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  2. Hello gentlemen here are a pair of original, not reproduction pieces I am selling. Very good condition. Buzz me if interested 909 609-5920 Calif
  3. never a build sheet with mine, and my Dad and I bought it new. Protecto plate, built expressly for, and window sticker, as well as the bill of sale Funny, we all know that the first generation mufflers go bad quickly: Well my Dad got a midas muffler right off with a lifetime guarantee. Muffler after muffler was installed free by Midas. Well YEARS later, I had the car, the muffler was bad: I went to Midas and showed them the guarantee, and sort of as a joke mentioned that although my Dad's name and mine were the same, the guarantee was for my Dad. They immediately replied: Don't give another thought we will honor the guarantee! SO the car has had only one paid for muffler in its life and about ten or so free ones!!! What a guarantee!
  4. Here is the Daimler. The caption said "Verbie Sharp shows his 1931 Daimler to military friends in England in 1958" Car described as a Corsica DHC.
  5. In an earlier post entitled "Ancestry and antique cars" I sought and got a good deal of help identifying a car owned by my maternal grandfather. It came up in that post that my grandfather must have owned a newer car in 1939 (that would have had a radio for the story recounted). This is a picture of a newer car of his. Is it new enough to have had a radio? The car is parked just ahead of where the car in the earlier post was parked, same house, same porch. Cape Breton, Canada. This is a closer look at just the car. It's too bad that the photo is faded or was underexposed on the right side or we could see more car. To start off, I would like to note that Keiser31 provided a possible I.D. for this car in the earlier post. "Maybe a 1929 Chevrolet. The taillight is mounted in a different place on this one, but I think it is usually mounted on the spare tire rack. Maybe with the accessory trunk, they decided to move the mounting. The car in your photo looks like a four door sedan." And keiser31 provided a picture... Following keiser31's lead, I looked for and found information on a 1929 Chevrolet four door sedan. It does not have the trunk and can therefore have the taillight in the center. The bumpers can also be more tucked in. If anyone would like to add anything to this post, I would appreciate it. These two photos show spoked and disc wheels were available for this car. Anyone want to express an opinion as to which type my grandfather's car had? (Not sure if I see spokes or linear reflections.) Would a car built in 1929 last until Canada entered the war (in 1939) in an Atlantic coastal village? I thought I would add this cropped pic from my Mom's photo collection (which is where the car pics have come from), which is likely the same car. Does anyone see anything in this photo that could confirm or deny a match? Now that the front end can be seen, does it look like a 4 or a 6? That's salt water behind the church. A 1929 Chevy four door, from almost the same perspective.
  6. I can post a picture of the assembly later tonight. Unfortunately years ago someone already disconnected the motor from the regulator. The year in the motor (puck style) is just sitting in the motor, meaning I can grab it and pull it out with my hand. Is there any way that this stays fixed in the motor, like a c clip or something?
  7. My two coppers worth says weigh the cost and time involvement of painting vs powder coating. Then the longevity of the finish product paint vs powder coat. I think when you weigh all the factors, everything from prep to cleanup with either method the answer should be clear to you. Personally I'd go with the powder coating done by a good shop but then again it's not my project or decision. Good luck whichever way you choose.
  8. Sure does look similar. It would make sense as the part number timeframe and pictures seem to fit.
  9. I bought a new 2016 Touareg TDI in 2018. First, it's an absolutely fantastic vehicle and tows like a champ. Though I have to say, I would not buy the gas version, only the diesel. There was a stop-sale on these because of the diesel-gate issue. They were not re-approved until the end of 2017, so there were a fair amount of leftovers at that time. I suspect you can still find one, as @kevin1221 states above. The rebates were huge. I think I got $14K off. I believe you could import a new one since they have already been federalized, providing they have not made any material changes to them. The problem is, you would likely have no warranty. I'll guess it would be cheaper to buy a Porsche Cayenne which is essentially the same vehicle. I think Audi also has a version. Maybe, the Q7? PS: I've imported to cars, one from England and one from Japan. My DMV did not make it an easy process. Check with your before you do anything.
