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  2. 1975 Caprice Convertible in excellent condition. 29k Miles, AACA Award winner. All original car still has the original spare tire in the trunk. Not many left in this condition. located in South Florida Ary
  3. We can see this big O-ring which was in very good condition Disassembling both parts of the pump
  4. Disassembly of the first party with its O-ring, we can see a little deposit on the small grid Then disassembly of this fairing (it was not necessary to disassemble it for this step) With its mechanism
  5. A 1929 Model 120 listed for sale on Back in 6/19/18 they were asking $22.5K. Car is in Indiana. The very-rare Gardner Griffin radiator mascot implies a very complete vehicle
  6. Then after finding the diagram of the compressor, dismantling
  7. Then ride on the engine I have for the moment to leave the pipe on the engine to see soon or I can pass it, I do not want to pierce the partition to pass it in the cockpit and connect it to the manometer, I will make it go through a hole already existing . Then I continued with the damper compressor, as can be seen, it was of gold anodized color
  8. You don't see one on every street corner, but several models are CCCA Classics, partly due to the adoption of straight eights in 1924. Here is a 1927 Model 90 that 1937hd45 posted eleven years ago:
  9. Hello everyone, here are some news since time. I'm going to take parts to the person who sells the parts for machining, this person told me that my stirrup will be finished by the end of the month. Then I get this part, the "T" which allows to connect the oil pressure sensor and a manometer of oil pressure Then I bought two years ago these manometer mounting
  10. I really enjoy all the antiques posting here. A wealth of knowledge I’m afraid will mostly be lost in days to come. One would think that the maker made progress and innovations with every sword made. So much technology back then was from individuals striving to perfect their craft. While each had a style which when looking at multiples can be seen, each item could have subtle changes as the maker perfected his craft. Even with my 32’ Olds I’ve learned the same things were going on. With at least two frame changes and three hood changes within the manufacturing year, if one doesn’t speak with many other Olds owners, or only owns one car, one can only think that their particular car is the only way they were made. A lot of the enjoyment of restoring my Olds was the forensics I did on my own and with the help of others. It taught me a lot about the car and Olds innovations.
  11. Paul, some advertise shells as ready to install. The original dash board is the foundation you build your recovering job. My sense is the folks that advertise a complete pad does not have the strength or connecting hardware to hold the shell in place. I’m happy to be wrong, just my observation. Turbinator ps DashTop comes in black at no extra charge. paul, I checked out the QRP. Non returnable and no warranty. Seems the price point for QRP is a tad higher ($60 more) than DashTop. DashTop provides a warranty on their packing slip. See if DashTop is returnable. Being able to return, have a warranty, and less expensive could possibly important factors in a purchase. ( I have no vested interest in DashTop) Turbinator
  12. Could have gotten more money just kicking one car out at a time for sale. Flooded the Lincoln market with to many projects from one source. Seller drove down their own values.
  13. Paul, some advertise shells as ready to install. The original dash board is the foundation you build your recovering job. My sense is the folks that advertise a complete pad does not have the strength or connecting hardware to hold the shell in place. I’m happy to be wrong, just my observation. Turbinator ps DashTop comes in black at no extra charge.
  14. I am happy to tell you that I am the buyer of the car. I thank Matt for trusting me. I assure you that the car will be safe in Romania. I have other classic cars.
  15. Buy a AHP tig welder from amazon for $720 or you can buy direct from the import company direct. No need to buy an expensive one. Read the reviews and I bought one. Incredible to use and the best value I’ve found. Yes, it’s made in China but many things from China are no longer junk. My cousin is a professional welder and was amazed at how well it performed. It is the welder I used to do all the welding on my Olds running boards and fuel tank apron. You no longer have to spend a ton of money on a very good tig welder. I purchased the warranty too simply because it also covers shipping costs in the case it needed warranty repair which would be more than the warranty cost alone. Also, using tig is easy and the arc is controlled by the foot pedal. You would learn very quickly. I think you’re wasting your time with gas welding if your intentions are to progress to the tig. Of course, learning any type of welding is a benefit but I’d start tig welding now.
  16. When I bought my car it had original base mirrors on the driver's and passenger side. From what I have gathered from discussions on the forum these were most likely dealer installed but, could have been added by a previous owner at some point. I am not saying this is correct but, both mirrors were mounted with no reinforcing plate on the backside. They are solid and I have had no issues with that. Both mirrors are placed in such a way that there is no interference with the vent window when opening or closing. I replaced the driver's side mirror right away with a replacement from CARS, Inc. as it was cracked and had pitting issues. No problems with the placement of this mirror. It is usable and gives me good rear vision. The passenger side mirror as has been mentioned is practically useless. I was able to adjust it so that there was some usable rearward vision if you did some body contortions while trying to use. Useless when in motion on the road but, usable when backing out of the garage or in the driveway. Two years ago I decided to replace the passenger side mirror as it was starting to show its age. I purchased a replacement from CARS, Inc. They will tell you it is an exact replica. It is not. I put the 2 mirrors side by side and the CARS mirror had a slightly lower and longer cant forward. To the naked eye you would never know that they were any different unless you put them side by side. While seemingly inconsequential, this slight difference makes a mostly useless mirror into a completely useless mirror. There is no way to adjust the mirror to make it any way useful in the position it is on my car. The base mirror whether the original OEM or the replacement from CARS is just a decorative piece. Bill P.S. The placement of my driver' mirror is not the same as the remote mirrors I have seen. I almost made the mistake of buying a remote mirror before checking the placement.
  17. Al...who decided that having a lot of something you like is a sickness? It was probably some brain dead reality TV producer who smokes pot and can't compose a coherent paragraph. There is a great deal to learn from have a lot of something. It's only that way you can compare things... About 30 years ago I worked on a book on the American Eagle Hilted Sword with the late EA Mowbray. Mr. M had about 400 of them and a huge amount of what we were able to deduce was the result of making comparisons over a long period of time. If you had a collection of 20, or 30 or even 50 you would never have been able to draw the conclusions that were obvious from having hundreds to work with.
  18. I did a complete flush of all appropriate components and added a few oz of pag due to the compressor already having the correct amount for it, in it.
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  20. Why don't you just mail in a check? If the electronics don't work, in the time you're waiting for an electronic solution, you could already have posted your application!
  21. Sale price, buyers fee, transportation costs, title/local taxes/license fees, small or large maintenance costs, up grades = ?
  22. Did you put in pag oil? The oil that was used in the R12 systems should be removed as it deteriorates the performance of the R134.
  23. new battery and a shot of starter fluid too...
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