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  2. Federal Electrical Company Model 66? electric company model 66 siren year of manufacture&ved=0ahUKEwjs-4Pyu9vhAhXt7nMBHWtLCDEQMwhJKAswCw&iact=mrc&uact=8
  3. Thanks for the great pictures, and not the depressing pictures of the beautiful building on fire. It's a great symbol of western civilization, and it will survive. The Turks blew up (by accident, I think) portions of the Parthenon during WW1, yet it also still stands. Notre Dame will have some additional battle scars, but even the scars will come to be embraced by future generations of French citizens, historians, Catholics and Christians. My heart is with the people of faith in France.
  4. A friend of mine from around Sidney , MT sent me this and thought to pass it on. I hope it transfers. I live close to Lima and Monida, MT. Montana Pictures .Net Communities that have preserved their antique gas stations.
  5. Hi Chris; I've taken some exact measurements from the Right side trim frame: (Driver's for me / Passenger for you). I'll reference these in 2 sets: Outside dims: Front side of trim frame at widest point: 25.8" wide near bottom x 15.25 high near middle. Inside Dims: Rear side of trim frame at widest point: 24.0" wide near bottom x 11.6" high near middle. If you can take the same dims and supply, I'd appreciate it. Additionally; if we're 'close' dimensionally, can you suggest a $ price, Postage extra ? (Be kind; we pay a 33% premium here for USD... 😉) THX DJ
  6. Tinindian is correct-single red stripe. These are all NOS including one out of the original box shown.
  7. IMHO go for the straight one. Can the triangle piece be salvaged from yours? Maybe pounded straight? Just looking at it, that little piece would have to be really horrible to be more work than the big dent in the fender pictured here.
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  9. It doesn't need to leak much. My Pontiac doesn't ever even get any on the ground, but if you put your finger under there there is always a drop. I estimate it leaks a drop every 20 minutes or so, and probably evaporates before it ever hits the ground. It is normal for a packing style pump to leak. It is apple farming country where I live, and big irrigation pumps that use packing nuts are still very common here. When someone tightens a packing nut enough that the leak completely stops, the shaft burns up almost immediately, and the repair is very expensive. For the lubricant in your coolant to lubricate the packing, it needs to get between the packing and the shaft. There really isn't any way around this. It is a separate issue from lubricating the bushings. Those usually either use water pump grease through a zerk, or oil through an oil cup, depending on the design. If you insist on no leakage at all, you might be better served to modify the pump for modern bearings and ceramic seals, as used on modern cars that do not normally leak anything from the water pump. The only trouble with that idea is that when it starts leaking, you need another rebuilt pump immediately. The guy with a packing pump just tightens the nut a little.
  10. I don't need the seat. I had a friend who looked for one for years. They are very hard to find.
  11. I don't know about a '28 Martin Landau, but here is a 1928 Chrysler Landau, series 52. The fabric is in poor shape on this one, but you can see that it covers the entire top down to the rear belt line. Compare it with the above detailed photos of the insert in the roof of a standard sedan. And this is what was underneath the fabric top covering. The "landau bars" were there to make it look like a convertible. It's obvious this top would not fold. Not only is there no standardized list, but the early makers used a lot of imagination in naming their body styles. Well, I guess they still do. what was a "touring car" for one was a "phaeton" to another manufacturer, and later some "convertible sedans" were labeled "phaetons"; sounds more impressive. You will find a number of threads in this forum about the definition of various body styles. Don
  12. zepher

    '73 400 Heads

    So I picked up a set of 1973 400 heads out of a Roadrunner. I went to look at a carb a guy had for sale and he had a set of low mile heads just sitting the in the corner. He pulled them off his car to upgrade to aluminum heads and said he was just going to scrap them if I didn't want them. His Roadrunner has a little over 80k miles on it and they look to be in great shape. I didn't want to see them get scrapped so I brought them home. Are they worth anything to anyone? I'm not looking to make a quick buck, I just didn't want to see another set of early 70's American heads get scrapped.
