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  2. 1930 Ford 2 door coup Hot Rod On Ebay
  3. Wish I would have seen this. You were blocks from my house!
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  5. #CarShow Festival des Belles Mécanique Roubaix - France June 22, 2019 Photos by CHTI Traction. see all the photos on next link :
  6. Thats the list I been working off of.
  7. I obtained a 48 T & C conv. Thanks anyway.
  8. If it's as presented, I think it's a good asking price. It's a good-looking car, but those undersize tires with the narrow whitewalls aren't helping its case. Gives the impression that upkeep might've been done on the cheap elsewhere as well. It needs some tall tires.
  9. Hello, I have a vintage 1969 Pontiac firebird. it is fully restored to original. It was purchased new from totem pontiac in seattle and i really want to find a liscense plate frame. Can anyone help or send me in the right direction. it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. This evening at the Gettysburg National Military Park. Picture taken by my wife.
  11. The Aqua Zephyr made another new friend today. Ross M.'s 64 made the trip from Detroit to Gettysburg today.
  12. Picture of The Aqua Zephyr taken by my wife this evening at the Gettysburg National Military Park.
  13. Thanks Ben. I’m eagerly waiting 😀 In the meanwhile... Went out Friday afternoon to check out the rides participating in ‘19 The Great Race, ended up advising /assisting one of the participants with a carburetor problem, which almost forced them to DNS and then received a request from another to provide shop facilities, if needed, for them swap an engine that night (they ended up doing it in the hotel parking garage with enthusiastic spectator crowd cheering them on) and saw them all take off from downtown Riverside yesterday, we packed our Roadster this morning and drove up to Big Bear for couple of days for little R & R, higher altitude cruising, hiking and testing my newly rigged on-board driving video recording gear. First few minute clips appear better than expected. Roadside “pit stop”, sometimes even the smallest shady spots are appreciated: The lake in the distance:
  14. Is this car sold yet?
  15. I've been a fan of Optimas for years and have always had good experiences with them, at least until two years ago: I then had a red top fail after 9 months and start a small fire. Or at least so I heard: It happened to be when I was having the car shipped, and it was the guy from the shipping company was the one who was there when there was a problem. Fortunately there was no damage.
  16. I bought the motor tranny and rear end out of a 1928 Chrysler from a guy was making a hot rod of the car and have two back wheels . The motor has the distributor on the top of the motor. If you need anything contact me.
  17. In 59 the Delray name was dropped, actually the cheapest was the Fleetline, (yes they still used that name) The Fleetline was dropped 60 or 61. I am pretty sure that wore the Biscayne script, so the Fleetline would have been a sub-series. They were just that a "fleet" line of cars that were no frill fleet sales. The rear windows in the two-door sedan were fixed
  18. Hi Do you know who is the manufacturer? I am interested for my 58. Do you know what shipping would cost to 91367? Thanks Steve
  19. These are the two types of flywheel bolts I use, early version, and later. It looks like they actually are shoulder bolts after all. The unthreaded shank part fits tighter in the holes in the flywheel, and the thread goes into the crankshaft end. The earlier one is more of a shoulder bolt than the later one, but I guess they both qualify. These are ordinary Ford flywheel bolts and they are "shoulder." The description says this: " and a larger-than-stock shank diameter for increased strength and improved flywheel register.." So the shank is fitting tightly in the hole. Still I would say that the only "degree of freedom" ( if you're familiar with the term ) that this affects is axial rotation. The shoulder bolt would prevent any relative axial rotation. Because the recess machined into the flywheel, means that when it is bolted up to the crankshaft it cannot help but be centered, shoulder bolts or not.
  20. Looks great and like you're heading in the right direction. 1 Fuel and vacuum lines - Buick Engine Green (as heavy overspray). 2 Pulleys - Generator, Water pump, Power Steering, - No Paint (cad) 3 Harmonic Balancer - Buick Green paint. 4 Engine bolts - Per Dave Corbin " If you look at the engine outside, anything that's attached by a bolt that goes through a GASKET joint will be engine color, since it has to be there to test run the engine." 5 Accessory mount brackets? Power steering main mount bracket and the 8 inch angle iron brace that bolts to the engine. Buick Green 6 Power steering pump - Black * The correct decal wording for the top of the pump is FILL TO LEVEL WITH AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID TYPE 7 Upper generator bracket, flat iron with elongated adjust slot- Black 8 Engine mount brackets (including the generator mount bracket - Green **The flat triangular brace piece with three holes from this engine mount to the engine block - No Paint 9 Fuel/vacuum pump -The factory manual clearly states that the fuel pump should not receive paint however there are examples of original pumps that had significant amounts of overspray. Fuel pump and lines were mounted for test. No carb mounted for test as a methane line was connected to the manifold. (thus no gas in the fuel pump making it safe for shipping and storage). 10 Power brake vacuum pump - Black 11 Exhaust manifold... 12 Wire loom - bolts to top of rocker cover - Green; Rubber insert - No Paint (however probably received paint when engine was painted and the black rubber did not hold paint well) 13 Rocker cover and spark plug cover and bolts - Green 14 Timing indicator with timing marks- engine green with no paint on the brass ends with unpainted groove marks * also black with yellow painted groove marks. 15 Valley Cover - Green except under middle of manifold where there is either no paint or light over spray at most 16 Blow by tube- Black 17 Oil Dip Stick - No paint or overspray 18 Transmission Dip Stick - No Paint 19 Transmission Dip Stick tube - painted black at factory but with out primer the black paint soon baked and flaked off. 20 Transmission Dip Stick tube bracket/holder (secures to back of block) No paint 21 Coil Bracket- No Paint 22 Dash Pot bracket - No Paint 23 Carb spring bracket - Green paint. 24 Distributor - the bottom third of the distributor got over sprayed with Green, upper is factory black 25 Starter - Green 26 Starter Solenoid - Black (masked during painting of engine 27 Fan Blade - black. Bolts- no paint 28. Power Brake Vacuum line (from top of manifold to power brake master cylinder) No Paint
  21. Sad. I recognize his username and am sure we’ve chatted on some threads. I am so sorry for his family and friends.
  22. I have a place in Ocala as well, very car friendly. I off of airport road
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