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  2. absolutely correct. sorry, my mistake.
  3. I believe your car is a bargain at $3400 and I don't think a starting price of $4500 was unreasonable. That starting price gave you some room to work with a buyer. Since you purport to be a car collector and you track the prices of cars on Craigslist all the time, I'm surprised you are doing such a poor job of marketing your car. Although it is a hard fact to swallow for anyone selling their car, the amount you paid for the car and the amount of money you have spent on the car has very little influence on what a buyer will pay for it. I know this all too well because I have probably got twice as much in my Reatta as I could get out of it. As a seller you should do everything you can to make the buyer want your car when they see your ad. With all due respect it seems you tried to do right the opposite. As much as you look at CL ads you have to know that photos are the most important part of a CL ad, but the photos you posted seem to be an afterthought. Potential buyers look at the photos first and then move on if they don't like what they see. Photos are what hooks a buyer and makes him want to read more about your car. Look at the photos below and you will see what I mean. We both took photos of our cars in the driveway. I just put more effort into taking mine. Photos describe your car much better that words ever can. In your ad you did a decent job of describing the car but it seems you were mad at the car when you wrote it. If the car is dirty why didn't you run it through the car wash so you didn't have to say that? If the window needs a new switch why didn't you fix it instead of saying you will work on it? Comments like that plus the comment you removed about the car NOT being collectable is what I call shooting yourself in the foot. Your strategy of dropping the price everyday might work but it's going to cost you a lot of money. That strategy is only encouraging a buyer watching your ad to do as Dave said and wait as long as possible before making you an offer. You would be much better off if you pull your current CL ad and post it again with lots of good photos that show the car in a way that would make someone want to buy it. Lots of interior photos are important. They tell a buyer how well the car has been treated. Write text in your ad that will highlight the good things your car has to offer and fix anything that would cause you to write something negative about the car.. I'm not wanting to put down you or your car. I wrote this to help you see that the ad you posted is hurting the sale of what appears to be a really nice Reatta at a decent price. If you want me to delete this post just say so and it will be gone.
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  5. Has anyone attempted to modify a mid-'30s engine originally equipped with a bypass oil filter, to become full-flow by modifying the block to support either a period-correct canister with replaceable cartridge or possibly even a modern spin-on? Another possibility might be the combination full-flow/bypass system utilizing a "dual-range" spin-on filter. For either option, how was the block modified? Obviously, the oil path within the block would have to be altered, at least slightly. Vintage bypass oil is highly filtered, but doesn't go directly to the moving parts. A full-flow system would seem to suggest all moving parts receive oil having at least some filtration. Encouragements and caveats welcomed. Thanks, Bill.
  6. That is an interesting tire on the front in the second photo. What is it? It doesn't look like "chains" or anything similar.
  7. sells the copper/asbestos substitute gaskets. Think metric though. I think I had an easier time of duplicating the size in metric ID.
  8. Anyone have a 35 Mopar parts book to know if that is what this is?
  9. There is a company out there called RG Relining. You can find them on the internet. They reline old, overcut brake drums with new cast iron. I found them for one of my cars with overcut drums and spoke with them. I never used them because I eventually found a pair of passable drums.
  10. These are likely special six pistons, 19 to 26. In 19 the special six was called the light six and renamed in 1920 to the special six. As the new light six line was introduced in 1920. I believe the special six might have been exported as the light six also.
  11. Steve, Your bodywork skills are impressive. Dick Arnett 29 HUPP
  12. Take a flat file and shine up the copper on both sides of the banjo and also on the top of the tank or vacuum tank, and on the caps. A little Permatex helps too.
  13. 395 point judged 1971 "If you want the best."
  14. I was able to get the center plug out of the top of the vacuum pump tank and I had a small plastic funnel that fit in it perfectly that came w my steam cleaner machine.
  15. Only thing I did bend a little the fuel pick up banjo to get the crush washer out from under it when we removed the old tank. i did not get new crush washers yet as I could not find them locally, I’ll try a little permatex on them tomorrow till I can get new ones in the correct size. Wherever I can find them!!??
  16. Oh. Just south of Keene. In the town of Swanzey. The old gent that had it could get in it. But could not get out after he sat down in the big old low rider seat.
  17. Yes he would. That and the fact that he was a big fan of the Lincoln Town Cars of that era. We had a 72 or 73 growing up and I sold a 79 he had. He bought two 79’s, the ex got the other one. I had a LTD that my grandfather bought me. I think it was a 80 something. I put a lot of miles on it and it was still running fine when I traded it in. Dad grew up outside Detriot.
  18. Nice find Dave! My father raised me in Goffstown, NH, outside of Manchester. Still have family there. What town was the car in?
  19. Ohh Ohh… It is a Motorsorusus...Rare and before the days of the dinosorususes.
  20. What a Boat, a gas guzzling, over weight, yacht from the days before the energy embargo of 73. A piece of the Detroit Iron Mountain of yesteryear. I'm sure you Dad would love it being a Ford man himself.
  21. I also suggest a set of left handed drill bits. Harbor freight has them. But not for the throttle plate screws, they need to continue through the shaft, like CarbKing says.
  22. No it means I have 4 Reattas already and I really don't need one more. But if you really want to drop the price by $100.00 a day at 20 days it will be too good a deal to pass up.
  23. Circa 1922 Special Six Studebaker Roadster?
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