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  2. The Duchess long-term influence was to demonstrate to management and product development that a premium sedan as an extension of their volume sedan could be built as simply as adding wheelbase length for interior space and longer OAL. The last feature was one of Misterl's major contributions to GM dominance in the medium and luxury segments: the extended deck top-line models which every GM brand fielded except Chevrolet.
  3. I never understand lack of lots of good pictures. This is an attractive car in any event, even with obvious needs. I'm thinking there must be a buyer in the 30s somewhere.
  4. I ended up with the 41 76C from Old Forge, I have been very pleased with the car. It needed some minimal mechanical recommissioning but runs like a champ now. I am currently working on the installation of the Fog Lights, tracking down that switch for the dash was a job! The hood definitely needs paint. It’s a mini rly deteriorated restoration that’s a delightful car to drive. Someone clearly invested in it when it was spruced up originally. Cheers!
  5. Would you believe that with a graduating class of 312 kids in my class in the early 80s we didn't have a single Corvette at school?
  6. Hi Sasha39, thank you, yes there are some similarities and then differences too. For instance the Hassler shock has the wound spring inside the canister and the "strap" attaches outside using a two sided metal bracket that pinches the strap between it and uses rivets to hold it in place. A metal pin appears to be how the bracket holding the strap is attached to the end of the spring which protrudes from the canister. I like the way the Watson shock has a procedure to attach the strap to the frame and then tighten the tension by winding the spring inside the canister. I've not figured out h
  7. Ed knows more about brakes and steering boxes than most people know about the back of their hands. A true savant. But, he will put you in a Pierce Arrow, even if somebody wanted to GIVE you the best Packard 845 in the world.
  8. Hi Jim, If your bracket is broken where the bracket meets the seat rail I would recommend that you have your bracket repaired/welded. The brackets have a weak spot (I`m assuming yours is broken where they all break) and it has been my experience that 8 out of 10 removed from parts cars are broken or ready to break in the same spot. Tom
  9. That was the original plan. However the radio doesn’t weigh very much now as he took out 5 lbs of components. Also this has the rear speaker switch hard wired in so I would need to feed the wire/switch through the dash to install the switch. I also have the stands that I made so when installing the dash it is at the correct height and all components can be connected before the final bolt in. If it was not for these things I think you are right about installing it later. (Anyone have an idea of exactly where the speaker switch wires go through? I have a hundred photos but not one of the wi
  10. still in the pkg, no need for it here 1st to send address by PM gets it in the mail Have a Great Mothers Day Steve
  11. Per your replies I have corrected first post and fixed link. Thanks!
  12. Nice Roadmaster Lance! (but then I'm somewhat bias 😁) My Special came from Flint in that colour and while yours looks great as a survivor, think I'll keep her red coat. I think yours makes the car look lighter than one in black paint. Was it a norther car all it's life? It must have been kept in a good garage to be as nice as it looks. The really big question: Just how many large Buick's can one get into one's garage? Happy Motoring Lance.
  13. I'm wondering if there is any significance to the transmission selector not being in the "Park" position. It could be that a kid was playing in the car. It could be that someone backed the car in, shut off the switch, and simply neglected to put the selector up into Park. It does make me wonder.
  14. Just for fun, post the 'before' pic to go with the 'after' pic above...
  15. Ed, thanks for this. I wonder what changed after 1928? As for braking and steering problems, is there a primary cause of each that you see time and time again? (i.e........the most common brake problem with mechanical brakes and steering of this era) One thing that becomes more and more apparent is the inventory of Packard Roadsters seems to imply that they are available. As I look at some other makes, there isn't a single one listed that seems to be available. Maybe joining each make's individual club would put you in contact with cars that aren't listed but could be bought from word of
  16. Before this gets moved to the performance modified area.......... You can find used/junkyard stuff and spend a bunch on rebuilding them to be streetsble. But, results will probably disappoint you. You may end up having to cut up the tunnel just to make the front clip selection work...... as an example. One thing always leads to another when doing that level of modification. Getting the front track width just right to look right in the wheel wells will not be a trivial task. Using a “new” after market Mustang ll crossmember may seem good, but consider
  17. I will check next week . Someone was going to mount it to a wall for display with that set up. It’s at a friend’s house and they are gone until mid week. Thanks for the interest ....kinda heavy fella
  18. Up for sale is a pair of 1937 1938 Pontiac front fender in very good shape. Both have a few tears and dents but otherwise very solid price $700.00. PICK UP ONLY EAGLE WISCONSIN! 1-262-392-2989 or mribbich@wi.rr.com Marv.
  19. 3800’s into Fiero’s is a very common swap. Try GMTuners for some detail.
  20. I heard about a guy who had never driven an old car. He thought they all needed disc brakes, dual master cylinders, and 4 core aluminum radiators. Empirical living it the life for me!
  21. You had to know someone would bust your butt a but with that pic Bernie! Love the Eldo. I want one of those 79 - 85 Eldos, H&E or factory would be fine. They are a deal I think still and every inch a Cadillac!
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