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  2. Do you think they may have used the DeSoto handles on the Canadian built Dodges? Just curious.
  3. Guys, I just "talked" to my model 35 and she says she wants to go to the Hershey Hangover, BUT she needs a "date". Who wants to take this friendly, vintage girl? Forget waiting to finish that project car and go driving NOW. Price negotiable and differing forms of payment are accepted. Scott Deno cell 814 571-9790
  4. The difference in braking systems is enough to make me pass on the '67. Drum brakes as apposed to disc brakes for '68.
  5. My bad, it's a Lesabre. He says it has the 3.8 in it. Also appears to have the 4t60, so that'd be a direct match with my Reatta's stuff. Hmmm.
  6. Hydraulics are still hydraulics - there's nothing magic about it. The stock M/C on these cars appears to have a 1.125" bore. That's a common M/C size, though I'll bet that the dual circuit M/C currently installed has only a 1" bore. Install the correctly-sized M/C and you'll move just as much fluid as stock, single or dual circuit notwithstanding. Now, I don't pretend to have any experience with the intricacies of adjusting those dual-slave Chrysler brakes, but here's more info:
  7. Thanks for checking in with that good information, Bloo. I just looked at the 1938 BUICK shop manual, and the 1939 supplement shop manual again, and now see the written reference about use of the hypoid gear adapter you mentioned. However, the adapter is not pictured. It would be interesting to see what this adapter looks like. Perhaps it could be easily made, which would extend the useful year range of the BUICK pinion depth setting tool I'm selling. John
  8. Danger, Where in California are you? Greg
  9. My thanks to you guys for acknowledging (thumbs up and such) my posting this link. It takes very little effort on my part, but the thought of this little beauty falling into the wrong hands makes and ending up with a crate engine in it makes me very sad.
  10. The only hope for older Chrysler brake systems is to really take the idea of defensive driving to heart. I worked on my 52 for a year on and off(I don’t have access to an Ammco tool and refused to buy one for one job) and although they work pretty well I still look way ahead. My system is all original in design with all new or rebuilt parts.
  11. If there is anything in the world that will have you going in circles is Chrysler braking systems. Sometimes over engineering is not a good response to a problem.
  12. Here is an interesting photo of supposedly the Gary Cooper Duesenberg - with skirted fenders
  13. Rubber stair tread material, available in various lengths and colors including black could make an impromptu running board cover.
  14. +1000 * Includes Most "professional" car builders/customizers/restorers/shops/etc. In past 40 or so years, I've owned numerous, restored many and worked on more '56-'62 Chrysler Corp. cars with "Total Contact" brakes than I can or care to remember and have researched/studied this subject enough to fill a book on it. So all I can say now is that not only are these brakes one of if not worst designed/engineered hydraulic braking systems by any major car manufacturer. They were great concept/idea and actually worked quite well on large (1 ton and heavier) trucks, but in passenger car application, not so much, The original system design was riddled with engineering flaws/problems and throughout the time (7 years) they were in production Chrysler introduced numerous "improvement" changes, revisions & upgrades, most of which not only didn't necessarily help, but in many cases compounded and made the problems worse. Then, when you add +/-60 years of inexperience and lack of documentation/recording/understanding of all aforementioned changes by both, parts supplier & service industries, not to mention DYI hobbyist, has compounded the problem to mind numbing magnitude. They can be made to work reasonably well, but like anything with cars, especially older vintage, to do it right is not necessarily easy, simple or inexpensive. To OP: The OEM master cylinder is the least problematic of the system and changing it to dual-circuit or any other style will like not help or improve them. If anything, kind of like some of the readily "disc brake conversion kits", installing/replacing without reasonable comprehension of the entire system adequately can or may make them worse. YMMV.
  15. Hello I'm the owner of an Overland 1909 and I have problems with teh Two Speed planetaire gearbox Fists gear is working but in second the gear is slipping and reverse has the same problem I have removed the cover on top of that gearbox There is oil in and the brake material looks great I have not a technical book or other info abouth this gearbox Can someone help me ??
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