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  2. In land surveying, the independent check is very important. Calculate the remainder of the circle and see if it works. Do the geometry another way with a different origin or something. Transposition of figures is a pain and can become habitual.
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  4. Trying to condense this as much as possible. I'm sure I'm forgetting something. My 84 K20 has a 502 BBC, it ran strong then started dying at stops. It got so much worse it doesn't even run now. I changed all tune up componets, even put a brand new distributor on, same thing. I assumed it was the fuel injection so I took it off and put on a Demon 850 carb. STILL, same thing. It starts great, fires right up with the turn of the key, if I play with gas pedal I can keep it running for a sec but white smoke blowing out tail pipe. ALL fluids are perfect, no antifreeze in the oil. New fuel pump and regulator and definately getting fuel but running terrible. I've checked everything. It is fouling plugs pretty quick. I've changed them and also cleaned them twice. Anyone have educated guess? Pls explain reasoning too if u would. Just a background on how it started: Went from dying at stops to dying when slowing down then trouble restarting. As long as I could feather it through with one foot on the brake, I got it home. Always starts first try just hard to keep running.When I got it up to 30+mph, it would run great! then again slowing or stopping, wants to die. It Now extremely doggish. Assuming the smoke is from sitting, been working 12s so little time to mess with it. Thanks for any suggestions!
  5. In Florida, unless that wood ramp is Cedar, it would get eaten.
  6. I can not say I have seen any wires routed by the manifold like that. GM ran wires between the valve cover and intake manifold to items mounted in the front of the engine. . My guess is head replacement found the wire in its current position and left there.
  7. Also TVs made before 1948 had channel 1. That must be a transistor radio from the 50's - no CD markings. +1 on Predicas being B&W, think the GE Portacolor (1962) was the first portable color. Q-bert came later ( 1984 ?) May have one for the Atari 2600. Zenith Space Command remote controls had four buttons that would produce a specific audio tone. (click .sig for radio hobby). Wouldn't mind having a Zenith "Stratosphere" radio with 25 tubes.
  8. Just picked up my 55 Special from tranny rebuild. Drove the long way home, about 175mi. I have buffed the entire car since pics were taken.
  9. With the cyl at TDC, for the particular cylinder where the plug is "firing", both valves should be closed. Which means the lifters are on the part of the lobe where there is no lift, at that time. There is another shade tree method of deciding which valves can be set/adjusted. As you turn the engine over, when the intake valve opens, adjust the exhaust valve for that cyl. When the exhaust valve opens, set the intake. This should ensure that the valve which is closed is on the heel of the lobe. I would not suspect that incorrectly set valves would prevent the engine from starting. If it did start and they were not set correctly, then it would not run right, but still barely run. I'm presuming that the cam gears are indexed correctly? That the flywheel has a locating dowel and specific bolt pattern that allow it to be installed only ONE way, in ONE position? Presuming the distributor is timed reasonably correct? That the ignition points are clean and gapped correctly? That the rest of the ignition/;charging system is working as it should? Perhaps First Born can chime in? Just some thoughts, NTX5467
  10. The clock appears same as Chev cars too….$140. + s&h
  11. At least in Florida an honest politician stays bought. Kidding aside, Florida retirees are such a large group (and have time to lobby) that they influence the politicians and is really "senior friendly", particularly if you stay west of I-4 and west of the 429 bypass is even better. I go to a show nearly every Saturdays and usually take a different car, Weekends the traffic is "less horrible" but I stay mainly west of I-4 & have two super Walmarts, two Sams Clubs, and restaurant row within 5 miles. Finally there are a surprising number of homes on a bit of acreage with outbuildings (30x40 is common) within 10 miles of a Florida's Turnpike exit. Back when I drove to work it was usually 74-75F at 7am 23 miles across town took 40 minutes ( hour later it took twice that long) and right now at 9pm it is a comfortable 80F with 62% humidity (afternoon rain cooled things off). Few mention that ACs are more efficient in high (dense) humidity and that is why the daily temperature swing is only about 20F Thing I have seen over and over though is people move here, usually from up north, last about 2 years, then half go back home. Two years later they decide it wasn't so bad and move back for good.
  12. Installed a thermal lock-up clutch on my Roadmaster today. I will test it before the Saturday Club Show. Temps this week will be in the lower 90s.
  13. Posted today on a facebook page. Date probably circa 1921-23 by the drum lights. The plate is not easy to read. The radiator badge looks to me like a knight's helmet.
  14. Really appreciate the offer but I have obligations with diabetic rescue dogs that require my attention on a 12 hour schedule. See you list you live on the eastern end of Long Island. I grew up in Blue Point.
