his Corvair convertible with this. All Hagerty insurance sponsored!
  13. DiBarlaw, and Hugj, Wow what a bomb shell, thank you. I am a total neophyte when it comes to Buicks, if this is not a real 1925 Buick 25S Touring then I need to contact RM Auctions ASAP as the catelogue and the Merrick Museum Certificate of authenticity say otherwise and I am not knowledgeable enough to know the difference. I could really use your help help. Have you looked at the RM auction listing online? If this is not the car it was purported to be I do not want it. I do have 14 days to prove that. Can you or the BCA help me showbit is a tribute car and not authentic? please call email me direct: 617-877-9660. Unfortunately I a on business travel to France next week but stoll can receive calks and emails. Again, Thank You for reaching out! Carl Carlson
  14. Nash34

    1913 Hupp 32

    Thanks. We had Hump out today for a family get togather. Car did good on shifting. Dad getting things figure out. The only problem it seem to have now is after running for awhile. Stop car for a short time. Try to fire it back up it dose not like to fire back up. I am sour it something simply. Just keep playing with it. Gossjh How's your car doing?
  15. thanks for the heads up on the bluetooth/fm transmitter. I just ordered 1.
  16. Here is my haul. As mentioned all literature. I found a repro packard used car sign I liked but the seller wanted $500. Crazy when the repro signs are getting priced to the point of what originals were a few years ago. Of course I don't think it's being made anymore, but still. All the literature boxes are about full and there was another box or so's worth from the library I forgot to put in the photos.
  17. Sure, I would like to see those as well....... Thanks again !
  18. When I was an ignorant youngster (not much different to now, some say!), I had a Transit van. The rear wheel seals kept failing and it took me a while to work out why - movement of course. The shoes were well oiled with diff. oil. I thought I would be clever and wash them in petrol until it came clean, then burn it in petrol. Yeah, right. The brakes were still lousy. Of course, after fixing the movement ( and replacing the LH thread nut I had split getting it off as a RH thread) and replacing seals plus brake cylinder and shoes, it was MUCH better. Still a pile of rubbish, but the brakes were a lot better.
  19. Happy to do it! I also have swap meet and car corral photos if anybody is interested.
  20. Sorry, not familiar with most of the terms in the equation. Please define. Thanks, - CC
  21. Did the PO say when the engine was overhauled? 75,000 miles ago?
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