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  2. Sad indeed, I hope many here will continue to offer guidance and information the way he did for so many others.
  3. Sounds like you are running right on the money to me. That carb cleaner would be less dense and more volatile than air. If you are running the right mixture the spray will richen the mixture a bit and bog her down. I have done that when checking out my tune ups in the past, just a shot down the carb. With the light load of being in drive your vacuum may be slightly lower and, combined with the action of the power valve other conditions might negate it. Try the test while watching a vacuum gauge. Maybe retard it a degree or two and see if it goes away. Working on a car with MAFS, MAPS, LAMBDA sensors it might affect your LTFT, but with a good old AFB, 4GC, or MV4 the acronyms are on your side. You're good. Bernie
  4. So, I am asking this in the Technical section rather than the Ford section due to the Ford section seemingly being more of a parts for sale forum. I am working on a basket-case 55 TBird. It came to me in parts and I am slowly trying to resurrect it. It has a 292 YBlock that was sent out to the machine shop, along with the cylinder heads, crank, rods, heads, rockers and valves. The block and heads were cleaned up and pressure tested. The block bored 60 over with new pistons and rings. Heads redone with new valves, springs and rocker shafts. I got it back and put it all together using the YBlock rebuild book and of course, the various YBlock internet sites. Got it installed in the frame and wanted to get it started before I started hanging everything else on it. It seemed a little hard to turn over by hand, but I attributed that to the new rings and compression. When I installed the starter and tried, is seemed to turn over slowly without the plugs in it and very slowly with the plugs in it. I thought it may be the 60 year old starter, so I rebuilt joy. So I bought a new 12volt starter and installed that. A little better, but not spinning it fast enough to start it. So I went looking for other issues. I have consistently pressurized the oil system and have oil up to the heads. Some folks I talked to have suggested the rings might be too tight, but according to my notes, they are within spec. Others have suggested the pushrods being adjusted too tight. So, I pulled the valve covers and pulled all the pushrods. They all look good, but I have 2 different types of pushrods. One is skinny and solid and the other is fat and tubular..
  5. My K47 2 ton truck was a dark green. I have searched the auto paint sites and nothing shows for this color. I found this on the inside of the passenger door and it appears to be Kiltie green. I would like to repaint this truck with this original color if anyone has any information. I am assuming it is a truck color as it does not appear in any of the 30 dodge colors.
  6. Better let the fellow that just paid 9 grand for the one I just sold know that the market folded, and better remind me of that as I just spent more than that for one I just added to the collection. Nice you offered the 6 NOS wheel covers here before tossing them
  7. Snow storm blew in over night as predicted and dumped about 6 inches total by noon but as the temperature climbed above freezing it turned to light rain making the snow HEAVY! With 5 driveways to clean it was a five hour day before getting to the garage with the Special. The old Craftsman was able to handle it but glad I changed the oil last week.
  8. Stupid question here. They say invert carb to adjust. So I am removing the brass bowl and flipping carb upside down ?
  9. Very sad news, he was a long time contributor here and will be greatly missed. Please give our condolences to the family
  10. I tried buying a restored 1910 Reo 4 cyl on the US west coast and lost out to transportation issues. That is when I decided the next time buy and then worry about transportation which I have done.
  11. DCPD 1494469 D4 radiator. I was told the following information by someone with parts books: This part number has been superceded by 1494643. 1494643 is for 1953-1954 Plymouth and 1954 D52 Dodge 8 cylinder. Radiator appears to be in good shape. I pulled it out of my non-running Chrysler 300. I have no idea of the condition inside of it. The buyer should assume that it needs to be checked over. No guarantee of fitment to your vehicle. No returns will be allowed. Free pickup from Appleton, Wi. $175 or best offer plus $30 shipping. Send me a PM if interested.
  12. If that won’t impress your friends, nuthin will!
  13. Sebastian, how about this. Not trying to highjack thread.
  14. I had to liquidate my dad’s stuff. He had a lot of literature, magazines and books, which I sadly had a hard time giving away. Some I had to dump. He had a lot of NOS parts (Corvair and others), that I didn’t have time to identify, so I put them in a pile and sold them for $100 or so at a garage sale. @JackM can attest to that. Sadly, the time to deal with his stuff cost more in lost work for me than the value of what he had. To put it in perspective, his estate of 12 old cars and parts from his 7500 sq ft of garages, including land (9+ acres), and buildings (2 shops), and his home, had a retail value of maybe $400k, at best. I lost more than that in lost wages to deal with it, and take care of him, and it was 2200 miles away, so there was travel expenses, etc. Being in a hurry, I didn’t get anywhere near that value. I still have to sell the real estate and have a few things left to deal with and it’s been over 5 years. My father had Alzheimer’s, and taking care of him and trying not to sell too fast to avoid capitol gains, all complicated my situation. Please think about what your collection will mean to your successors. It bankrupted me. It would have been so much easier to care for my father if he’d have liquidated most of this before hand. I would have been able to spend more time with him and less time dealing with selling also. Dealing with grief complicates it even more. I know my father didn’t intend to burden me with his hobby, and I know none of you do either. Please make a plan.
  15. Absolutely ! Cars like very early Model T's exist in Canada in relative handful numbers. And you are absolutely correct, most cars in this category are in very long term ownership and when they change hands it is very often quietly between people with a long mutual association . A couple of years looking is an eye blink in several areas of the hobby. I personally shadowed a couple of my project cars for 10 years or more before finally being offered the opportunity to purchase. The thing that frustrates me even more than a long purchase courtship is that a good number of the more desirable cars / projects are not advertised locally or within Canada. Unless a person keeps a constant watch on some of the specialist, International venue's you don't become aware of cars for sale that might be almost in your back yard. More than once my buying competition has been in another country which complicates things quite a bit. And in at least one case the seller had cold feet about an international sale once he grasped how complicated things would be from his situation. Ended up selling the car to me at the same price the European had offered, simple cash transaction, I picked up the car and that was that. No worries about export documentation, international payment complications, shipping complications. But originally he thought the car needed to be sold overseas to get the best price. Greg in Canada
  16. Did you get the orange paper gauge he sends from rebuid gasket kit . Should be 11/16" from casting lip to float in inverted position . Can send pic if you do not have .
  17. Will do the same with local maker here only one problem can’t find those metal thing on back of front seats as shown in pics
  18. You have to work well, they are very beautiful I really like it's pick up, we don't see much in France
  19. When I first read your post about this 1957 Chevy project I thought yea right, this guy is going to wind up with some big mess of his own creation based on some wild idea he saw in TV. Well, your subsequent posts show you seem to have a talent for doing what you say and having a finished product to show for it. I wish you well on your endeavor.
  20. Very sorry to hear the news. He was always there on the Dodge forum. He will be missed indeed. Rest In Peace dear friend.
  21. unfortunately there is only the gearbox, the engine is no longer there. There is a lot of rust, the floors are really in very very bad condition, the hood, the roof, the trunk, are also in very bad condition. it must be completely redone. It was a Luxury model with very nice finish inside
  22. Any idea what these fit? I will add anything I can find stamped on them shortly.
  23. It is not closing now as the family is going to carry the ball again so I was told. There is another brass swap meet on the east coast into its 3 or 4 year now I hear is growing that I have never been to.
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