  15. Sunday afternoon, mags and I met at her work so she could weld up the rear mounts as well as part of the front one. I spent the rest of the day cutting angles and tanking the front mount together. I have the rears in, just not bolted to the frame. The last two nights I was able to get the front all tacked up. Mags is going to weld it up tomorrow. Then it will get put back in so I can check the front to back location before I bolt it in. I'm getting closer to hearing it come to life
  16. Ben i have been rebuilding a 1952 Buick straight 8 engine 263 Ci has solid lifters and i am not sure if i an adjusting the valves correctly. the motor is sitting is a motor stand not in a let you know what i did is this. i turned the engine until #1 cylinder was at tdc and the mark on the flywheel was in the timing window. then i adjusted the valves too .015,both int.& ext at this setting. then i moved to cyl #6 and repeated too adjust the valves there. i used a light hooked to the coil too tell me when the plug fired. i went all the way through the firing order like this but the engine still will not fire. i have too be doing something wrong. should i be setting the valves lash at the heel of the lobe? what would be the procedure too do it that way? can i start at cyl#1 at tdc and adjust say valves 5,8,1,7 etc just using this as a example.what do you think? Tex holliday
  17. We'll pick you up at the Syracuse airport.
  18. When one wants increased performance from a late model Rochester Quadrajet, one calls Cliff Ruggles of Cliff's High Performance. Period. Cliff wrote the second book on Q-Jets (the first was by Doug Roe). Call him. Tell him what has been done to the engine, and what you want, then LISTEN (remember the old E.F. Hutton commercials)? I have read lots of books in 60 years of working on carburetors. Cliff's ranks as the number one as far as being "user friendly", and among the top three, period. Plus, you don't have to have an advanced degree in mathematics to understand what is written. Jon.
  19. Donlock

    29 Ply

    Need a housing for Distributor. Four Cyl. Don
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  21. We had a pretty big discussion about the radio speaker knob on this forum. We first thought it was an old pointer style radio knob like the one shown here.However, I visited Mr. Coker's house when his collection of 55 Buick Centurys were being auctioned off. I was told that Mr Coker was a stickler for correctness and was an expert on these cars. Fortunately, one of his cars had this rear speaker switch and here is the knob shown on his car.Turns out the style of knob used on the rear speaker switch is the same knob used on the AC control panel. Here is a couple more pictures of the correct knob.I have 2 of these right now, but I still need 1 more. I will probably have to take a plain knob and modify it with a metal pointer that I would have to template. These knobs are very hard to find. I hope this helps Sir.
  22. I think we have a solution. The hole size for a 5/16-18 screw, in cast iron, is .277. You wouldn't even have to ream the holes - just tap them. The only machining operation would be to enlarge the holes and clean up the countersink on the head end. I think it is a 60 degree taper and should be the same as metric. See if they are available in the UK. If not, I can get them from McMaster Carr and send you a box along with a tap. It should be a perfect fix. McMaster won't ship out of the country - some years ago they were fined for selling nuts and bolts to a would-be terrorist. The fact that there was no way to find out if the party was on that list was apparently immaterial. Apparently, the list is a secret. Another example of government stupidity.
  23. The car looks like a good older restoration of a Model 25. Price would depend on its actual condition. Does the engine run well? Does it drive? Seat cusion looks odd. If it drives OK and no serious defects, I would expect to pay around $13-15k.
  24. Would be interested in all the small parts, dont need the drums or master cylinder. Any idea on postage to mass. 01560?
  25. Hi Earl. Just a few words of encouragement for you. My life has been saved by contemporary modern medicine quite a number of times. This goes back to the first time in 1946. Through major neurosurgery over 30 years ago, which not only saved my life, but ended 13 years of ever increasing, and finally unendurable pain. Two recent heart attacks involving 4 vacations in cardiac ICU. Right now, at this very moment, I feel vastly better than at any time since early November when I had coughing up blood pneumonia. Next was the most vicious cold I have ever suffered through. Add 5 falls this year, and you can easily see the sublime joy I am experiencing to have recovered to this point. I am so happy to feel relatively healthy, and rather pain free. I am not quite as old as you are, but my doctors say by the condition of most systems I am more like an 85-90 year old. Hey ! 90 years old feeling as great as I do today is absolutely FANTASTIC , man ! AND, even with a left shoulder bone on bone, and a bit of a nasty hernia, I can STILL drive my ancient Cadillacs !!! While apprehension over major surgery is certainly a normal reaction, these cardiologists really know what they are doing. You will be OK, Earl. You tell those doctors Cadillac Carl promised you'll be just fine, and they are not allowed to make a liar out of me. And when you are fully recovered, you will feel better than you have for a while. Literally a new lease on life. And you will be glad you still have your '39 Buick !! Thanks for all you have done for the hobby, and our beloved AACA !!!!!! Looking forward to a great big smile and a thumbs up from you when you are "On the road again.". Your forum friend, - Cadillac Carl
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