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  2. Hi, I am restoring a 1914 Humberette. It's come to the time when I need to decide on what material to cover the wooden floorboards with? I think that they were originally covered with lino, but that is very much a guess. Do I use rubber matting or lino? On the web I have found some 3.2mm hessian backed lino in 'battleship grey' this lino is sold by Artists supplies for making lino cuts and I was wondering whether or not to try using this. I have yet to ask for a sample. Your comments would be appreciated. Mike
  3. Does anyone have any respectfully presented reviews of the rechrome services offered by Classic Auto Services located in New Boston, NH? They seem to have several specialties such as cloisonne restoration, interiors, full car restoration in addition to rechroming causing me to wonder if they subcontract. Since the massive fire at Advanced Plating in Nashville, their lead times have extended to nearly a year.
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  5. Glen, The 1922 Studebaker EJ was originally equipped with Remy or Wagner electric: Generator: Remy 917-A or Wagner EM355 Starter: Remy 720-C or Wagner EM356 Distributor: Remy 606-A and 626-A or Wagner K97 Could help you out with an original Remy or Wagner Distributor as well as with NOS parts such as caps, rotors, points etc. 626-K was originally used on 1925-27 Studebaker Standard Sixes (ER, EU, EY). Let me know in case I can be of help. Pete
  6. Kenny, The original distributor on generator GJ-4014 was Auto-Lite IG-4030A (used on 1922-24 Star Models C and 1924 Model F). The distributor was also used on AL Generator GT-4001, 1925 Star Model F. AL Distributor IG 4036D and IG-4067A would probably work too. I don't think I have a distributor in stock but I might be able to help you out with a good pot metal distributor drive housing. I could also provide you with conversion information if needed. Pete
  7. Pete, I can probably help you out on this. How many weights do you need? Pete
  8. Definitely not the same as LaSalle, which like AA, BB, L6/8, and M Series have a centrelock section. During 1929, LaSalle, Cadillac 353, and later M Series had ring of bolts type
  9. Ghia bubble roof 1955 DeSoto
  10. Picked this up in some misc. parts I bought in a lot. Best I can tell it's probably late 1950s to sometime in the 1960s Alfa Romeo Spyder grille eyebrow. I am open to corrections as I'm not to familiar with European cars. It is stainless and in good shape not beat up. Not sure if it's driver or passenger side. $150 with shipping included in the lower 48 States. Welcome to message me or call or text 865-755-3114 Alex
  11. Found a local transmission shop whose owner, while not familiar with the TC, was very familiar with the transmission. Took it to him, he test drove (really likes the car), services transmission, inspected everything. He found and fixed a leaking axle seal, declared all well. Problem solved, now more responsive, no problems. And only about $300 total. I'm happy.
  12. Further to jp26 you would be amazed/shocked at how much it has cost me to have all the ASBESTOS removed from a 1930s ENV Preselector gearbox. Not as a repair but just so I could bring my own car home after a visit to England & France. There was absolutely noting wrong with the gearbox just that it still had the "correct" friction linings inside it. bj .
  13. The first car Ghia did for Chrysler was the XX 500 on a Plymouth chassis. It served to demonstrate the Ghia company's ability to make custom bodies at low cost. This led to Chrysler having a series of show cars made by Ghia to drawings and specifications provided by Chrysler's styling studio beginning in 1951. Exner is reported as saying that “I had this car, the D’Elegance, being built over in Torino in the Ghia shops. Of course, we had prepared a very detailed plaster model for them to work from. At the time, they were working on prototypes for VW for what would become the Karmann Ghia. They had done two or three and Karmann was still not satisfied. This plaster model of mine came in, and lo and behold, when the Karmann Ghia came out, it was a scaled right down to the fraction.”
  14. Me too.. auto roundup magazine is still free for one ad.. online..
  15. All good advice. I use 0.017 go, 0.018 no go on the valves, this is what the Shop Manual suggests when doing the old run-it-and-then-pull-off-the-valve-cover-real-quick-before-it-cools routine. On the vac gauge, the manifold connection should be tapped for 1/8 MIP unless someone has messed with it. It will probably have an elbow which goes to the vacuum steel line. If you run into problems PM me, I think you are only a few miles away. Cheers, Dave
  16. I have an A6 compressor you can have for the cost of shipping.
  17. Rather than a shroud it's a Radiator Shell. Much more interest if it's correctly identified, go back and edit the title. PLUS it has a badge/emblem on it!
  18. As I recall from 60 years ago when I had a 47 and a 48 and spent a lot of time in wrecking yards, most 47s and all 48s had the same grille.
  19. And a 33 by the single (centered) hood latch, I believe
  20. My turn lights on my 70 Riviera used to work fine. Now they don't work at all and they blow the turn light fuse immediately if I try to use them. I'm not sure if this is related or not but I had a mechanic tighten the bolts at the base of the tilt steering wheel because it had caused an issue with the car and it wasn't long after that job was done that the turn light problem started. Could there be a pinched wire going from the turn light switch causing this problem or should I be looking for something else?
  21. 46-48 Ford car without the finish bar that goes on the top. Here's a dealer who doesn't have one in stock. Perhaps you could contact them and make a deal.
  22. Where is the fuel filter located on a 90 Reatta and is there only one filter in the fuel line? Thank you.
  23. They started charging for "Services Offered", skilled trades, last year. I used to run ads occasionally for electric side work. That was the end of it for me
  24. Could be 31 Buick ? I have both axles but only 1 wheel, it looks very similar Greg
  25. I never use CL only KIJIJI that is run by EBay. I sold two lathes on it Tuesday but that was an exceptional day.
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