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  2. For Sale 1957 Buick Roadmaster 76A Riviera Kearney green and antique ivory 2 tone paint 2 door hard top This is a rare vehicle. Only 2812 cars produced. 364 Nail Head V8 Motor Dynaflow transmission (2 speed automatic) Factory power steering Factory power brakes Factory power windows Factory power seat Trunk compartment original. All original panels intact. Runs smooth, starts with the press of the gas pedal. Car runs and drives excellent like a 1957 Buick Roadmaster should. Gas pedal start The exterior of the car appears to be all original (see photos) The interior has rips and tears but appears to be all original (see photos) The doors, hood and trunk all open and close with ease. Underneath the car looks good and solid (see photos) Car speedometer stopped working at 47,000 miles Clock and radio do not work All windows go up and down Solid original car with some rust Solid undercarriage and frame Clear Wisconsin title Good solid survivor car that gets a lot of attention at local car shows. Asking $ 12,000.00
  3. I have a 1957 Buick Roadmaster 76A Riviera Kearney green and antique ivory 2 door hard top for sale. It is a very original car. Asking $12,000.00
  4. Thanks for that. I see discussions here about the maladies of the babbit bearings and would think that they may be finicky. I have rebuilt many engines with inserts and would have thought that converting would have some advantages. I suspect part of that is how they are driven. Attempting to keep up with modern traffic is one HUGE reason for old cars to fail. This kind of work is over my head, back in the day when the rods started knocking we just threw the car away, or stuck something more modern in it.
  5. All the Buick parts are sold. The person that I sold them to is Lance his phone number is 586-260-8993
  6. What about an original 1904 Cadillac that needs a total restoration. It is 95% complete, not running, needs wood replacement, new wheels and tires, etc., etc.. The values have been like a roller coaster, but to the right person, it might be desired project. Some great comments from the previous posts, and I agree with the changing times and lack of interest by some age groups. Being in the early 70's age group I feel very fortunate to have grown up during an era of great change in the automotive industry. Those days may never return, but we can preserve what we had. No offense, but keep them original.
  7. Hi all, Around 1959-60 my late father restored a 1924 Studebaker Special Six touring. In the early 60s it was dark blue, and probably had black fenders and running boards. Sorry I have no pictures to post. There are slides of it on a tour in 1959, but I cannot find them. Last week I found an old registration. It appears that it was titled to the number "16758" in Washington State in 1959. Are there any Antique Studebaker Club members in here who could check and see if it is in the roster? Or anyone who might know what became of this car? Thank you.
  8. Yes with enough time and money. All connecting rod bearings, unless they have dippers, oil through the crankshaft. All ordinary engine bearings are babbitt. The difference is some babbitt is thin on a replaceable metal backing, some is thin on a cast backing usually bronze, and some is poured in the connecting rod or in the block for main bearings or camshaft bearings. The only advantage to insert bearings is how easily they may be replaced. Poured bearings in my Pontiac have always lasted in excess of 180,000 miles.
  9. Really bad bogging down and misfire at light to medium throttle. Feathering the throttle generates good running and good gear changes. Flat to the floor provides decent get-up-and-go once in top but the 1-2 change is not happy. I think it's all yet out of adjustment, but I do need to sort the engine running problems first. --Phil
  10. There's an '04 PAU on Facebook Marketplace at FAW dealership in Cambridge, NE that has only 59,000 miles on it. It's not the Skyline edition. Its priced at $13,900 which seems to be about 4 - 5 times higher than the average PAU for that time period. I've never been able to figure out how to link FB ads to a post or I would have done it.
  11. Without telling me, Melanie went and tried to buy that car for herself--that's her absolute dream car. He told her it sometimes hangs between gears, which finally made her come talk to me about it and I said, "No way!" It may be nothing and it's certainly a solvable problem, but I have enough projects on my plate. But yes, that phaeton was not a bad car at not a bad price!
  12. Great advice and near the first comment - a very nice tire.
  13. I wish you luck. Will be interesting to see how well you can do. I think it was the Hershey car corral (cause I looked to see if RM had it) where I saw a scruffy but usable and complete 810 Phaeton for a very reasonable number.