  13. Mr. Nelson, I am going to respectfully disagree with your statement that a running engine should have a leaking water pump. That defies common sense. Using that logic, one would be constantly having to add coolant if the vehicle was driven on a regular basis. Also, stainless steel is available in a whole host of grades for different purposes. When I had the new water pump/starter/generator shaft made for my '16, I was asked if I wanted material that had corrosion resistant properties or if I wanted high wear resistant properties. I opted for the high wear resistant material. I always run anti-freeze in my cars year 'round. Modern anti-freeze solutions have corrosion inhibitors, anti-foamant additives, water pump lubricating qualities, and you will generally run a few degrees cooler over just plain water. This issue has been discussed on here before and I stated my same opinion then. I just do not believe that the Buick Motor Company designed their engines with the idea in mind that the water pumps should continually leak. I am not from Missouri, but someone is going to have to show me that in written form from Buick Motor Company before I will buy into that idea. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  14. Still on its Way ,home to me
  15. As I said it's probably something to do with the perlin size as well that connects the trusses. I imagine a steel truss might be stronger than a wood one, as the wood ones of larger sizes have to be pieced along the top and bottom bands where the steel ones can be one piece. I got a little soffit up on mine between yesterday and today but with the wife under the weather, I have had alot of her duties shifted to me as well as caring for the kids, school etc. Got on my lift today went up, put one band board on the siding to finish it off (of course it had a bow to it). Got the first fastener in so the 16 foot board was hanging by that, then out of nowhere the sky's opened up and got me drenched. I worked through it to get it up. Of course nothing like working under Niagara falls wit hteh eves running, I called it quit and put the lift inside, then it stopped and never rained again the rest of the evening. Figures. There is a higher power working against me I think. Nice to see the quick progress on yours.
  16. It's kind of been a while since my last update. Nothing has changed really. I've fallen out of contact with the big desert junkyard in Arizona and might have to settle for wet Washington junkyard fenders. However, I have a small dillema. The first fender has a big dent in the side of it, but it is complete and solid. The second fender has no dents and is solid, but is missing the spot welded triangle piece that holds it to the splash apron (and they want more money for it). These are my only two options right now barring shipping for some questionable parts. Any suggestions? I feel I can pound out the dent in the busted one, but it is creased so it will most likely need some bondo finishing. And, I have never done body work before. I don't have an image of the other car, but it is more or less perfect, just missing that one part. The fender is also rolled out on the bottom lip at the front of the wheel well, too. I'm thinking its going to be a lot of work? Also that piece below the turn indicator, with the little tab, is the piece missing off the good fender.
  17. Hi Chris; THX for the prompt reply... I think a '35 will work also: a buddy has a '35 Coupe. Let me take some dims off the Right side unit I have and forward to you... if it's 'close' I can fab a bit on it. Get back to you in a few hours. THX again from Brisbane, OZ ! 😉 DJ
  18. Interesting comments about shipping a non op roller that has an engine dropped into place and unsecured - no responsible carrier will put that on an open trailer - it is a missile waiting to be launched. Good luck finding West Coast to East Coast vehicle transport for something like this at the 30 to 50 cent per mile price range folks claim ..... Multi car open carriers are not equipped with winches. Jim
  19. There used to be a guy who offered a free exchange of new lamps for old, but Al Addin didn’t have good luck with that, as I recall... 😉
  20. Strangely, it was through the news of the fire, that I learned that Notre Dame had a spire. Standing in front of it as an ignorant adolescent in the early 80s, I didn't notice one.
  21. It’s so nice to see dad’s car together after all these years. Great job Jack!
  22. The engine was delivered to Abrahams Machine Service in Davenport, Iowa this morning. The gentleman who is going to be doing the work on our engine is also working on a 1937 Cadillac V-16 engine. That engine is really quite impressive when it is completely torn down. I have other parts and pieces on the car to attend to while the engine is gone. Will keep everyone up to date on the progress. Here is the contact information for Abrahams should anyone want to contact them with questions. Really great folks to work with. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  23. Pretty sure I have some from a '35. If you're interested drop me a note.
  24. Reworded it to "I'll make an exception"
  25. I used High temp enamel on the exhaust of a 1992 Chevy after it was replaced and it lasted for 9 years and was still on the car when I sold it. Really just need to find out what the exhaust on a 2001 Chevy Astro was made of as mine with `192.000 miles on it is still all original. And in NE IL the salt is so thick in winter the roads are white.
  26. Here is the listing:
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