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  2. How well does that work? While the original valve is infinitely adjustable, vacuum valves are binary (they're either open or closed). Does that affect your ability to control the temperature? It seems that you might also lose the ability to directly unheated air through the floor vents and/or defroster. Is that correct?
  3. The thread is question was started in July 2015 and the intertwining of multiple issues and responses simply made it impossible to pick and chose what and who got moderated. Suggestion: Start a NEW THREAD for each set of minutes being discussed. Would keep people on subject more.
  4. Thank you Bob, no hurry ! This is not an important item. Up to now I was able to operate the car without the owners manual. Frank
  5. Volvos will communicate with each other and use a GPS cloud to share information about dangerous road conditions including ice It will be coming to Volvo vehicles across Europe and the UK later this week First trialled in Sweden and Norway in 2016 before now being rolled out further Car detects a hazard and flags it with GPS and this is sent to other Volvo cars
  6. Vapor blasting service for aluminum and other parts. Make the parts look and feel new again. Price depends on size and complexity of part, quantity Thanks,Bobby
  7. It seems that valuable discussion is often lost when entire threads are removed. With full acknowledgement that it's more work for the moderators, it seems that the better (and more transparent) approach is to delete only the offending content and/or posters. In the case of repeat offenders (or even if you want a one-strike rule), let folks know that if they go off the rails, their account will be suspended until after the election results are announced. You're moderators, not babysitters; you shouldn't have to parse every post or censor the same posters repeatedly, but neither should the expedient solution of wholesale removal be the preferred solution.
  8. Hello Zimmer63, you are correct, the cable attaches to the door actuating lever. From there a small stiff rod connects to the heater valve actuating lever. I found a picture, but it is not that good to see the details. Maybe somebody else has made a closer picture. My heater valve is currently out for repair and I temporarely swept in a plastic VW valve (Golf, Polo, Jetta). I did not connect it to the rod. I need to open the hood to adjust. Frank
  9. From my understanding a contoured rubber mat was installed. I was fortunate to find one for my 54. I believe I read a ribbed industrial rubber mat can be found at Office Depot or the like. I think Home Depot carries rubber matting.
  10. If there is sufficient interest, I aim happy to do that. Kong Man, please note that I object to the forwarding go BCA confidential information, so the drop box approach is out.
  11. Matt; You have missed the point. There was no disagreement about wording. There was a request to change wording. That was done. There was a request to correct an errant coma. That was done. The disagreement was over wheterr or not I would repost the minutes in their entirety. The correct way to do that is to list the changes and request the minutes be approved with those changes. It is not to force the secretary to repost minutes in their entirety . You can read , reread or talk to anyone you want , but this is the very simple truth of the matter. I had no choice but to have the minutes go unapproved and there for no business being done going forward or get it done. Please look once more at what the reason was for not approving minutes, and please show this forum!!! You have asked for unedited teleconference transcripts, and have never been denied them.
  12. Thank you for the responses. I appreciate it.
  13. Concur. Per your suggestion, perhaps the transcripts could be posted on the BCA site along with the minutes. It would sure be a lot easier than responding to multiple individual requests. Or maybe someone who already has the transcripts could upload them to Dropbox or the like and post a link.
  14. What doesn't make sense of this? "I've removed the old BOD Minutes thread. Too many personal attacks."
  15. Many years ago we rewooded an L29 Cabriolet. I can tell you for a fact there were 103 individual pieces of wood in the body not counting the doors or the rumble lid.
  16. This is a place to discuss the minutes. It is NOT A PLACE for personal attacks. If forum rules are broken individual posts or the entire thread will be deleted. As to your comment about approval of minutes. I Assume that is not being asked of me. I simply post the minutes.
  17. I don't know if it's in the maintenance schedule or not but I consider the O2 sensor a maintenance item. It probably has more effect on fuel mileage than all the other items like spark plugs that people call a tuneup.
  18. Making the jig for the top metal support frame and attempting to remove the negative bend in the hood bows. This is some 2" x 1" box section I had lying around. I did not have a length long enough so1welded an extra bit on the end and angled the ends for the 1/2" diameter holes to bolt the frames to. I cleaned off the rest of the varnish, with the cabinet scraper, that Robert lent me. Marked the approximate centre line of the bows. Set my jig up in the workmate and got Jane to help me transfer the bows and frames to the jig and bolt the frames securely to the drilled box section. The temporary Philips screws were replaced with plain countersunk 3/4" brass screws. I 'attacked' the rear bow first. Fitting a ratchet strap across the wooden part of the bow so that the measurements across the legs of the bow were the same at both the back and front of the legs of the bow. I also cut a length of 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" timber to 'push the inward bend of the bow outwards, then fixed a temporary screw to hold the new fillet of wood in place to see what it looked like. Before I fixed it in place with glue and screws I fitted all the screws to hold the wood in place. Remember, this 'woodwork job' is all new to me! When I was happy with the fit I put the woodwork glue that Robert had given me on both surfaces and screwed the bow and the fillet together. The ends of fillet were a bit 'sticky outie' so I added a clamp at each end. Being a beginner at woodwork I used too much glue and had to wipe it off the joint where it had leaked out and off the top of the workmate where it had dripped. I put a couple of bits of wood underneath the bow to, I hope, stop the bow getting stuck to the workmate, otherwise I may have the only Humberette with a strange shaped roof rack! Now to wait 24 hours to see if this has removed the 'downward' bend of the bow - fingers crossed.
  19. Anyone got a lead on headbolts for a 303 Olds engine?
  20. Or, is that a '61 about five cars back on the left side?
  21. Indeed there was good discussion in the previous thread but apparently Willie, in this case one or two bad apples spoiled the whole barrel and it was thrown out. Maybe you missed those apples. I personally reported what I considered one of the bad apples and asked the moderators to look at the whole thread., not intending for the whole thread to be removed. Matt and I used to spend a lot of time removing delinquent posts and/or editing them. I guess the moderator in this case wasn’t inclined and/or didn’t have time to do that as there was certainly a lot of material to have to peruse and consider. Or perhaps he just thought it is time for a fresh new start which honestly I can appreciate that too. Peter G is the authority here, I personally respect authority and seldom bother with questioning it, makes life simpler, especially around the house. So, blame me, don’t care, use to it.
  22. " When better Buicks were being built, McLaughlin was building them" Bill McLaughlin 1929 McLaughlin Buick Roadster Supporter of All together Chronological Parking
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  24. 1967 buick riviera 1 owner - $3900 (oroville, ca) image 3 of 6 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) 1967 buick fuel: gas title status: clean transmission: automatic Running when parked since 1980, inside a shop, all original no rust or body repairs. Bought new in Marysville, CA. Going to need to be brought back to life. Please call, I do not use Email or Text much. Richard 530-990-6931
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