  14. Very nice cars, but all the low production cost hurdles one might expect. Some of the recent costs mentioned in the auction description are quite typical, EG. an $1800.00 brake booster. Mechanical parts are no doubt generally available but sheet metal and trim is probably a big problem even in Italy. And all the Italian cars of this era prefer a dry climate. I doubt Lancia's are any more rot resistant than Alfa's. Great cars if you live in Arizona, but they will dissolve before your eyes if you live in the rust belt. Alfa GTV's are a bit smaller and more costly to buy up front. But are probably a better long term ownership package. Better parts support, bigger fan base, most likely a higher percentage of cost recovery over long term ownership. Greg in Canada
  15. Base engine for Catalina series in 1976 is a 400 2bbl. You are probably thinking of G/P as it gets the Pontiac 350 ( really a 355 ) in 1976 for the first time as the standard engine. In 1977 the Catalina ( the cars are down sized ) base engine is the Buick 3.8 V-6.
  16. Are we looking at it upside down?
  17. There is an obscure Hershey tradition of leaving a part behind, typically near a trash can. It was called “dumpster diving”. On Saturday morning, dumpster divers would traverse the swap fields, back and forth, looking at whatever treasures were left behind. My youngest son thought this was quite entertaining, from the age of 8 until about 16. On one such foray, we discovered a rear windshield for a 1954 Olds Holiday Coupe. The glass went home and lived in the rafters of my shop. We advertised it on some website and forgot it was there. One day, an email from a gentleman in upstate NY jogged our memory- and we sold it to him for $100. After the sale we realized our “customer” was the owner of a company that makes most of the riding mowers you see outside your Home Depot or Lowes. He was vacationing in Italy, so he had his niece pick it up for him. It is probably not available as a new or reproduction- so maybe it’s a good thing we rescued it, as opposed to being crushed in a landfill somewhere in PA.
  18. Thank you Padgett. Yes that's the 400ci. I did check and can get all parts and evacuatotor for about $500. My dad replaced the radio way back in the 70s but we have the stock radio. I spoke to my wife and she agrees we should keep it and enter a few shows. Maybe win a few trophies being that it's all original except the radio but that we have as well. I'm going to take others advice and have the brakes flushed and checked and put on a new set of tires. Thank you everyone for your kind comments.
  19. Don't push aside the Lesabre's so quickly. i get the jellybean styling but we had a 2004 Lesabre Limited Celebration Edition most of these cars are loaded, ours had leather, cd, memory seats, turn signals in mirrors, chrome wheels, and heads up display. we put 150k on it nice riding, comfortable and seats 6 if needed. my wife and i loved it in 03 Buick brought out the Celebration Edition to commemorate the 100 years and kept the model there was minor changes in badging and trim but really just a nicely dressed Lesabre what they should have done was made it with a supercharger, but again why they didn't we will never know ours was the red tricoat looked great and paint stayed real nice, but with any of this body Lesabre watch around the gas filler door it rusts from the inside cant stop it if its in the salt belt ours started saw some in boneyards rusted through my choice for a future collectible big pleasant looking luxury, sounds like a Buick if i found a low mileage in red i might have to add it to the stable for future use lol factory pics
  20. I would think so. Unless you're looking at the tapered bezel, you wouldnt notice any difference. (My humble opinion.) I'm also not one to be paranoid about such matters. Maybe a judge at a car show might pick it up, but would you get docked any points? I don't know. Drive and outfit the car the way you like like it; it's yours and you're the one who drives it. Perhaps someone has a 65 "Buick Approved Dealer Accessories" brochure that shows an optional mirror for the passenger's side. In the 63 brochure that I have, the optional mirror is the base mirror like CARS sells that doesn't have the shell around it, just the kind where the entire mirror head is adjustable.
  21. I had my 29 dodge DA block acid dipped and then sonic tested for wall thickness. My first block had thin wall between the upper water jacket and valve guide area and couldn’t continue with the rebuild.
  22. Larry, A repaste of your photos here and some comments. It does appear that they did use a metal strip in the hidem on some models. I do have several original photos that show that the "20 and 30 series" may not have had the bright strip in the hidem. They may have done this with some Burbank tops as you suggest and shown in the below photos on the more expensive and export models. I am also wondering if all the visors were originally covered with top material, or again on only the more expensive or export models. Hugh
  23. Now I am wondering what the difference is between illegal and "highly illegal". . . Infraction, misdemeanor, felony?
  24. They didn't say or imply 4 payments were "mandatory" just that it would be best for all concerned as far as the "paper work" was involved. Actually when they explained the 4 month reasoning I could detect just a bit of dissembling. But, I got my $1000 discount, evidently the dealer will get his cut, and Chrysler will get it's shot at me not paying off the loan early. As for what kind of smoke and mirrors were employed to extract the most $$$$ from my hide, I'm guessing I will never know and to tell the truth I don't really care. I bought the car from the dealer that best fit my needs under the best terms I could negotiate. Not much more to it than that............Bob
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