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  3. Call only. 484 877 1783. Will PayPal and ship. Location in Philly burbs
  5. Steve, thanks for the info. I have full confidence that the AACA team will make this a great event. Regards
  6. This is going to be great event! Marion & I look forward to the Auburn event every year. Having the Grand Nationals there this year will make it even more special. We're looking forward to the Grand Nationals on Saturday, the Zenith Award display on Friday, the concert on Friday evening, the ACD Museum somewhere in the middle of all this, and--most importantly--seeing friends from outside our local region whom we only get to see a few times a year at AACA national activities. Thanks to Steve Moskowitz and the entire AACA HQ staff for organizing this event and, in advance, to RM Sotheby's for being great hosts and supporters of the club & our members!
  7. stock dropped below 200 yesterday............................. from 350 a yr ago.
  8. Have always had cars with parts that were not common, why 'vette FIs were so cheap in the '70s (and Swartz Creek still had plenums). Being in college then I made up for a lack of $$$ with knowledge (had a 63 (large plenum) FI flowing near 900 cfm with reject nozzles for too high a flow and a Delcotronic ignition). Tires were left over slicks from Gratiot (dry) and BFG T/As for wet and would fit on the trailer. So I have an SLK (actually two, a SOHC V6 and a DOHC 4, so have one to model the project car on), no one gets bothered when I refer to my Judge without the rest of the name or my Reattae. What's the problem ? Only know of one from the millennium year. Was also the first retractable since Ford gave up. Personally find more parts at lower prices on the I'net than I ever did at swap meets, only go to Daytona and occasionally Webster any more but rarely buy anything. Just got a set of wheel studs in 14mmx1.5 10mm longer than stock so I can mount some BMW wheels on my CTS. In '70 would have gone to JC Whitney (Washawsky in the West) and waited a few weeks or would canvass all the local parts houses since the price is never the same in two.
  9. Great suggestion! The Pacific Northwest would be a fantastic location for an AACA national activity, in particular a tour so we could see more of it. (I've had several members suggest this to me.) I think a tour in the Pacific Northwest would be very well attended because of the beautiful location. The challenge is finding someone to step forward to organize a show or tour. By any chance, are you a member of the Fort Vancouver/Rose City Region? It's the only region in Oregon, Washington, or British Columbia. Perhaps you could encourage it to take this on. Even if you're not a member of the region, would you be willing to help organize a national show or tour in the Pacific NW? (We have several members who have organized tours in areas of the eastern U.S. without a region.)
  10. Bruce, As stated above, there are several times more surviving postwar Buicks. So, there are several times more posts that do not relate to prewar only Buick owners. Many prewar Buick owners (like me) do not own postwar Buicks. We have enjoyed having the prewar section for all activities involving only prewar vehicles because it was user friendly to prewar owners by making it easier to find information and activities related to our vehicles. The change to Prewar Technical means we can only post technical information. That is not in the best interests of most prewar only forum users.
  11. We have had over 250 there before giving two spaces to every car. We will have to shorten the space between cars but will make sure no doors can hit anyone. We have a huge meet and it is presenting challenges but everyone is trying their best to make this work.
  12. Hmmm... I think a 29 is the bigger car / motor than my 28. Might be worth a road trip though to see if he has any 4 cylinder motor parts as I've heard about his collection but never seen it.
  13. I am assuming this is similar/same as the '33 Plymouth as 33-34 Plymouth and Dodge shared a lot of mechanical designs. First, you should get a copy of the factory service manual. 1934 was the first year for that and you should be happy they made one and that there are (or were last I checked) people printing reproductions. Mine is a photocopy and the images are not good enough to scan. I'll quote from the Plymouth Maintenance Manual (First Edition, January 1934):
  14. Found a guy claiming to have one lens...
  15. Its not GM Lasalle buick olds pont caddy chevy! they did not use that type of escutcheon they used a ferrule.
  16. Yes,it's Jim O'Connor's stuff. He has a complete '29 Whippet coupe,but it needs the works.He parked it years ago when the tranny went out in it.A spare trans is sitting behind it. I don't know if there are any other parts, but imagine he would like to sell all the Whippet parts as a package. I didn't ask him individual prices but I think he would be very fair to deal with. The fifth photo of the ad shows the 1916 Chevy 490 roadster on the right and the Whippet coupe on the left.
  17. 1930 Model A Cowl. $250 For more information or photo's give me a call. 406-543-2591
  18. 1931 Model A Cowl. $250 For more information give me a call. 406-543-2591
  19. Ford 59A Flywheel Cover. $75 For more information or photo's give me a call.
  20. Jim, Is this in Morpeth by chance? Are there any late twenties Whippet parts you know of? Doug
  21. Contact the vendors in the Riview. I am sure that one of them will have one. I know Tim at Rivi Central had another on and I know Dan Jackson in Mi had a couple but, he is very slow in responding. Contact info for both is in the Riview. Bill
  22. Another 39.
  23. The kittycoins seller on e-Bay has a few more Peerless parts F/S, including an engine. From Mr. Coffee's cars & parts supply.
  24. You could use a carpet grommet like Corvette.
  25. Going by this info the id could be right.
  26. This photo was posted on a facebook page. Taken in North Dakota. The photo date - going by the clothing - is 1920s or later.
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