  10. Hi I believe those are from the coupe or convert as the sedan one looks different. What are you asking for those, I would want them as spares. Thanks Steve
  11. I was not yet completely ready with sheet metal: the doors were waiting. The ones on the car were really bad. I contacted a known supplier in the USA; (he does advertise in the Self-Starter, the Cadillac club magazine) he said that he had a good pair of doors. I asked again about rust and he said that he spent the whole Sunday with his son to inspect them and they are excellent. OK, please ship them! Well, I don't know what for glasses he had at the time; maybe the ones to observe a sun's eclipse: they were as bad as mines (or they rusted in the plane between USA and Europe). So with 4 doors, I could do 2, but I had to weld some new sheetmetal; the lower outside panels were also made from scratch for both doors. Are you surprised if I don't buy anything anymore at this location?
  12. This week's auctions include original hubcaps including 1916-17 Auburn, 32-34 Lincoln K, 30-33 Chrysler Imperial, 14-18 Willys Knight, and 32-33 Cadillac. Also a number of enamel radiator emblems, some Boyce Motometers and dogbone radiator caps and much more, please check it out here:
  13. Finally progress.... And yes I like barn red!
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  15. Price reduced to $449 with shipping still included, I would really like to sell these as a set to someone who can put them on a car. Don' be afraid to make me an offer, you never know...
  16. A slight correction if I's "powder" coat (because they use powder). Not "power" coat. I know....picky, picky, picky....
  17. In thinking about it, I wonder if the crankcase actually gets hot enough to make a difference? I don't imagine it gets hotter than hot oil and I've never been scalded by the oil when I drained a hot engine...maybe 140 to 150 degrees? This is only 40 to 50 degrees hotter than the ambient temperature on a hot day in New England. This morning I bored and reamed the hole in the center. First I set it up in the 4-jaw chuck and indicated the guide piece I made yesterday. Then bored it round again. I took it out to a little less than 1/64 under the finished size - about .012 and reamed it with a 7/8 reamer. This is it... it fits the camshaft perfectly. Now I have to double check some measurements and turn the OK. That is the really tense operation because there is just about no wiggle room.
  18. It is doubtful that you will find one. They weren't common back in the day. You may find a tag under the back seat with a trim code for the upholstery but that is not a build sheet. A window sticker and protecto-plate are more common. You can determine some of the factory installed options by de-coding the data plate on the firewall.
  19. I don't think any of those codes will cause your issues as you originally surmised. As others have suggested, new plug wires are a good idea especially if their history is unknown. The Magnavox ignition gets a bad rap that I feel is undeserved, although the later Delco is demonstrably more powerful. The Magnavox ICM does appear to have a greater failure rate than the Delco, but conversely, the Magnavox coils appear to have less issues than the Delco. I believe the failure of one half of the package, coil or ICM, long term will cause the failure of the other half. I would do the plug wires first and investigate further if the problem persists.
  20. complete with big mounting bracket $500 + shipping from calif email for add'l pixs
  21. The gift that keeps giving, the seller was digging through his grandfather's papers and found the owner's manual. It is still available. I have no space, it is sitting outside. I bolted the transmission back in (no converter) reattached the cross member and replaced the bolts grandpa removed from the steering. It is now ready to easily load and transport. Cant someone please give this car a home and keep it from deteriorating?
  22. Floor mat. I got mine from a store that sells cleaning supplies etc to industrial users. They had difference widths and sold it by the foot.
  23. I have noticed this car on Ebay. A very beautiful and desirable Buick!
  24. Can you post a picture of the entire assembly? And if you have not yet removed the motor from the assembly, do not do so!
  25. Not sure if these folks can help.
  26. Hello Jim, Sorry to say these images are not my car and I don't even remember where they came from. These old oil filters are pretty hard to come by anymore. The really difficult ones are the filters with both ports in just the one end like the ones that they used on the 1930-31 DC-8s! I wished I could be of more help.
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