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Buick Sales and Service Garage

Buick Sales and Service Garage

Many early car dealers came from the ranks of men involved in the horse related trades such as carriage sales, livery stable operators and blacksmiths. These merchants and tradesmen often engaged in automobile sales and services as sidelines and eventually turned their operations into full scale auto sales and service businesses. Many of the early dealerships also served as a gas station and garage. The materials used on the fronts of the early buildings were usually wood lap, vertical board and batten or metal siding. Later buildings were more of a masonry type construction.

My build is basically a 40X40X12 ft pole barn with a lap siding and corrugated metal stepped false front that was typical on 1920-30's era car dealership/service garages. There will also be a 12 x 20 metal clad interior wall welding shed on the back.  The building will be used to house and work on my collection of '54's, the '38 and the '79 wagon. You can read my build story at


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