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Sample McDougald House Antique Car Show

Sample McDougald House Antique Car Show

Sample McDougald House Antique Car Show

450 NE 10th St, Pompano Beach, FL 33060

Saturday, January 12th


The Ft Lauderdale AACA continued its’ traditional annual gathering of only our older cars at one of only a few antique homes in the area that serves as a museum in the Ft Lauderdale vicinity. This 1916 home is now in found in Centennial Park, which is in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, and maintained by Pompano Beach. Many local residents act as volunteer guides on tours of the home during visiting and tour hours.


Our support event started with some slight drizzle but later turned into just a perfect South Florida day for car showing. Next to the Boca Concourse, this event draws many our clubs older and prestigious antiques.


The show consists of an east and a west show field. Generally the much “older” cars are poised in the east show field and the “newer” antiques are shown on the west field. Of course, we have a DJ, and usually at least one food truck to keep us going.


There’s always a good turnout of supporting local car enthusiasts and those local who share pride in their local museum.


kudos to gordon for our pics 

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