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  2. Powder coating a wheel around here (Cincinnati, OH) is generally about $65.00 to $85.00 - super nice process, durability, and ....
  3. From the ebay auction: Based on what, exactly? Your in-depth knowledge of automotive history? Here's more examples of what this person has for sale. Very few automotive items. I'd say this person doesn't appear to be much of an expert on anything. Just another stupid person on ebay. When I had my music store, I referred to this nonsense as the "Antiques Road Show Syndrome." Idiots thought that any old guitar was worth $5000 and if it said "Gibson" on it, it was worth another $5000 on top of that. Very frustrating.
  4. My wife can not understand why I wear my hardhat when I am at my computer.
  5. Why not send Tom a direct email for your needs : Good luck, - Carl
  6. That's my friend's 1910 REO....
  7. Either would be okay. What is available? Thanks for the response.
  8. I realize there is probably little interest here in this topic since I am not going the "restore to original" route. I did answer my own question about the large fittings, they are size #12 used on some older cars and the upper limit of commonly available A/C hose and fittings. It looks like I can find what I will need so I have ordered all the conversion parts except hose and fittings and will be starting the work shortly. If anyone would be interested in seeing my progress please respond here, otherwise I will probably let this thread die.
  9. Back when I owned a 1919 Model R REO, I'd have bought it in a heartbeat. Actually, they are called "cuts" and are usually copper or zinc on a wooden block. The car companies sent out thousands of them with their ads in newspapers and magazines. With the demise of letterpress printing, they were no longer used and I've seen, literally, a 55-gallon drum full of them being discarded by an old print shop. I was in the printing business most of my working life and knew several old shops in the neighborhood - I've even had cuts made because I started at the end of the letterpress era.
  10. Hi Frank, Yes, there is a shipping option called "media mail" which is specifically geared to literature and is much less expensive...but service level depending on circumstances can also much lower, Tom
  11. Seen on Says had been in an indoor museum collection for 30 years but the condition of the exterior paint and engine compartment tell a different story, IMO. The seller location and car location are polar opposites of the country. Proceed with caution on this one.
  12. I have a box full of old auto related printers blocks. I even have this one of a 1910 Reo, the ad it was used for and a picture of a real car. No luck trying to sell it years ago but now that things have changed (?) it should finance that round the world cruise!
  13. Perhaps it’s time the moderator start another poll and call it “Should a new thread be opened for throwing rocks at and questioning the job, motives and integrity of the BCA BOD Secretary.”
  14. My homemade crankcase breather. A 1/4NPT to 3/8 (1/2 OD) tubing compression fitting without the ferrule, two pieces of 100 mesh copper screen cut out with a gasket cutter and two 5/8" OD x 3/8" ID fiber washers. Without the ferrule in place, these fit under the cap. When I assembled it I noticed I had another cap with a little raised edge so I used that one. I've no idea if this was ever done this way but all the components were available c. 1910, including the compression fitting.
  15. If that behavior is represented as justification to remove a member from the BOD or other action, then yes, it should be incorporated. Substituting accusation for evidence is the stuff of a smear campaign rather than transparent governance. Yeah, I know it may be ugly and unpleasant to do so, but it's the only way to demonstrate that you're engaged in reasonable, thoughtful conduct as opposed to emotionally driven personal vendetta.
  16. In some of the early" bypass" oil filtration systems only when there is an excess of oil pressure does some of the oil get to go through the filter. And as far as early bypass filters being better at filter smaller particles than a modern spin-on filter, I've cut open many Purolator and other brand canister filters to convert them to modern spin-on filters hidden inside. Just painted one Friday for a customer. And if you were to cut open those 1920's and early 30's canisters you'd find that the filter medium is just layers of cotton cheese cloth wrapped around the perforated center core tube and tied with string. And those early bypass systems don't get as much oil flow as some might think. That's why the decals on them say to change the filter either 8000, or 10,000 miles, depending on brand. At lower engine speeds that do not produce enough oil pressure to open the pressure regulator valve, no oil goes through the filter. All the output is going directly to the bearings and then back to the oil sump to go through the pump again. And if you modify the pressure regulator spring to increase oil pressure, then even less oil gets to go through the filter until that higher pressure is reached. So while worrying about why old engines don't use high oil, and boosting the oil pressure like later engines, solving a non-problem can cause a problem by lessening of filtration. I did modify one 1932 system to be full flow, but it takes away from the originality to tee in feed and return line oil lines off the oil pump output line out through the side of the engine base to a spin-on filter. A trade-off the customer wanted so as to have all the oil pump output go through a modern spin-on filter before going to any of the bearings. I much prefer a modern spin-on hidden in the bypass filter housing and change the oil more often. Paul
  17. Hello Bill, Tom, I will check out ebay USA and will simply provide an adress in USA as mentioned above, if international shipping is not listed. I guess books , brochures and literature has a different shipping rates rather than hardware in a box . should be much less expensive. Frank
  18. The original 2 barrel was only about 250 cfm. You will not get the velocity on a larger carb to give good driveability in city driving (probably runs like a scalded dog at WOT). The original 4 barrel (wcfb or 4gc) was only about 450 cfm with the primaries about half of that. If you go with the edelbrock 4 barrel, go small.
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  20. Looks like some of those tire covers with nubs for traction in mud and snow.
  21. Go here if you need re-silvering on the reflectors.... UVIRA at (541) 474-5050.
  22. Pair of gas lamps all brass for early Hupmobile, $500. Happy to answer questions and supply more pictures.
  23. If the headlamp shells can remain in place and the reflectors are held to them by perhaps 3 or 4 tiny screws at the edge, remove the reflector from the lamp shell and since you say the wiring is junk and I assume you will replace then you can cut that and take the reflector to a work bench for an easier place to get the old bulb out even if you have to remove the glass part of the bulb and then the base from the socket it fits into with a pair of thin nose pliers . If it is on the bench and the glass is removed perhaps applying a little heat will loosen the bulb base from the socket. No matter what , take your time, have patience as it no doubt will become a PITA to accomplish!
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