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  2. Well, I for one will miss your regular posts and excellent photos of the work, when you go back to working on the house. I too, pack up working in the garage or shed when I become tired. The only problem is that as I get older it's earlier and earlier in the day that I have to pack up!
  3. Land in sfo drive to san. I looking for great place to see and stay.. or eat.. What is on the list is : Alcatraz Island Hurst castle 1954 kaiser darrin sold in 1955. coronado island fly home.. It is nuts some hotel are already sold out.. a year out..
  4. My first date was in my mother’s 1967 Camaro RS Convt. I now own it and drive it often on AACA tours.
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  6. Transmission shifter bump for the floor?
  7. GregLaR

    tee for sale

    panrat, I need this car like I need an 11th toe, but it would sure be fun over here in Palm Springs!
  8. Someone not wanting to do a full resto could do like Bryan mentioned earlier. Drop in a nailhead, ST400, open drive line and rear from a donor; drop in a couple of big full sized bucket seats and a vintage air unit, weld in sme floor pans, and have a fun way to tool around on a weekend. Or, do Rte. 66 in 39 style with a fairly modern drive train.
  9. Agreed, this is a great looking car at a fair price. Several years ago, after a lengthy search through all of Van Kaufman & Art Fitzpatrick's works for General Motors, I finally settled on this '61 Bonneville to grace the wall of my mid-century themed office.
  10. Welcome, I'm guessing the first thing you'd like to know is what the Fisher Body Tag says. 11C - The car was built in the 3rd week of November 1964 65-49447 - 1965 Buick Riviera 2 dr spt. cpe. TR-613 -Fawn cloth and vinyl seats VV - Shell Beige paint E - Tinted windows X - Power windows T - Power seat 2K - Air Conditioning Those are the options that were installed at the Fisher Body plant before the body was shipped to final assembly where it was married to the chassis, the power train was installed, and the front clip and other options were added. Scroll down the Buick forums and you'll find that we Riviera owners have a forum of our very own. Here's where you can get down to the nitty gritty with questions about your car. We also have a club. Started in 1984. A bi-monthly magazine loaded with all sorts of info and cars. Plus a huge classfied section for complete cars and parts. We also hold an annual event; each year in a different arra of the lower 48. There's a link to the ROA website in my signature block. Check it out. Best two restoration tools you can have are a shop manual for your year, and membership in the club. We're a very friendly group; everyone is on a first name basis. When you introduce yourself let us know your name and where you live. Once again, welcome. Ed
  11. Everything past the end of the spring. So the whole rear axle, wheels, brakes, the front control arms, brakes, wheels. Racecars take it to the extreme... inboard brakes, magnesium wheels. The lighter the unsprung weight, the more responsive the suspension is. That, and full articulation. I've always disagreed with manufacturer's desire for suspension that binds to increase the spring rate. When I rebuilt my ponycar's front suspension, I went to full bearings instead of bushings. It allowed full articulation of the control arms, and made for a much smoother, responsive ride. Noisy as all hell though.
  12. I think both the red Olds and the car in question have a firewall dent, it just isnt showing up well. How about a 1936 LaSalle?
  13. I almost agree with NZ but this 36 Olds firewall has a slight indent for the back of the engine
  14. Very unlikely that a 1918 Dodge would have had 19 inch tires. Very few cars that year used tires for rim sizes under 23 inch. Dodge probably did not use a 19 inch rim size until at least 1925, and probably closer to '28. There were smaller sizes way earlier, some cars around 1905 used 28X3 tires which fit on a 22 inch rim, a few small early cars used smaller sizes. Otherwise, pretty much nobody used rim sizes below 20 inch before 1925. So if your tires are 19 inch, the wheels are likely late '20s at the earliest.
  15. I know for sure that no one he knows calls him by those names - that he's aware of anyway.
  16. was also thinking some kind of torque tube cover on a trans???
  17. Replacement eye lids for an iguana.
  18. Wild guess would be some sort of inner rear wheel grease seal retainers. GM used something similar but I can't remember if it was 30's or when but not exactly the same. It's been a few years since I have had or seen any since I drifted away from NOS parts. A size would help.
  19. i thought they were old headlight bucket retainers but i dont think so now. anyone have an idea?
  20. For the record the thread is a nominal 2 3/8" x 16tpi. The spare I have measures 10 thou under this for an easy fit. The easiest way out if your threads are worn is to have an oversize nut made up.
  21. Didn't realize there was a response to this. Based off of old ads and the manual I ordered which lists variations in the truck models, we've confirmed that it's a '28 AA Capitol 1 ton.
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