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  2. Then my car totaled when the tank gets empty, it will cost more to fill it than to buy another one.
  3. I thought speedometer spun free but I think the gears for the trip odometer is the culprit. I didn't have the reset knob fully seated when tested and didn't notice that the dials were stiff. My cable end almost looked like it was twisting the wrong way. I'm working on getting new ends and cable .187 in diameter. Thanks Bill
  4. That picture of the handles above seems to show a hole on the bottom of the shaft. Is that for a set screw that may have come loose or fell out altogether? If not can that hole be used for installing one now?
  5. I looked at images of Buick Master. The wheels (all 4) are definitely later because they are faux wood spoke. They are steel wheels with wood spoke inlay.... they are also very corroded.
  6. Ken, Does the odometer still work after the speedometer fails? If so, the problem is not in the transmission gear. Sounds like a magnet problem in the speedometer head.
  7. We had a late-model Lamborghini and every time I drove it and climbed out, I felt like I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe.
  8. Sorry,that post is almost two years old,those parts are gone now. I didn't realize it was still up, apparently they don't expire.
  9. I want to see some sales and/or service at that facility.
  10. I have a very hard time getting out of my old 1995 Corvette or in and out of the 2002 T-Bird, so I'm sure I would look like a total ass trying to get out of a LaFerrari!
  11. Yeah the shaft stays with the gear. Easier in 56 with a rag joint. Get the steering wheel and all that jazz off the interior. If you’re just trying to pull the gear as a unit put that thing back together from your prior photo and pull the pitman arm and unbolt the gear from the frame. I can’t recall off the top of my head where the steering column (jacket) loosens from the gear - think it is that clamp in your photo just to the left of the wires. Take off the column clamp under the dash. Get your beer muscles warmed up, and lift the gear straight up so the column tips down in the interior a
  12. If the "NEW" inner cable broke off one of its ends, it's likely there was too much resistance coming from the speedo mechanism, a likely result of hard or stiff lubrication (within the speedometer mechanism). Try twirling the speedo drive with your fingers. There should be little or no resistance.
  13. Dear sir I'm also interested in rockne parts Let me know they are stil available Herman The Netherlands
  14. Thanks, Tom. You are correct, that is exactly where it is broken. A small tab of steel, bent to form a spot to rivet to the track, has cracked at the bend. I will get it welded.
  15. I wondered if it's a good buy. It's got 2300 miles on it and recently serviced. I don't know anything about them,reliability,parts availability,etc.Thanks,Greg.
  16. Those are 1955-1956 Dodge Lancerspinner hubcaps, some of them were light blue colored instead of red. They were identified and discussed on these Forums some months ago.
  17. From the Dave Gelinas Collection, Happy Mothers Day.
  18. In need of 33-34 chev master complete hood.
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