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  2. If only these trucks hadn't driven off into the sunset. I read a report from The Front from a transportation captain a century ago who said that his motorpool started out with heavy trucks from 5 different manufacturers, and after a year only the Peerlesses remained. No one is alive who can remember it, but it's also written that the Peerless trucks changed the tactics of the German military during the Great War. ...Hundreds were equipped with 13-pounder AA guns, manned by Royal Naval Air Service crews, and forced German reconnaissance planes to stay above 10,000 feet. Here is a Mark I gun in service on a TC-4 Peerless lorry, Wikipedia photo.
  3. It could still be a titled 32 just a late production but if engine is in it with PA I would say its a 1931 but so many opines out there. Both models are good value mine is a pb roadster with low windshield and suicide doors but i had a pb sedan and it had all four doors suicide so they are different slight less horsepower you should be able to do 50-55 all day my 29 U is shaking at 45 lol i like the coupe though cheers
  4. That is another reason that I bought it. Round wheels are nice.
  5. Twenty years ago and a thousand miles away at my old house, I got told of a Cleveland chassis owned in Texas or Oklahoma by a Mr. Mays I think. He at one time had been a president of the Horseless Carriage Club. At the time I even had the shipper of the company I worked for who had arranged to bring the chassis to me on the back of a load he was bringing in. But for some reason I hesitated, my loss. It may have been that there was only one surviving complete car which would have made the restoration difficult at best. So I will cheer you on and I look forward to seeing photos of the progress you make. I do wish you well. Thank you for letting me know what became of her. I'm sure she has a great home!
  6. PA-96207 Son of a gun, Ive been calling it a PB for decades. I should change the title. Think it went down or up in value?
  7. Realistically, you "should" be able to shift into all gears, but... sometimes a manual transmission can be balky when the gears are at rest. Moving the rear wheel(s) even slightly, or rolling the car a bit may make the difference. On the other hand, the rods and levers controlling the movement of the transmission's shifting forks could possibly be out of adjustment.
  8. When you open the back of the case what brand/maker does it show?
  9. Auction ended today. see screenshots of final sale prices below.
  10. I have an extra steering shaft nut and it should be that same as my Dodge. If you wish, I can mail it to you and a picture of the horn button internals. The button must be disconnected at the bottom first so the horn wire will pull through the steering shaft. The picture should be the same for both our cars. PM me with your address if interested.
  11. Pm the knucklehead and if no answer never respond to him, I agree but some people do not hit the little green button so they never know there is a answer or response so i sat pm sent and then click on the initial name and message that way there email will get the notification good luck
  12. I'm getting tired of responding to so many requests and then never hearing from any of them. Why even post if you won't follow up?
  13. Hi Frank You have to realise these things take time, I am sorry you will just have to wait. BUT please consider that what I am attempting to replicate is a typical ENGLISH 2/4 seater sporting tourer from the Early to Mid 1930s. Remember too that I do not use an English Wheel, so no "compound curves". Perhaps a slightly larger version of the Austin 12/Six (as in the photographs) is about the best description I can give you for now. Even "simple" bodies like this one takes time. Being a 2/4 seater (longer wheel base) the Singer should have a door on the passenger side. In the second photograph you can just see the rear of the Lagonda Rapier so this should give you a "clue". They are all from the same 1930s period. Take a look at the square tubhe "body frame" in the first photograph. every piece of tube had to be cut and fitted by hand, every joint gas welded using a hand held oxy-acetylene torch. All this by the one pair of 80+ year-old hands. I have used this same process for every "body" I have built in the past 50/60 years. Some people will never learn. Most other people just sign the cheques............... Have a think about it, I even make the little things such as the dash-board "Glove-box". None of these things are delivered to the door "ready made". Just the 6 metre long, lengths of steel tube. and sheets of aluminium. Perhaps this will be the "Last one ever". Bernie j No offence meant, but having re-read the above, I cannot help wondering how many people, if any, can truly appreciate what I am doing?
  14. Took awhile to find, but here it is: F/S by "foundation*antiques" seller, VT, USA, price: $25.00
  15. Anyone? We've lost it and need to replace it with something. It's larger than a half, but that's all we had on hand to try. So it's trial and error at this point and then try to find a jam nut in that size.
  16. This, right ⬆️, is a million dollars worth of suggestion. Of all the people I’ve had to train in my 33 years in the workforce I can think of 5, maybe 6, people even capable of that. Being taught. Setting their ego aside long enough to learn. You can’t teach someone anything when they are busy knowing everything already. Just human nature... People come in with thin skin and think they have to prove something — and I’m not talking about younger people. It’s the older ones that are worst - 35 and over. Never succeeded training one of those. Ever. Most people end up teaching themselves. (Of course I know this because I’m afflicted with that same human nature too — you want to see how NOT to do something just read through some of the topics I’ve posted on this forum. They all started with some horrendous debacle.)
  17. Yeah, it’s unfortunate. My restoration team is not aging gracefully; in fact, they are dropping like flies. But thanks for reminding me to mention that this car comes with a fully restored, tested and correct dual quad set-up done by Tom Terrific. Thanks Tom! It also comes with all the parts needed to complete the restoration.
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  19. I worked at a Saturn dealer parts department and we had 'official' GM stop leak that we used in certain situations. It was a re-labeled name brand product (may have been Aluma-Seal). If it works for GM that's good enough for me.
  20. Are you in Australia? If so, is it an Australian body? I think we need to see pictures. Is it a car based "ute" in the Oz style or is it a US style pickup truck? Pictures will help us know what you are talking about.
  21. Hi Rusty - The 241 cu in engine was 3 3/8 x 4 I/2 - use in '34 De Soto Airflow, "34 Chrysler CA, CB, CY( Canadian Airflow). "35 De Soto SF, SG(AF)., "35 Chrysler C6, "36 De Soto S1,S2(AF), "36 Chrysler C7, '38 Chrysler C18, '39 Chrysler C22. My parts book doesn't go beyond "39 so I don't know if it was used beyond '39. More trivia for everyone!
  22. Pictures of what you have would be nice, and will get a better response............... Mike in Colorado
  23. Yeah, too bad, but the forum was being overrun. Hopefully the long term solution will be something better than a countrywide ban. We have had legitimate postings from Russia in the past, as well as many from Germany.
  24. I have a question about Riviera u-joints. I have a 64 Riviera and was absolutely shocked when I pulled the engine and transmission out. The drive shaft had 5 u-joints which I had never herd of' before. I just saw 63 Riviera for sale on Bring a Trailer that showed a picture of the rear of the drive shaft where it connected to the differential and there was only one u-joint. Not two as my 64 has. It seams strange that 63 and 64 would be different since only the transmission was different. What did GM do on the 65 Riviera?
  25. The two units I found were separated from a stash of 12 more in the garage I forgot about. They're from parted Buicks and Cadillacs of the period. Anyone interested at $40?
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