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  2. A Karmann-Ghia may be stretching the definition of "sports car," but how about this for $3K?
  3. Got a bit further again today. Found all the screws to hold the door lock mechanisms in place. Cleaned them up and painted them. Sprayed the front of the lock that has the barrel lock fitting on it so you may see theis when the car door is open so I thought I'd give it a shot of black. The grub screw to hold the barrel in place is missing so I thought I'd have a crack at making my own one. which fitted in the little hole at the front of the door. Mounted both door locks and installed both door handles I restored earlier after reshaping the rubber pad the escutcheon pad sits on. Cheers Ian
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  5. 1953 Buick Super Convertible On Ebay
  6. update,, the grey one fits a chev truck, the green is for a kaiser, the other one is for a kaiser also..
  7. Yes Fourth is different. First, Second and Third have the brake bands and the planetary gears. Fourth, being direct drive 1:1 such that the input and output shafts of the transmission effectively become connected, you have no need for a planetary set of gears. So I suppose it is not surprising that something other than a brake band is used for Fourth gear. Peter could have tested this on his bench before shipping it off, even if just by turning the input shaft by hand.
  8. Looking at the bottom of the item on the left side it looks like a protruding hook which would be consistent with a wood cookstove side shelf. We used a wood cookstove for about 20 years for most of our cooking in the fall through late spring months.
  9. For sale for 55.000 $ .imagine this in our town .A dream to house your old cars in .Down here it would have been sold 10 times already .
  10. Hans , thanks for the advice , i have to see if this model is 12 volt powered or 6 volt .my car still runs on 6 volt but starts on 12 volt so there is a way to power a 12 volt pump also .Where did you pit the pump ? i also know they are rather loud but better loud than nothing at all stranded in the middle of nowhere . I have to correct as i poured water over the pump to get the car going again not over the carb.
  11. Wool felt Similar I'd say. Wool Felt Fedora Hat <---- Link
  12. The smell of rubber is the tyres locking and skidding. the external shoes should be held off the drum in three places one at the top, one at the rear and the adjustment at the front so they should not be able to pulled on without mechanical leverage. the hand brake shoe is a single spring return shoe cast in one piece these can crack which could allow the shoe to catch and be pulled on by the drum rotation. pull the rear wheels off and inspect the internal shoe for cracks as a first step. i would also not discount the diff locking up.
  13. Hi guys, Thank you all for your input I have found the issue. It turns out the vac tank must have had a small vacuum leak between where the inner chamber sits in the top of the other chamber I have sealed that and no more stalling. Thanks again everyone. Cheers, Tristan.
  14. Hello Mike Unfortunately for me, the gearbox would "select" Top gear but failed to "drive"in it. To my limited knowledge ( I rebuilt my first Lagonda Rapier in 1978 or there abouts) the Top-gear (cone clutch) will only fail to drive when it's friction linings are totally worn out or as I suspect, in this case the operator fitting the new lining has machined far too much material away on the "female" half of the cone. to the extent that the male "half" was not making sufficient, if any, contact. This to the extent that while driving down a reasonably steep incline that the car would not maintain speed with top gear engaged and the motor running at about 4,000 rpm. Much the same as a slipping clutch except the "clutch" is the coupling inside the gearbox, Top Gear being in effect Direct Drive. While perhaps overly complicated for the average owner/driver it is not "Rocket Science". The transmission in a "T" model Ford is not all that different! The ENV Preselector is designed to self adjust to compensate for normal wear. There is not really room here to fully describe the operation of the gear "selection" mechanism. The actual mechanism is totally different to a conventional gearbox in that it is an epicyclic transmission. The Lagonda Rapier uses an ENV 75 gearbox made under Wilson Patents. Wikipedia explains them thus:- A preselector or self-changing[1] gearbox is a type of manual gearbox (US: transmission) used on a variety of vehicles, most commonly in the 1930s. The defining characteristic of a preselector gearbox is that the manual shift lever is used to "pre-select" the next gear to be used, then a separate control (a foot pedal) is used to engage this in one single operation, without needing to work a manual clutch.[1] Most pre-selector transmissions avoid a driver-controlled clutch entirely. Some use one solely for starting off.[2] Preselector gearboxes are not automatic gearboxes, although they may have internal similarities. A fully automatic gearbox is able to select the ratio used; with a preselector gearbox, gear selection remains the driver's decision. There are several radically different mechanical designs of preselector gearbox. The best known is the Wilson design.[3] Some gearboxes, such as the Cotal, shift gears immediately as the control is moved, without requiring the separate pedal action. These are termed 'self-changing' gearboxes, but were considered under the same overall heading.[note 1] In recent years, a similar role is carried out by the increasing number of 'Tiptronic' or 'paddle shift' gearboxes, using manual selection and immediate automated changing. There is a huge amount of information available through "Google" etc. For a great many years the famous London Double Decker "Busses" used a form of Pre-selector Transmission. In the 1930s Englands famous ERA Racing cars all used "Wilson Preselector gearboxes. Again during the 1930s many of Englands "Quality Car Manufacturers offered Preselector gearboxes as either an option or as standard equipment. You may have heard of some:- Daimler, Riley, Armstrong Siddley, Crossley, Triumph, ERA & MG. in many of their famous Racing Models, "K3" being probably amoung the best known of the MGs. Bj.
  15. I was missing the same part from the right/passenger side. I got a replacement part from TCParts. The contact information I used was Part was pricey, $50.00, but I needed it.
  16. Spinneyhill, Foot brake on rear wheels contracting. Hand Brake linkage goes to rear wheels and then disappears inside so I'm assuming internal.
  17. I'd be happy to give you some relief from your problem with your 50 Caddy. 😁😁😁 Love that model year. Installing a Hardi electric pump (model 1776) helped my 50 Club Coupe a lot. Excellent pumps. But rather expensive.
  18. I'd love to see more of the 56 Caribbean!!! Interested but not local at all. Any more info available on this car? What does it need? Thanks, Hans
  19. Not exactly two tone. Bodies were one color and fenders were almost always black during that era. Bodies were universally very dark colors, blue, maroon, green. They also look very nice in all black if done correctly.
  20. Just to be clear, what brake systems are on the car? Foot brake on rear wheels, contracting? Hand brake on rear wheels, internal? First thing to do is to find out which system is locking up.
  21. This is what that one on ebay looks like:
  22. I'm from Montana, was at Bernies on Jan of 2017, met him, a nice older man. Looked at a 1953 Ford F900 truck he had, price a bit high plus transportation cost back here. He also had a few other Ford trucks, including a 53 F500 wrecker truck and a F750 fuel truck. Anyone know what these sold for? Didn't know about the auction until well past it.
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