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  3. Why for you no buy car? No make mistake. You buy car. You love. Get fun. Go now.
  4. Hi Andy. Is that an extremely well preserved/maintained original ? - Carl
  5. Not a Desoto ! I am leaning toward a CT Royal or a CQ "small" imperial. Seems to have been involved in a fire.
  6. I was afraid that might be the case... but perhaps they can tell you who would like to sell a small amount of perhaps buy an offcut. j
  7. To all , I thank you and this forum for both your time and the free ad. The Buick received an invitation from Hemming's for the concours.. It's a great show, I enjoyed it when we displayed there in the past. The car will then be consigned to the Hershey auction in Oct. Thanks Again, Frank
  8. Yes, they really did etch "GP" on the front windows. I've never seen this before, but apparently they did it on most Pontiacs in 1968. You can just barely feel the etching on the inside of the glass. How cool is that? Here's a video, too:
  9. It is a Chrysler, a burn victim that's being's a long journey though...the body sits about 5 miles away from me in a metal shop, being fixed.....not mine, but I know the car...
  10. All the Duesenberg trunks I've seen have an indented left rear corner allowing room for the gas tank filler pipe and cap. I know because I own a Duesenberg equipped with a trunk. Uncertain if maybe some of the cars were configured for a plain-shaped trunk like this one.
  11. Bob/Scott, Thanks for keeping up the search for the Type 45's. Much appreciated. Glen
  12. Is the first picture "Home" ? Question; what on earth are you going to do with the behemoth ?
  13. Well here are some production figures on the Hupp Model I A totol of 664 cars were produced in 4 different body styles. 4dr sedan, 2dr Victoria,cabriolet roadster and coupe. I do not have any figures that tells how many of each body styles were produced. The model I had a 126 in. wheel base. The model F had a 122 in. wheel base. The Model I had a larger engine 110 hp while the F had 106 hp. The body on your car looks like it does not have a lot of rust through, that's good. I sure hope you have the trunk cover If you do not, you will find it very hard to come by. I love stock Hupps, I do have some great friends in the Hupp club with modified cars, Some you look at them and can not tell it from stock Others , you can see they are not. It would be a dull if we all liked the exact things. You have a Hupmobile model that a true Hupp guy would love to have, Enjoy it. When I get my other computer.on line, I will post some pic.
  14. Have 4 Kelsey-Hayes Wire Wheels for sale. Not sure if from 53 or 54 Buick Skylark. Interested? Call Dale at 618-939-3015 or Email Thanks
  15. Greg, I do not think there is any issue on scope. If you would be able to provide them with the info they need to make the part there would be no problem is my guess. For the price of a membership, it would be worth it to try. Basically a cost of an ad somewhere!
  16. First Born: Thanks for your kind comment and encouragement. I want to do a little more testing and then I will start writing the article for the Bugle. This conversion is nearly a “must do” for those still running a generator. In the past, when I was stopped at a traffic light with the turn signals on the ammeter was well over into discharge. Now the needle barely moves. The dash gauges are now easy to read at night. I also went to LEDs for the glove box, trunk, dome light and high beam indicator. In every case there is much better illumination with about 10% of the current draw. Well worth the effort. Joe
  17. Like the Chrysler CO photo I posted.
  18. Definitely not an Imperial as they did not have a 2 door conv sedan.. A friend had a 1932 DeSoto conv. sedan 40 years ago, great driving cars. I believe that the 6 cylinder Chrysler of the same vintage shared the body as well and possibly the 1932 Plymouth model PB. or at least the main sheet metal body panels, seat and window frames and other body hardware etc.
  19. My shop has morphed into a good example of poor layout..........I have three different work areas, which means the tool I need is never in the right place, so I have duplicated lots of tools. I would love to have one of those big "professional" tool boxes but which area would I keep it in? So I have a total of 4 cheap tool boxes (must have ball bearing drawers) scattered about. The most embarrassing part of the shop is the 16" work bench that is so cluttered I have a usable work space of about 3 sq ft to work.
  20. If you've checked all available sources for detail of the correct original without results then you certainly wouldn't be too far off by using the Lino. Heck, you could always cover it with carpet if needed. Not sure if these folks can help or not but they've been around for a long time.
  21. I dont suppose you still have this?
  22. Hey Bob, Not sure if you have this photo yet but it was labeled Knoxville TN 1930 Also found various newspaper clippings on digital libraries, I'd recommend any researcher take advantage of those avenues of information if you're not already as most of the digital libraries are free to use. As an example I found articles that stated the Marathon car would be in Calexico CA on March 26th 1930 and another article saying it was in Atlanta on Sept 14th 1930. Are you looking for clues like these or just photos ? I also came across a dealer "George K Littlefield" who boasted of having a map up on display showing the route so folks could follow along daily. I would think there would have to be some sort of record of that map or a photo of the map somewhere. I would be happy forwarding what I come across to your email but the problem is knowing what you need or do not have so we don't waste your time with sending duplicates of anything. If you'd like, I'll continue to search through digital databases and send what I find. Let me know if you want me to continue to search for clues or if you're only interested in photos. Dave
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  24. Not mine, unfortunately. Pretty, clean car. A buddy had one years ago. Fun to drive, quick (for a mid-50's wagon).
  25. Nice car. And it's got the "Chevron" dash! Not sure about the supposed rarity, though. I don't go to that many shows, and I've seen a couple of them. Just lucky, I guess. Fair asking price.
  26. Within the AACA, cars are judged at national meets if the owner so desires. At a car's first appearance at a meet, it is eligible for a "Junior" award: First Junior, Second Junior, or Third Junior. At a subsequent national meet, the cars who previously achieved the First Junior level can try for the Senior award. The national meets are held around the country, and the location of the meets often change each year. A car must be pre-registered, often a month or two in advance. At any national meet, quite a few cars may receive the First Junior or Senior award. To be "first" doesn't mean that yours is the only car in your class, or the only car at the show, achieving that level.
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